Agta Beach Resort

Talahid Almeria

Municipality of Almeria, Biliran Province

Talahid Almeria, Biliran Island, Philippines

It has a population of 1,283 (2010 Census).

Brgy. Talahid has the famous Agta Beach Resort and Talahid beach in its vicinity.

Fiesta: April 13-14

Patron Saint: Saint Vincent Ferrer

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Sabitsana, Joaquin Docallos


Sale, Thelma Jabuen
Jaguines, ROmeo Olaer
Tabuldan, Ricardo Nierra
Estrada, Jesus Padesio
Sabornido, Eleuterio Layson
Sabong, Vickylinda Edano
Dela Pena, Jean Edicto

SK Chairman: Sabitsana, Joaquin Docallos

Tourist Attractions in Talahid Almeria

Talahid Beach Resort

Talahid Beach Resort. Photo by Jalmz


Agta Beach Resort

Agta Beach Resort. Photo by Jalmz


Talahid Almeria In Pictures



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