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TACLOBAN CITY — Governor Rogelio Espina will soon implement the “Bigasan sa Barangay” program throughout the province of Biliran.

In a chance interview recently, Espina told Leyte Samar Daily Express that this program would cover all the 132 villages in Biliran, which will be the first of its kind initiative throughout Eastern Visayas.

Espina said he thought of initiating this project after noticing there were only a few existing buying centers or outlets of low price rice in their province, giving a serious discomfort to his constituents.

“Rice is a basic need of our people and it is but reasonable that they be given easy access to it especially to those with relatively low and affordable prices,” Espina said.

He noticed that people in the different towns in Biliran usually line up, sometimes for hours, just to be able to buy few kilos of cheap or low price rice that the government is selling through the National Food Authority (NFA), which is being distributed by the retailers.

“If we can establish more and enough number of buying centers or outlets especially in every barangay perhaps these people wouldn’t have to spend all their time everyday lining up for that cheap rice and instead be able to perform other productive activities,” Espina said.

According to him, the provincial government of Biliran would be providing the start-up capital for every distributor or retailer in the amount of about P20,000.

But he said this would not be a dole-out because the same amount would be returned to the province so it could also be used for other development purposes.

“I intend this to become a livelihood opportunity also for those who will assume as distributors or retailers of this government rice also that will be sold to the people through the Bigasan sa Barangay,” Espina said.

He said the start-up money is expected to be rolled over by the beneficiary so that the Bigasan sa Barangay would become bigger and be able to stand on its own eventually.

“This program is intended to help the people of Biliran address their need especially on access to basic commodities and at the same time provide livelihood to the needy and interested. This initiative has already got its approval from the President herself,” Espina emphasized.



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  1. Giutouto man ta ani sa atong artistahong gob uy. Mora man ta ug wa kahibawo nga sobra 12 anyos na ang tibuok Biliran gihimo nga “bigasan” sa ilang dynastiya. Sumala, makita man ni nato sa Lomboy, Kubi ug Caraycaray.

    Duda ko nga kining bag-ong racket ni gob mahimo ning bigasan niya para sa 2010. Gob, dili bugas ang problema sa probinsiya kay exporter ta. Ang problema mao ang iparalit ug bugas.

  2. ang lisod sa mga tawo diri sa biliran.. ang tanan nla sayop sa mga espina ang pirmi mkit.an.. dapat gani magpasalamat sad ta nila kay naa cla ntabang sa mga katawhan.. ato pud unta tan awon unsa ilang nhatag nga maau..

  3. Gov. Espina:

    What is the intention of your Bigasan project?

    “Espina said he thought of initiating this project after noticing there were only a few existing buying centers or outlets of low price rice in their province, giving a serious discomfort to his constituents.”

    I don’t agree with you. Data shows that there are more than enough NFA retailers in the province or an average of 3 retailers in very barangay. Wala pa ang rice crisis, in place na ang mga NFA retailers, sa dugay ng panahon. Walay problema nga ning-abot kanila hangtod nga gimani-obra nimo pinaagi sa mga organizer sa WORD ang negosyo sa bugas sa kada barangay, i.e., inyong mga tawo lang o mga inilang Bando Espina ang mahimong NFA retailer. Daghan nga mga dating NFA retailer ang nangreklamo o nagsira tungod niini nga paagi nimo Gov.

    Karon imong ipagawas nga kuwang ang buying centers?

    Klaro kaayo nga gisakyan nimo ang rice crisis alang sa imong politikanhong katuyoan.

    Bigasan project? Tell it to the marines!

    NFA Manager:

    I know you to be a man of principles, i.e. aktibista ug leader sa COURAGE. If you really care for the poor, please take a look at the problems of the small NFA retailers in the province. Salamat.


    I’m sorry, this project is not helping the people, specially to the small rice/ NFA retailer like my parents.

    Unsay katuyoan ni Gov. Espina sa pagkontrolar sa mga distribution centers sa bugas? Tabangi ko ninyo pagtubag.


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