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Naval, Biliran – It is an overwhelming win for the candidates of the local political group in Biliran, the Bando Espina, in the May 13 polls.

Comelec proclaims Gerardo Espina Jr. as Congressman-elect for the lone district of Biliran.

Latest official results show that the winning candidates for the congressional, gubernatorial, vice-gubernatorial, provincial board members of the two districts, came from Bando Espina.

The Provincial Board of Canvassers Chairperson proclaimed Governor-elect Rogelio Espina of Biliran.

Governor Gerryboy Espina was elected congressman; his elder brother, Congressman Roger Espina was elected governor; trusted political lieutenant Kokoy Caneja was elected Vice-Governor; and Miguel Casas, Boboy Kho, Lando Ty, and Jerome Arcenal for the First District; and Charlie Chan, Allan Tubis, Gina Enage, and Edgar Igano for the Second District.

Comelec proclaims Brigido Caneja as Vice Governor-elect for the province of Biliran.
COMELEC proclaims Miguel Casas, Boboy Kho, Lando Ty, and Jerome Arcenal as board members-elect for the First District of Biliran.
COMELEC proclaims Charlie Chan, Allan Tubis, Gina Enage, and Edgar Igano as board members-elect for the Second District of Biliran.

Seven of the eight mayoralty, 100 percent of the vice-mayoralty, and majority of the municipal councilors posts in the province, are all from Bando Espina.

Mayors Gerard Espina of Naval, Ric-Ric Jaguros of Almeria, Rody Espina of Kawayan, Grace Casil of Biliran, and including newcomers Rhodessa Delante of Caibiran, Humphrey Olimba of Culaba, and Joseph Caingcoy of the island town of Maripipi, are all Bando Espina, except the newcomer Marisol Masbang of Cabucgayan.

The “avalanche” win of the Bando Espina candidates in the May 13 polls is an indication of a clear, sustainable, and mass-based political dominance of the local political group founded by the Espina patriarch, the late Gerry Espina, Sr.

No wonder the Bando Espina political dominance in the island province sends a message to the Biliranons, and outside observers, of political cohesiveness and endurace of the party despite the threats and challenges it encountered and hurdled in the past, and the more challenging and exciting things it will face and conquer in the future. –


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