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Biliran Gov. Rogelio J. Espina, signed and issued Local Executive Order No. 10 on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. An order implementing new Travel Requirements and Quarantine regulations for travelers coming from outside Eastern Visayas ( Region 8 ) into The Province of Biliran in response to increasing Covid19 Cases.

All incoming travelers to Biliran Province coming from outside Region 8 are required a negative RT-PCR test result taken 48 hrs prior to arrival.

The EO will take effect on April 7 2021 until lifted.

Salient Features of EO No. 8

Section 1. Mandatory RT PCR Test
-All Travellers coming from outside of Region 8 shall be required a negative RT PCR Test taken 48 hours prior to arrival.

Section 2. Re-enforcement of Facility Quarantine
-All incoming travellers coming from areas outside Eastern Visayas shall undergo quarantine at LGU quarantine facilities, except:
-APORs on official business;
-LSI/ Returning Residents with a negative RT PCR result taken 48 hours prior to arrival;
-Symptomatic travellers, regardless of a negative RT PCR Result, shall be quarantined by the destination LGU;
-ROFs shall continue their 14 day quarantine at their destination LGU’s quarantine facility;
-Biliranons who does not have a Negative RT PCR Test shall be allowed entry, provided, that they agree to undergo quarantine and swabbing protocols at their LGU;
-Non-Biliranons (visiting relatives and business purposes)
•shall be allowed entry and advised a 5 day home stay if with Negative RT PCR Result
•No S-PASS, No Negative RT PCR Test, NO ENTRY
•Tourits coming from outside Region 8 shall be denied entry

Section 3. Mandatory usage of Secure Biliran QR (SBQR) Code and Biliran S-Pass
-SBQR shall be mandatory for Biliranons
-Biliran S-Pass shall mandatory for all LSI/RR, and ROFs.
-LSI/RR, ROFs shall require the following:
•Government ID
•Secure Biliran QR Code

Section 4. RT PCR testing and Contract Tracing
-All LGUs are enjoined to provide RT PCR test kits for their travellers
-Contact tracing shall commence at COVID suspects.
-All Close Contacts shall be placed at the Quarantine Facility
-Home Quarantine shall be allowed, upon compliance to DILG MC No. 2020-21, DOH DM No. 2020-028, and Local Executive Order No. 36, series of 2020.


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