by Miriam G. Desacada
Eastern Visayas Journal

Naval Biliran–There are seven members of the Espina clan who are running for various elective positions in Biliran province for the 2022 Elections, prompting some political observers to say that an Espina dynasty is bound to continue in this part of Eastern Visayas region.

However, re-electionist Representative Gerardo “Gerryboy” Espina Jr., denied there is such a sort of political dynasty in Biliran. “It cannot be called a dynasty because each of us has been elected into office based on the services we provided our constituents,” he said.

Gerryboy said that if they had not served the people well, “then we shall never be elected into office.” He added that if they had not work well as expected of them, then not one of them will be in government positions now.

As of the last day of the filing of certificates of candidacy (COCs) on Friday (Oct. 8), there are seven Espina clan members who are vying for elective posts in Biliran.

Leading the pack is congressman Gerryboy himself, and his brother re-electionist Governor Rogelio Espina, a physician. A third Espina is their sister, Roselyn, who is running for Provincial Board member.

In Kawayan town, outgoing Mayor Rudy Espina, the twin brother of the governor, is running for Sangguniang Bayan member, while his son, 28-year-old Jake is gunning for Vice- mayoralty.

In Naval town, the governor’s son Gerard is up for re-election as mayor, while the governor’s daughter, Gretchen Espina, is seeking for a seat in the Municipal Council of the same town.

Representative Gerryboy said this is not a political dynasty and such matter has never been an issue to the Biliranons because they knew of the kind of service they had been giving to the public.

“A proof of this was when three of them came out on top of the survey recently conducted by a non-government entity with the constituents as the respondents,” said Gerryboy.

Gerryboy was chosen 2nd best among 12 congressman in Eastern Visayas, while Governor Rogelio emerged as the number 1 governor in the region, and Naval Mayor Gerard was number one mayor among municipalities also in the region.

“The repondents confirmed why we were elected to the posts where we are now,” he said. “There’s no magic here. Our service just comes out naturally; true service, that is. We don’’t distinguish what party you belong. If there’s somebody who comes to us for help, we extend the help as our way of serving the people,” said the congressman.

“Our service to the people is our way of giving back the trust they give to the Bando Espina,” said Gerryboy.

The congressman also announced that, for 2022, Biliran province got the biggest share of fund for various projects. “I worked so hard to approach government agencies to secure funding for several projects. I found ways to get the funds, knowing that other congressmen are also looking for theirs,” he said.

Gerryboy said that, if ever he’ll get re-elected, Biliranons could expect more projects and programs, and thus more job opportunities for them.

He said he will be able also to continue the P400-million provincial hospital, the first ever evacuation center in the province, a good water system, new LGU buildings and better roads and bridges.

When asked if he is running unopposed now, he just shrugged that possibility off. “It’s good to run unopposed, but then it’s not important because I am confident of our service to the people. We serve the people, with or without an opponent. Everybody saw what have we done,” said the congressman.

Meanwhile, Gerryboy reminded his constituents that Covid-19 is still very much around. “Please keep safe, and be alert by following the minimum health protocols at all times,” he said. —Miriam G. Desacada


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