NAVAL, Biliran (PIA) — Engr. Gerardo N. Oledan, general manager of the Biliran Electric Cooperative (BILECO) disclosed in a talk in his new office recently that the electric cooperative is looking for other sources of electricity.

Oledan said that looking for other sources of electricity is part of the electric coop’s long-term master plan.

One of his plans is the procurement of one megawatt power generator to be established somewhere  between Kawayan and Culaba

However, he preferred it to be a mobile one like what he saw in his visit to Japan where a mobile generator is brought to a place to address power outage, shortage or when there is shutdown of power due to maintenance conducted by the power supply generator.

This can help also address the electricity needs of some big load member- consumer-owners (MCOs) or big establishments during power maintenance period or during unannounced power interruptions, he said.

Besides, the add-on electricity consumption that will be charged to one’s power bill coming from the one megawatt power generator costs less compared when one buys fuel for the operation of generator and kerosene oil for traditional light sources such as “lampara” and “Petromax.”

He said the estimated cost of a one megawatt power generator is P8-M.

Oledan also disclosed that BILECO is now in the process of partnering with Biliran Geothermal Incorporated (BGI) through the embedded electricity lines to be established from the soon to be constructed power plant of BGI from Caibiran to Naval.

It is expected that BGI will produce some 5 megawatts electric power from geothermal source, he added.

Oledan said the power supply from BGI is enough to supply the power needs of Naval, being the center of trade and commerce in the province, in case of power interruptions in the area.

He also said BILECO is contemplating of tapping the Casabangan water falls in Cabucgayan as source of hydro electricity.

These are part of the long-term master plan of BILECO, which could help add to the power reliability of the only EC in the island province.

He also disclosed that BILECO has continued the Pailaw sa Bahay Tungo sa Magandang Buhay Program or the “light now, pay later” program.

Under this program, households with no electricity connection, identified and endorsed by BILECO accredited barangay electrician, can avail of the program with long-term period of payment.

This program is implemented to prevent the occurrence of fire caused by ‘flying connections’ he further said. (LDL/RSV/PIA Biliran)


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