Villa Vicenta (Mainit) Caibiran

Municipality of Caibiran, Biliran Province

Villa Vicenta (Mainit), Biliran Island, Philippines

It has a population of 774 (2010 Census).

Mainit Hot Spring

The Mainit Hot Springs are a popluar tourist attraction in Caibiran, Biliran.


Patron Saint:

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Peliciano, Catherine Regir


Azur, Sergio III Rosete
Rosete, William Carbo
Verunque, Romeo Villaren
Verutiao, Edgardo Corpin
Regir, Felipe Cañete
Sanchez, Jimmy Regir
Cabillan, Romeo Verutiao

SK Chairman: Cabillan, Anthony Lepasana

Villa Vicenta (Mainit) Caibiran in Pictures




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