Biliran Festivals

Festivals in Biliran. Some municipalities of Biliran Province observe and maintain the historical significance of their local festivals, which depict their legends, particular cultures and histories.


One of the highlights of Biliran Provincehood Anniversary on every 11th of May, the festival is a celebration of the Biliranons’ endeavors as one people with “hudyaka” or merriment. It showcases the various festivals of it’s component municipalities.


Celebrated in Naval during its town fiesta on every 1st Saturday of October, the festival
depicts the birth of Christianity in the town during the Spanish time, “Bagasumbol” means somewhat pointed, as what passers by describe the settlement in the old days.


Celebrated in Caibiran during its town fiesta every 25th of July, the festival illustrates the playful stance of lizards locally known as “Ibid” which abounds by the river near its
earliest settlement , from which the town gets its name. Caibiran means a place where
there are many “Ibid”.


Celebrated in Maripipi in time with its annual fiesta on every 29th of September honoring St. Michael, the festival portrays the hard but rewarding “galut” activity, or
making pots out of clay, from which the town is famous for.


Celebrated in Cabucgayan during its town fiesta on the 2nd week of October, the
festival honors the simple but meaningful existence of the “bucgay” shells, a local
source of food and livelihood in the olden days, from where the town derived its name.


Celebrated in Almeria during its character anniversary on every 1st September, the
festival is a tribute to the town’s humble beginnings, just like the lowly “gapnod” and its present accomplishments.

Subingsubing Festival

The Subingsubing Festival is celebrated every 24th of October honoring St. Raphael the Archangel.

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