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When Miss Biliran Tourism 2005 looked for means of endorsing the pageant, one person took the chance to voluntarily sponsor his own website in promoting, not only the spectacle, but the whole province as well.

Due to growing popularity, www.biliranisland.com realized its purpose – to promote tourism in the province, relieve homesickness of Biliranons here and abroad and to unite them to work hand in hand in guiding Biliran to its progress. Thus, a reason for the website to stay.

This website is updated regularly through contributions from various sources i.e the local government, non-governmental organizations, private companies and other concerned individuals.

Nevertheless, the making of this website was triggered by the passion and dedication of one person, Anthony Marlon Mecaral, a native of Biliran, who tirelessly poured all his efforts to proudly share his talents to others; likewise in showing to the world the astonishing beauty of his hometown and island province.

Friends, the webmaster began the first step in making a difference for Biliran, who believes that with your help, we can make our dreams for the province come true.

Pointless to say, this site is for you – who knows that Biliran Province has a lot more to offer.

For fellow Filipinos, at home and abroad, this is certainly something you are proud of!

Uswag pa, Biliran!

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