Hugpa Biliran

Municipality of Biliran, Biliran Province

Hugpa Biliran, Biliran Island, Philippines

Hugpa – wild beast’s lair; hunting ground.

Site of the old pueblo of Biliran after this was pulled out of Nasombol, in Naval area.

It has a population of 892 (2010 Census).


Patron Saint:

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Gayrama, Rolando Juaniza


Palconit, Vivencio, Jr. Napalit
Reñola, Margie Corpin
Briones, Jeffrey Reñola
Palconit, Cecilia Remitira
Yu, Jessica Gervacio
Corppin, Artemia Escalante
Gervacio, Teodoro, Orzal

SK Chairman: Corping, John Nicol

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