Pinangumhan Biliran

Municipality of Biliran, Biliran Province

Pinangumhan Biliran, Biliran Island, Philippines

Site of the old pueblo of Biliran after this was pulled out of Nasombol, in Naval area.

It has a population of 739 (2010 Census).


Patron Saint:

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Jadulco, Jonas Bantilan


Infante, Darwin Viogela
Jadulco, Allan Bacotoy
Palconit, Cynthia Viogela
Corpin, Marissa Cerera
Gervacio, Ramon Napalit
Nierras, Quirino Cerera
Nierras, Victoria astada
Cerera, Brayan Castegon

SK Chairman: Palconit, Aiza Viogela

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