NIT Dwelo sa mga Banda

by Marjorie Nazario

December, 2004 was the first well-received open band competition in Naval Institute of Technology spearheaded by the Office of Student Affairs headed by Mr. Charito P. Nazario. It was conceived primarily to develop the musical inclination and enhance the talents and skills of the students in playing instruments and composing hip hop to alternative music.

It was the moment of expression of the youth’s emotions through music! There were five unswerving and brand new groups where high school and college students blended to make beautiful original compositions and jam with the rest of the student populace.

Sodomah Gomorah emerged as champion and is well remembered for reggae music. The other groups were Brahmans, an all smart high school band with college gals as singers; Ground Zero an all fourth year HS band; Imburned, the Bamboo inspired group; and PopKorn the alternative music enthusiasts.

September 2, 2005 will be the next Dwelo sa mga Banda, this time, an inter school band competition in celebration of the Foundation Anniversary of NIT.

Participating bands are Bandage, the all-out fans of Bamboo; Blackrobes, the boys next door band from the Cathedral School of La Naval; Brahmans, the God-centered music lovers from NIT; Gammah-si-xhi-coh, an all-girls band from CSN; Naughty Ka!, the group from NIT who dreams to join the Redhorse Muziklaban; and PopKorn, NIT’s option to alternative music.

Indeed, Biliran is not only abundant with rippling water falls and soothing hot springs but also, NIT is proud to nurture and support the strong inclination and passion of the youth to the band genre. Such passionate, determined, and highly competitive youth all set to conquer the band scene in God’s providence. Mabuhay ang Biliranon!!!

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  1. GALING sa palakulista ng POPKORN!!!! hard core rulezzzzz!!!!!!

    N.I.T ROCKS!!!!!…….SIO!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! from:popkorn!!!!!

  3. naughty ka! i adore your music and style…..
    sana galingan nyo…. im willing to be president of your fans club!!!! yehey!!!!! go go go go go…….

  4. hi dayyi, idol kita…its true, let us support our home grown talents especially in the band scene….

  5. hi everyone ho visits dis site, pleez tell your friends kita kits sept 2 1:30pm NIT Gym….let us support gammah-si-xhi-coh!!!!

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