Commentary: Filipinos ask reconciliation of political leaders

Tacloban City (23 August) — The Filipinos who are already filled-up with political bickerings that beset the political scenario of the country, ask political leaders to reconcile for the sake of the country and the people.

As a way of showing to the Filipino people that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) is sincere in her move towards achieving reconciliation with her political detractors and critics, the president attended the 22nd death anniversary of opposition leader Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.

The celebration was led by former President Corazon C. Aquino and was also attended by the members of “Hyatt 10” who both called for the resignation of PGMA last July 2005.

PGMA likewise attended the birthday mass for Bro. Mike Velarde with the El Shaddai members at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila Saturday night for the purpose of meeting with former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada saying that she is ready to take steps to call on her rivals and be united so that politics will not ruin the country.

The gesture of the president in two separate occasions is a concrete manifestation that the president reached out in humility to her critics and detractors.

Presidential Spokesperson Ignacio Bunye said that the action of the president is a way of conveying to the Filipino people that our leaders must put aside their personal and partisan concerns, as well as their parochial interests for the good of the nation.

Reconciliation initiated by the Arroyo administration is a means of casting aside pessimism and doubt and embracing all possibilities so that national unity will be achieved.

The Arroyo administration has not lost sight of national unity despite political attempts to destabilize the administration because PGMA’s call for unity is not about politics but for the welfare of the Filipino people.

According to a statement from Malacañang, the Filipino people have been longing to see their leaders abandoning self-interest and standing side by side to face the challenges confronting the country.

The country at present is affected with the looming energy crises that cause the prices of gasoline products to increase by 50 centavos almost weekly. It is expected the increase of oil price will surely affect the economic condition of the majority of the Filipino people.

Press Secretary Bunye emphasized that unifying the people is an integral part of statesmanship and that said specific objective of the Filipino people for unity of political leaders should be realized in order not to fail their expectations.

Meanwhile, Congressman Gerry Boy Espina, Jr. of the Lone District of Biliran said that he has seen no problem with reconciliation considering that majority of the political leaders including that of the opposition in the province have already been united.

In an interview with the young legislator, he confided that he personally reached out his political opponents and appealed for unity in order that the progress and development of the province will be attained. (PIA Biliran)

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  1. The Arroyo administration is now asking for reconciliation from the opposition especially to those who run the administrative case of Arroyo up to the Congress . For what?maybe for a good cause or for another political interest. I’m very much particular with the administration’s intention for reconciliation. The reconciliation movement is another political tactic, “para mabura at makalimutan ang nagawang panloloko sa nakaraang eleksyon”. You would ask why not proceed on the impeachment case then if Arroyo has proven guilty or not guilty then this said reconciliation must now take place? What i’m pointing out reconciliation never fix the political mess of GMA because the opposition would never agree on such covenant wherein they could smell another political moves from Arroyo’s administration.The reason of economic crisis due to the political chaos and as what every politician and lay man says,”imbis na pagtuonan ng pansin ang plataporma ni Gloria para sa ikakabuti ng Pilipinas heto ang mga politiko nakakalimutan na nila ang kanilang obligasyon sa bayan.” My answer would be because this Philipine scandal (helo Garci case) is the concern not for the few Filipinos but for every Filipino citizens who honestly and sincerely vote during election hoping that they could somehow given the political right they deserve. Filipinos have been betrayed and fooled by the leader who don’t deserve her position! What a mess she did! The administration would throw argument like “di pa naman napapatunayan na guilty si GMA and we believe GMA won the election with the fair votes from the support of people”. So why there are still Filipinos who believe on free trial case of Arroyo? Are they saying Filipinos don’t think? In the first palce, if the administration believe that Arroyo still hold her honor as a president, why not open the her administrative case. It seems that democratic rights is not deprive from the people. The power presides from the people if people take the steps for political moves they must be realize for that’s how democracy work. There are 3 ways wherein we can remove our elected president from his office such as through impeachment, death or serious sickness/ physical impearment and most importantly the lose of confidence from the people where special election is a righteous act. I think, in the case of Arroyo, before filing the legal case against her, she must take off her thick plastic mask on her face and accept the fact that people really want her down! if only Arroyo’s interest is for the common good. Why not give up her position and power for peace? It only means her political desire prevails. If she thinks stepping out is not a moral and just act why don’t she look around, refelcts on what’s happening in our economy and nation’s honor? If she thinks she can solve the pathetic political crisis, why still we crave for justice?

    This my personal reaction; “ang kapal ng mukha ng presidenteng magnanakaw, nagnakaw na sya at may mukha pa syang iharap sa sambayanang Pilipinas na lublob sa problemang pampulitika, bakit di nya tanggalin ang maskarang suot nya ta huwag matulog ng isang linggo para pag isipan ang lahat hindi lang bilang karapatdapat na presidente kundi bilang isang taong makabayan?” Wag na sya magsimba noh?!

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