NIT 33rd Charter Anniversary Celebration schedule

Naval, Biliran

33rd Charter Anniversary Celebration
August 30, 2005 to September 3, 2005


August 30, 2005(Tuesday)

6:00 A.M.
– Culmination Program: Buwan ng Wika

10:00 A.M.
– Prologue
a.) Opening of Technology & Agro Trade Fair
b.) Talent Show

8:00 P.M.
c.) Talent Presentation of Mr. & Miss NIT

August 31, 2005(Wednesday)

a.) Mass
b.) Blessing of the Covered Walk
c.) Flag Raising
d.) Parade
e.) Presentation of Sponsors
f.) Cultural Contest

1:30 P.M.
Quiz Ball
Essay Writing
On the Spot Painting
On the Spot Charcoal Rendering

5:30 P.M.
g.) Welcome Party
h.) Dance Sports Competition

September 1, 2005(Thursday)

7:30 A.M.
a.) Opening of Intramural

1:30 P.M.
b.) Cheer Dance Competition|

7:00 P.M.
c.) Duello sa Banda

September 2, 2005(Friday)

7:30 A.M.
a.) Games Continue
b.) Playground Demonstration

1:00 P.M.
c.) Games Continue

7:00 P.M.
Cultural Night: NIT Pop Idol Contest

September 3, 2005(Saturdsay)

7:30 A.M.
a.) Championship Games
b.) Alumni Day

1:00 P.M.
c.) Dual Game (NIT/BNAC)

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