Commentary: Consultative Commission to study proposed amendments to the Constitution

PIA Press Release

Naval, Biliran (August 25) — A bold step is taken by President Gloria Mcapagal Arroyo to create the Citizen’s Consultative Commission, a body tasked to study the proposals to amend the 1987 Constitution.

The 50-man Commission will likewise focus in scrutinizing the details of the proposed amendments that will redound to positive changes in the political and economic system of the country, thus bringing the Filipino to a brighter future.

In a statement issued by Secretary Ignacio Bunye, Presidential Spokeperson, he said the President wants to bring down the discussions and debates about the Charter Change closer to the people and to all secotrs of society, hence; this is the rationale behind the creation of the Caitizens Consultative Commssion.

He added that the creation of the Consultative Commission should not be perceived as an intervention of the affairs of the Congress but rather a means by which we can bolster popular support for Congress as the sole authority on the issue of Charter Change.

Furthermore, Secretary Bunye said, “we respect and yield to the authority and we hope that the creation of the Consultative Commission will reinforce it for the sake of positive economic and political change that will bring this nation to a brighter tomorrow.”

The creation of the Citizens Consultative Commission aside from assisting the solons in drafting amendments to the 1987 Constitution and the members of the Commission are expected to finish their job by the end of this year.

Asked why the Charter Change has no budget allocation, Budget Secretary Romulo Neri and Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita defended that budget is not necessary because Congress can use its owbn resources for this particular undertaking. (PIA-Biliran)