Tacloban City (September 7) – Former Biliran Governor, Atty. Danilo Parilla was gunned down twice in the head this morning in Cebu .
            This incident roused the Eastern Visayas early this morning. In an interview with Col. Cleve Taboso, the chief of the operations and planning division of PNP Regional Command 8 during the Panindugan Ha PIA, he said that the investigating officer in Cebu informed him that at six o’clock this morning, former Governor Parilla was gunned down as he was alighting from a boat from Naval.
            Col. Taboso said that former Governor Parilla was brought to the Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu and was 50-50 when he arrived there. However, at 7:00 o’clock in the morning, he was pronounced dead.
            Col. Taboso lauded the PNP in Cebu for immediately apprehending the gunman who is now detained at the Cebu Police Station. Col. Taboso  said that the investigator in Cebu  found personal grudge as the motive of the killing.

            The suspect, Col. Taboso said, is a certain Eugene Nierras Corpin who is an ex-convict. Allegedly, the suspect was slighted when Atty. Parrilla asked him yesterday about his robbery case in front of many people.
            Last night, when he learned that former Governor Patilla was boarding the boat from Naval going to Cebu , he also surreptitiously boarded the boat. When Parilla was going down the boat, he shot him twice in the head. Unfortunately or fortunately, the suspect was arrested by the police operatives.
            The people of Biliran expressed sorrow because of the passing away of the young Parilla. Many expressed gratitude that the suspect was immediately arrested, otherwise, many speculations will again arise because Parilla is still very much in the political limelight.
            The family of former Governor could not be reached as of press time. No report has been received as to when the remains of Governor Parilla will be brought back to Naval where he was a candidate for Mayor during the last election.  (PIA 8)


  1. I met Danny Parila once and was shocked to hear of his death. My feelings go out to Susan, his wife and also to his family.

  2. My condolence to the X Gov family. it’s politically arranged . it’s a crime aginst the biliranon. how many robbers at the same time bodyguards protected by our politicians? maybe 2 or more…from now on, naval is no longer a safer place for the next generation.

  3. well sld get smarter thinks in anywaysssss like hirings bodyguards sld have a phsycooo analysis and 100% goood fingerprints not splinters zzzzzzzzkkkkkk gals

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