NIT Pop Idol Mechanics

by: Marjorie Nazario

The NIT Pop Idol contest is a contest of 3 categories. Just like in ballroom dancing one contestant must know how to sing Ballad, Jazz and Kundiman. Category eliminations started last August 3 and the second category eliminations will be on August 10 at 7:00 PM at the NIT gymnasium. On the first category contest there were 27 contestants, seven were eliminated and entered the second category, on the third category 15 will be left and will enter the next category which is Kundiman. On the last category, all scores on the previous contest will be added up and the last seven contestant who got the higher scores will be the one to join the Grand Finals which will be on Sept. 2. All previous scores will be disregarded and all contestants will be scored back to zero. They will be allowed to chose their own contest piece and the best 2 contestant will compete with each other by singing one song. The winner will be awarded cash prize of 3, 000.00 pesos and 1 year scholarship grant plus representation on any inter school contest of the same kind. Non winners will automatically become a member of the NIT Theater Arts Guild.