ACTF coordinator plans fund drive initiatives

By: Rodrigo S. Victoria
Naval, Biliran (29 November) – In order to raise more funds to sustain and improve the implementation and service delivery of the Adopt-A-Child Trust Fund (ACTF) program in the province of Biliran, Noel Pla, the program coordinator of ACTF plans several fund drive initiatives to be launched soon in the community.
ACTF is a private sector initiative whose aim is to help and support children to finish  their studies and this will be made possible through the provision of school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, crayons, paper and other materials that will be used for the whole school year.
Presently, the interest from the existing trust fund deposited in Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP)-Naval Branch in the amount of P3.5 million at 8% interest per annum was the only source of fund used as provided in the scheme to implement the program plus the support from the Local Government Units (LGUs) and other private sector and individuals here.
So far the ACTF program in the province has already distributed school supplies to 1,916 pupils from 38 elementary schools in the entire province including 1,600 raincoats since the start of the program this year.
According to Pla, during his guesting at the PIA Kapihan recently, there is really a need to raise more funds so that more children can avail of the program.
He said, the estimated program cost per child is P500.00 for the whole year study and considering that there are still a lot of children who belong to depressed families in the province that need to be given enough attention and consideration for them to finish their studies.
He said that the three fund drive initiatives he planned to launch were named as follows Children Helping Children, Friends of the Children and Barya Mo Kinabukasan Ko.
Furthermore, he said that in the Children Helping Children initiative, children who are in school like their classmates, playmates and friends can give and share their extra or surplus school supplies to other school children who lack or in dire need of basic school supplies in their schooling.
In the Friends of the Children initiative, private individual, a group, institution, organization, sector, agency of the government may sponsor the one year worth of school supplies which is pegged at P500.00 only for a single child to finish a year round study, he explained.
To have a wider involvement of the people in the community in the fund raising activity, he said the Barya Mo Para sa  Kinabukasan Ko, which is the putting of tin cans in the entrance of business establishments where everybody who are willing to help raise funds for the program can drop any amount inside these cans.
The ACTF coordinator candidly said that the educational development and welfare of the Filipino children should not be left alone to the government but rather it is also one big responsibility that each and every Filipino must think about.
He admitted that if they will rely on the yearly interest of the ACTF trust fund in the implementation of the program, only few will benefit when in fact based on statistical records of DepEd-Biliran, there are 40 out of 100 pupils in Biliran province who do not have school supplies.
He said that the other reason why he plans to have these fund raising initiatives because he wanted to include the feeding program in the identified elementary schools in the province where the ACTF program is implemented because statistical data from DepEd-Biliran also show that 20 out of 100 pupils are malnourished and that 18 out of 100 pupils come to school without breakfast.
He likewise urged Biliranons and other Filipino countrymen living abroad to help the ACTF program in Biliran province.
In closing, Pla reminded everyone to feel of his involvement in the education of the children and that the amount is not important but what matters most is the collective effort of the people in changing the lives of these pupils in their own little way. (PIA-Biliran)