Commentary: Time to set aside dirty politics

By: Rodrigo S. Victoria

Naval, Biliran (21 February) – Unconscionable mudslingings, unpalatable character assassinations and other forms of degrading dirty political tricks always abound everytime the country is in the period of elections.
The Filipino voters are already tired of the usual political machinations and maneuverings with the use of titillating intrigues and unfounded accusations ought to destroy the good standing, unbelmished reputation and highly regarded dignity of persons seeking a public office.
Admittedly, it is a cardinal rule in the world of politics that would-be politicians or the incumbents seeking for reelection should not maintain an onion skin stance to whatever issues or concerns that one’s political opponent may raise or present for the public to feast over.
But somehow, everything that is excessive is dangerous and it seems the country’s political landscape even if the political campaign has just started yet it already transgress the thin gray line seaparating between what is decent and socially responsible and what is taboo and morally unacceptable.
Yes, democracy provides people the right to information, the right of every Filipino voters to really know the personalities who throw their hat in the political arena but yet we must be reasonable and objective in assessing their capacity and not their shortcomings; least we must be positive in thinking that what we are choosing are the men and women who will steer the destiny and fate of our nation.
What the Filipino electorates want to see, hear and read in the free-wheeling media atmosphere in the country are platforms and programs of good governance of each candidate vying for an elective position and not the customary political gimmickry which contributred to the poor choice and inculcated wrong assumptions in their minds.
The call of the president to elevate the campaign on a high ground is a clear message and an important guide to neophytes and old-timers in politis that elecxtions is not about what one wants can say to destroy somebody but the 2007 elections should be more on the presentation of concrete platforms and workable programs of governace contributory to the economic growth of the country which the poor must truly benefit.
This year’s mid-term elections is one defining moment in the contry’s electoral exercise since what is at stake is the welfare of the 85 million plus Filipinos especially the poor sector in society who is asking a bright future from the next set of leaders in the country. (PIA-Biliran)

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  1. Rodrigo S Victoria

    I agree with you, that we have to elevate the discussions to programs of governments. However, the future programs of government need to be founded on resolutions of previous issues of governance that until now the Espina Dynasty refused to answer.

    The issues that the Espina Dynasty are facing are not mere acts of mudslinging nor character assassination, but rather a statement of facts.

    You are very well aware of the fact that the Espinas have been summoned by the Ombudsman to submit complete financial documents which until now, they have not complied with.

    You are well aware of the fact that questions about unexplained wealth and wanton abuse of power need to be addressed.

    The very issues that you consider as mudslinging or character assassinations are the very issues that any political party need to address to come up with workable solutions to the debacle that Biliran is in now.

    Biliran is ranked no. 9 among the top ten poorest provinces in the Philippines. In contrast, the Espina Dynasty is enjoying their extravagant lifestyles and their sudden new found wealth.

    I challenge you to enumerate what issues you consider are mudslinging and what issues you consider as character assassinations.

    Let the Espinas come out in hiding and answer the questions.

    A mere rhetoric about “time to set aside dirty politics” does not answer the many questions of accountability which the Espina Dynasty need to face with truthfulness and transparency.

    You cannot just ignore 1.77 billion pesos of funds that has passed through the Espina Dynasty for the last 12 years.

    This is plunder gone unnoticed.

    Mr. Victoria, wake up.

    Biliran is now under intense national and international media scrutiny.

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