by Maryam Fatima Chawdhury, BiliranIsland.com

The PPA just recenty implemented the National Terminal Fee on all vehicles that may enter the port of Naval.

According to PPA Naval manager, Engr. Arsenio Enderes, the terminal fee was already implemented under the term “Temporary Vehicle Pass” by the LGU before. For reasons Enderes chose not to disclose, the operations of this fee were stopped.

The fees wil go to the National PPA fund, which is the source for maintenance projects such as the current port repair and the new Naval Passenger Terminal.

The port repair is aimed to widen the port and to raise its substandard conditions, Enderes said. He added that this 13-million php project would have been finished as early as 3 months ago, had it not been for the businessmen who were against the temporary but necessary closing of the port for the project.


photos by jalmz

The Naval Passenger Terminal is targeted to be finished by February of 2008, and is currently 90 % completed.


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