Mr & Ms NIT ’05 Winners

by: jalmz

L – R :
1st Runner-up – Mr. John Robinson A. Sabodogo (Mr. BSMT)
Mr. NIT ’05 – Mr. Jesus I. Villaruel, Jr. (Mr. BSMARE)
2nd Runner-up – Mr. Jerome Monsales (Mr. Technology)

Mr. Jesus I. Villaruel
Mr Photogenic
Best in swimwear
Best in sportswear

Best in Production

Mr. Jerome Monsales
Best in Talent

L – R :
1st Runner-up – Ms. Victoria Renee Paynee (Miss BEED)
Miss NIT ’05 – Ms. Helen Grace Ponferrada (Miss HRTM)
2nd Runner-up – Ms. Jheros R. Batuto (Miss Technology)

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NIT Pop Idol grand finalists

by: Marjorie Nazario

On the grand finals the best two performers will be singing one same song and the one who will get the high score will be the nit pop idol. The grand finals will be on Sept. 2 and it will be a back to back performance with the Dance Sport competition which is the first part and the final part will be the NIT Pop Idol.