Commentary: Consultative Commission to study proposed amendments to the Constitution

PIA Press Release

Naval, Biliran (August 25) — A bold step is taken by President Gloria Mcapagal Arroyo to create the Citizen’s Consultative Commission, a body tasked to study the proposals to amend the 1987 Constitution.

The 50-man Commission will likewise focus in scrutinizing the details of the proposed amendments that will redound to positive changes in the political and economic system of the country, thus bringing the Filipino to a brighter future.

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Asphalt overlay project of major roads in Naval to start soon

PIA Press Release

Naval, Biliran (24 August) — The asphalting of major roads in poblacion Naval in Biliran province will be started soon. This was revealed by Congressman Gerry Boy Espina of the lone district of Biliran in a telephone interview recently saying that the project is part of the infrastructure program he planned for the province of Biliran.

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NIT Dwelo sa mga Banda

by Marjorie Nazario

December, 2004 was the first well-received open band competition in Naval Institute of Technology spearheaded by the Office of Student Affairs headed by Mr. Charito P. Nazario. It was conceived primarily to develop the musical inclination and enhance the talents and skills of the students in playing instruments and composing hip hop to alternative music.

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Commentary: Call for unity amid oil crisis

PIA Press Release

Naval, Biliran (16 August) — The looming crisis on oil and energy is already felt by the Filipino masses as evidenced by the weekly increase in the price of oil. As the increase will most likely affect the energy production and consumption, the Arroyo administration calls for all political leaders in the country to find solutions and help solve the crisis at hand.

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