LGU Caibiran sets construction of new commercial building

PIA Press Release

Naval, Biliran (12 August) — Dry goods store owners who are doing business within the commercial center of the municipality of Caibiran in the province of Biliran will soon enjoy a more comfortable and presentable store spaces when the commercial building which the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Caibiran has started construction during the later part of July will be completed.

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NIT Pop Idol contest

by: Marjorie Nazario
Aug. 12, 2005

Only 13 survived after the Jazz category, they are the following: Thea Regine Morillo, Jairah Gahum, Hazel May Bacatio, Sherry Rima Ralar, Melanie Batiquin, Norly Quijano, Norman Aranel, Jesus Coma, Kim Seno, Gladys Blaine Avenido, Ma. Delia Tapaya, Malou Adobo, Karen Jaro. They will be competing the Kundiman category on August 17, 2005. Our additional sponsors are the following, Rolando E. Ty, Municipal Mayor of Almeria, Rodolfo Espina, Municipal Mayor of Kawayan.

107th Philippine Indepence Day Speech

By: Ruben M. Manatad-Provincial Manager, NFA Biliran
Guest Speaker-Biliran Independence Day Commemoration
June 12, 2005-Naval, Biliran

107th years ago today, on June 12, 1898, the Philippine flag was hoisted signaling the end of 400 years Spanish colonial rule in the country, with little help from the Americans. But on February 4, 1899, the United States on the excuse that Filipino soldiers fired at American soldiers at the San Juan Bridge, engaged the Philippines in a war. Actually, it was the American soldier named Willie Grayson who fired shots at four Filipinos crossing the bridge. This led to a 15-year war of the US against Filipino freedom fighters.
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