Exactly on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2008, the Province of Biliran, specifically the Biliran Provincial Hospital received two truckful of gifts from Project Help Phils of Haugesund, Norway headed by Mr. Gudbjorn and Mrs. Wenche Weyer. Other members of the NGO like Ms. Torhild Kristiansen and Mr. Tor Sigmund Dahl were also here in Naval to turn-over the shipment to the Biliran Provincial Hospital but could not make it due to health problems and for which they needed to go back to Norway on the same day that the goods were being shipped to Naval from Cebu. The Well of the Messiah, a Protestant church based in Atipolo which operates feeding centers in several barangays in Naval and Almeria is also another recipient of the goods that arrived. The Church happens to be the main beneficiary of the Project Help Phils. here in Biliran in their five (5) time yearly trips to the Phils since 2003.

Pastor Lorenzo Alburo, the head of the Well of the Messiah Congregation, and his wife Melinda introduced the group to this writer when they came to the hospital to assist one of their indigent church member who got admitted. It didn’t take long for this writer to expound on the need for help to the only hospital in the province when through exchanges of emails Mr. and Mrs. Weyer sent photos of the goods that they have accumulated for the Biliran Provincial Hospital.

The next move was to get the commitment of Governor Rogelio Espina to shoulder the expenses in shipping the goods to Naval from Cebu as the freight charges from Norway to Cebu is already being taken cared of by the donors. Without hesitation too, the Governor gave his nod and the rest is history.

Mr.a nd Mrs. Weyer with Pastor Lorenzo Alburo of Well of the Messiah Congregation

At the hospital now are forty (40) slightly used electric beds, 37 mattresses, 6 wheelchairs, 35 walking chairs, 6 bagful of hospital linens and many other hospital stuff which are very much of use to our poor patients. We were told that there will be more goods to come as more and more people and institutions from Norway are now willing to help in this worthy endeavour of Mr. and Mrs. Weyer. Dr. Veloso, the new Chief of Hospital, is presently in the process of making a list of priority items/facilities that the donors can send in their next shipment. Asked if this endeavour is a heavy task to them, Mr. And Mrs. Weyer said that their group do not consider this a heavy task at all because helping people is for them a Christian act of Charity which every Christians should be happy doing to his fellowmen without hesitation and rancour.

Mr. Gudbjorn and Mrs. Wenche Weyer of Haugesund, Norway - Project Help Phils.
‘Mr. Gudbjorn and Mrs. Wenche Weyer of Haugesund, Norway – Project Help Phils.

Norway goods
Norway goods

Talks of helping Women Empowerment and helping special children have been explored by this writer and Project Help Phils. on top of plans to help the health care needs of poor Biliranons. They find Biliran such a wonderful place with warm and accomodating people who deserve all the help that other agencies like Project Help Phils. can give. With many other Norwegians at their back, they may be able to make Biliran a showcase of healthy empowered people with the little help that they can accumulate and of course with the cooperation and coordination of socially aware and development oriented Biliranons nothing is impossible.

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  1. addendum. . . .

    on Friday, February 22, 2008, a turn-over ceremony and blessings of the donated goods will be conducted in the presence of Mr.and Mrs. Weyer, the Norwegian donors and several guests from the Well of the Messiah and the catholic priest who shall do the blessing and Provincial Capitol officials headed by GOvernor Rogelio J. Espina, and officers and employees of the Biliran Provincial Hospital headed by Dr. Edgar Veloso as 20 of their officers and employees celebrate their joint birthday bash on the same day. A veryhappy occassion to everyone indeed!!!

  2. Maayo ang gihatag “in kind” kay klarix ang resulta.
    Kay ug kuwarta pa ang gihatag questionable kaayo ug napunta para sa kaayuhan sa tanan.

    Maayo unta ug kanang mohatag ug loan sa goberno naay follow up ug gigasto ba gyod para sa kaayuhan sa kadaghanan. Hello World Bank or China Bank!

    Daghan salamat aning mga Norwegians nga nakahunahuna paghatag sa mga equipment. Hinaut unta nga kanang mga politicians/mga appointees/hired dili gamiton for political gimmicks/promotions . Simple as that.


  4. Mag pasalamat man ngani , naa pod gi apil bahin sa loan ayaw na niana kay madugay mahinaway nang taga Norway sa inyo.Pastilan kamo maayo nalang kay nia na ko sa Canada. Pasagdi kana ug mo loan bantayi ninyo ug iasa ang cuarta, kaniadto pa ingon na niana .Kay ug ako pod ang naa sa poder karon mag unsa man ko mo tan aw lang kaha ko sa cuarta ,mo gamit ko uy naunsa.

  5. Inday Lea, hala sige mangatawa ta bisag daghang probelma.

    Kung ako ang gobernador sa Biliran morequest
    gihapon ug milyones nga loan.

    Unya inig approve without thinking sa mga walay boot nga taga World Bank or China Bank ug unya naay mangutana hain ang kwarta, akong
    ingonon ang Ombudsman or COA nga gipalit naku sa Norway ug mga beds, linen, wheelchair ug uban pa.
    Na-a na gyod na ang tunay nga ebidensya.

    Dili lang natu pahibaloon nga gipalit diay naku ug mga mansion or s#somo SUV.

    Secret natung duha lang na, ha? Ok dokie.
    Love you, Lea. No hurt feelings, ok?

  6. lea 4, 7

    thank god ur in canada. at least naibanan ang mga tawo sa pinas nga tolerant sa corruption.

    i just hope ur alone in ur family with that kind of mentality.

    god bless u!

  7. hey, black…

    Wala man ka kakuha sa humor nga dunay onod…..nga panaway ni Leo sa pang-goberno sa Biliran. Ako dili ko doctor or abogado or engr. pero kasabot unsay pasabot sa joke ni Leo…

    Unsa man na black out imong sense of humor?

    Dali ra ta ana matigulang or mamatay ana ug sige lang og mog-ot…

    Smile pod, oy!

  8. Hi1 Dianne,

    Nice job. Nancy want to interact with you. If you have time you can contact her on this cellphone no. 09204138570. Thanks and God Bless.


  9. Naunsa ka man pitch black , mora ka man ug karon pa wala may lingaw dire sa amoa , kay puro man gud away lang ang nia sa blogs imbis tagaan ta ka ug wine inig uli nako si leo nalang akong tagaan nindot ra ba among wine sa canada. ayaw lang gud kasuko nako pitch oi.

  10. Hello Ramir,

    I already had a talk with Nancy. Thanks so much for bridging the gap, I’m so h appy i’ve talked with her after a very very long time. hope to see her in flesh soon.

    Take care!!


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