By Rodrigo S. Victoria

Naval, Biliran (25 March) — With its mission to create a consciousness of excellence and outstanding performance in the delivery of services whether voluntary or otherwise to the total development of the province of Biliran, the 3rd Governor Rogelio J. Espina Galing Mo Awards (GMA) was launched at the Governor’s Hall of the Capitol Building yesterday.

In its rationale, the Governor Rogelio J. Espina Galing Mo Awards is a provincewide search for Biliran’s outstanding workers and volunteers, whether in the career and non-career service and whether they receive compensation regardless of amount or not.

It was also stressed in the rationale that the awards seek to recognize and pay tribute for the significant effort of the awardees in fostering goodwill among people of the province, enhancing and promoting the image of Biliranon as competent, responsible and dignified workers, officials with outstanding merit and dedicated performance of extraordinary contribution to public service, consistent demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior on the basis of their observance of one or more of the following seven norms of behavior as provided in RA 6713 like commitment to public interest, professionalism, justness and sincerity, political neutrality, responsiveness to the public, commitement to democracy and simple living.

In yesterday’s launching, the different criteria for the more than 30 awards at stake of the 3rd Governor Rogelio J. Espina GMA were presented by the respective focal person representing the various sectors in the province of Biliran.

The awards at stake include among others the most outstanding rural-based organization, farmer, agricultural technician, municipal agricultural officer or municipal agriculturist and fisherfolk organization in the agriculture sector.

In the cooperative sector, the awards include the most outstanding multi-purpose non-agricultural cooperative, multi-purpose agricultural cooperative, multi-purpose credit cooperative and the multi-purpose marketing cooperative.

The education sector has four awards at stake and these are the most outstanding elementary school teacher, secondary school teacher, elementary school administrator and secondary school administrator.

Seven awards will be given in the health sector and these are the most outstanding public health officer, public health nurse, public health midwife, barangay health worker, barangay nutrition scholar, rural health unit, barangay health station.

Only two awards will be given to the men in uniform and these are the most outstanding police officer and non-commission officer.

In the local government sector, the awards include the most outstanding punong barangay, barangay kagawad, barangay tanod, sangguniang barangay, barangay and municipality.

Several awards are also at stake in the social welfare sector and these include the most outstanding social welfare and development officer, woman, senior citizen, women’s organization ans senior citizen’s organization.

In the Governor’s Hour after the search was launched, Governor Espina said that the giving of the GMA in the province of Biliran was conceptualized after he received the Kadugo Tayo Award.

Said award was given to local chief executives in the country who have given full support to the voluntary blood donation services program of the Department of Health in which the governor was a consistent awardee.

He sressed that the giving of the GMA is one way of showing and promoting to other people what the awardees or what he called as the real model of society have contributed to the community.

The governor also emphasized that this year’s GMA that will be given on May 10 is not a biased selection but a fair process of recognition to allay complaint of biased judging in the past.

The governor promised to increase the cash incentives that will be received by the GMA awardees this year. (PIA-Biliran)

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  1. Does someone mind if somebody is nominated for this award?

    How about the admin of this site whose spirit of volunteerism exemplifies to the whole world ?

    A lot of Biliranons both here and abroad have seen the hard work and talent of this Biliranon young man.

    It is about time his efforts should be recognized by the provincial

    If the governor is really a fair-minded person, there is no reason
    why jalmz should be left out.

    Anyone who will “second the motion”?

  2. Pinoyisip 1



  3. I agree with this kind of award as long as this awards will be given to the right person who is deserving, commited, loyal and hardworking. No palakasan.

  4. Gov. Espina GM Award is good bec. this serves the avenue for recognizing the exemplary, outstanding work some Biliranon did for the greater interest of the province.

    On its 3rd year, why the search committee failed three important things:

    1-Failure to recognize the efforts of the Day Care Workers.. Maayo pa c Rep. Glenn magpasa ug balaod (MAGNA CARTA FOR DAY CARE WORKERS), kung hatagan chance mahimong balaod, automatic college scholarship slot for state college/ university alang sa usa ka anak (regardless kung pila ang anak) sa parent nga Day Care worker. 2nd, Easy access to financial assistance ug legal assistance ang maong Day Care Worker.

    2-Failure to recognize the efforts of the Forest Ranger ng DENR nga cge ug bantay ma preserve ang Fora ug Fauna (plants and animals alang sa bio-diversity) sa mga virgin forests sa Biliran..Rep. Glenn must help DENR Forest ranger by legislating the MAGNA CARTA FOR FOREST RANGERS ACT of 2008.

    3-Failure to recognize the CORRUPTION-FREE LGUs. This helps identify and recognize the less-propensity to corruption goverment agencies. I am not perfectionist, yet we need to reform our society now, by starting at the top of the province leadership. As leadership is defined as the “conscience call”, Gov. Espina must set good presidence, public accountability, and transparency. . He must tell the TRUTH to Biliranons about the real intention why UTANG/LOAN of Php150 Million is better than GRANT na interest-bearing..

    Damo nga salamat…


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