By Jess Diaz
Thursday, June 26, 2008

Neophyte Biliran Rep. Glenn Chong decried yesterday what he described as attempts by his political opponents to cover up the recent ambush of his father by implicating a “fall guy.”

In a statement, Chong said there are moves to “unfairly” link civic leader Roger Yu to the attempted assassination of his father in front of their business establishment in Naval town last June 7, which resulted in the death of his two bodyguards.

He said apparently the objective was to trigger a conflict between his followers and those of Yu, who, he added, is his “close ally and supporter.”

He said Yu would be his candidate for Biliran governor in the 2010 elections.

“This devious move to link Mr. Yu to the killings is obviously a part of an even more malevolent plot by my political opponents to clear themselves from the crime and at the same time sow intrigue in our own political ranks,” he added.

Chong issued the statement after his political rivals claimed that Yu and other rising young politicians in the province stood to benefit from a plot to eliminate the congressman and his family from the political scene.

Chong defeated former three-time Rep. Gerardo Espina Sr. in the 2007 congressional elections.

In a privilege speech last month, the Biliran congressman linked the Espinas to the June 7 attack on his father and his security personnel.

“We know of no enemies, except them,” he told his colleagues.

He said the assassination attempt on his father took place six days after an Espina ally allegedly told his mother that he should instead run for governor in 2010.

He said he was not considering that option since he is just on his first term as Biliran congressman.


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