Neophyte Biliran Rep. Glenn Chong deplored yesterday alleged efforts by his political foes to blame a fall guy in the ambush that was supposed to target his father but resulted to the death of two of their family’s security personnel.

This developed as religious and civic leaders rallied Biliran folk to support a campaign to end a era of violence reportedly masterminded by local politicians whose political grip in the province faces serious threat from the emergence of new leaders.

Chong revealed that his staunchest political rivals have started to come out in the media to “unfairly implicate” civic leader Roger Yu in the attempted assassination of his father in front of their business establishment in Naval town last June 7.

Chong claimed the apparent objective was to trigger a conflict between his followers and those of Yu’s, whom the lawmaker described as a “close ally and supporter”.

Yu is being considered by Chong as a strong gubernatorial bet in the 2010 elections. The Yu-Chong tandem has been touted as a formidable partnership that could dislodge incumbent provincial officials who have lorded over Biliran politics for a decade now.

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  1. this tandem of chong and yu is good but 2010 electionis very far. now i challenge you gov ang rep cho ng to present the public all your projects and developement in our province. baka yung farm to market nyo na project naging farm to baskett road na. lalo na yung sa mga brgy na pentakasi nalang gawa nyo at mag issue nalang ng OR hay nako nalang. at ito naman si mr. yu dapat i present mo ngayun anung ps once plano mo for 3 year once you’l become a governor para klaro ng mga tao sa biliran kung dapat ba silang mag tiwala sayo at iboto ka.

    as wat ive heard befor that espina want to allie to mr yu. but espina have bad plan for him ” they want to married for 3 years bu after that devorce na for 2013 local election.”.ang galing mag plano nitong kulot nato at si gov naman for 2013 babalik ng governor. at si kolot congresmen . now this is the right time to face if matibay yung ispina gawin nyo si mayor ng kawayan na governor kung di kayo takot. sa tandim ni yu-chong
    . or si kulot na palaotog gawin nyo governor bagadang pustahan yan masyador nyo si gerry girl nalang. saan na sya kaya nagyun. parang bula na nawala if tauhan ka ni mikey aroyo bakit di kana nag sasabong kay wala nay pdap ba na asahan . itong gov gusto malimnis lahat parang sinong malinis din itong tao nato akala nya kami sa capitol todo support sa kanya hindi gov hindi kasi patas mga pinsan mo lang pinapakinggan mo paano kami ganito naba lang palagi . ikaw palaging msarap kami palaging hirap.

  2. bati og mag puro na YU-CHONG kay maila napod tanan kwarta…..pareha raman na cla ESPINA og YU korap….. so d dpat 1party modaog kay wanay mosaway…… nindot baya ning away sa politika!!!!

  3. posible politics ang hinungdan sa killing in Biliran, pero posible sad nga dili. kinahanglan nga mosulti sa tinuod ang mga nakakita ug nakahibawo sa plano nga pagpatay. based on actual evidences puwede ang mga espina dudahan, pero ang pangutana naa bay tawo magsugo pagpatay nga dili limpyo ug walay plano, unya mahibaw-an dayon in case mapalpak. magsugo ka gani pagpatay ug tawo dapat dili kaila sa taga naval unya dili identified ang sakyanan nga gamiton.

  4. Admin and Mr. Rosario:

    Your title “Biliran Ambush Linked to Politics” sounds like you have reached that conclusion through evidence or proof. In fact you are just quoting the possibly self-serving speculation of a politician. Please be more responsible in your wording of headlines. Else it sounds like you are simply a tool for one political party. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone to mistakenly get that impression.

  5. jalmz: (you must be admin?)

    My note was addressed primarily to the author, and I’m not familiar with “Tempo”. But as the one responsible for its publication on the site, it is not a good defense to say – I was just copying what was published elsewhere. You must bear responsibility for the journalistic impression you give. As you know, people’s opinions are influenced more by headlines than by content. If it’s your intention to aid and support one political party then, you should note that prominently on your site.

  6. Anon #6:

    Welcome to the world of blogosphere!
    Wait a minute, what’s that?
    Mao na ang style karon sa new –and-old generations to express FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.
    You can say what you want like everybody else as long as there is no vulgar
    or excessive use of foul-name calling. It’s fun.
    Dili pareha anang old-style newspaper journalism nga controlled kayo ang imong contribution.

    I hope you are not from dictator-communist-countries.
    They are the only places on earth where blogs are restricted or kiha-on or patyon dayon ug dili mo-oyon.

    Smile, Anon – you sounds like a very intelligent blogger(got that?) but conceited.

    Freeedom is SWEEEET!.

    ps: by the way, Anon. Keep on reading the blogs in this site.
    You will be surprised or wonder whose side admin is on.
    This is his house and we are just mere guests.
    So let’s behave – love it or leave it.

  7. Jalmz 5:

    If this website is balanced, why do you not carry the report in the Tacloban newspaper of Glenn Chong being reprimanded by the President’s representative for irresponsibly making public accusations without evidence.

  8. Anon 9,

    Mao na kay ang imong basahon dinhi sa blogs kutob ra sa imong gisuwat ug ang yawyaw sa kaanib sa mga Bandido. Naa uy sa balita sa Inquirer ang imong giingon nga pasidaan ni Sec. Domingo.

  9. mabuhay Cong. glenn Chong, ikaw ra ang maka bantog sa mga
    Bandido dinhi sa Naval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kinahanglan mawala cla
    dinjhi sa Biliran. basin mahurot ta dinhi ug kawala kung nia pa
    cla dinhi.

  10. Tinuod gyud nga politics ang hinungdan sa AMBUSH karon nga naa nay nagtistigo masabtan na gyud ang kamatururan dili pasangil kay tinuod man gyud nga SILA….,We need Justice for Barcilo and Parilla, Cong. Glen Chong Ikaw lang ang makatabang sa taga Biliranon, ikaw ang amo paglaum alang sa kaugmaon sa among mga anak, we support you FOREVER…please don’t give up.. Ikaw ang among IDOL…..

  11. My comment on the issue re Biliran ambush that linked to politics depend upon the burden of proof. The plaintiff must show proof of evidences in court. May priring ang katarungan, batas ay batas.

  12. Perhaps, the case re ambush in Biliran that links to politics is now in appropriate court filed by the plaintiff against alleged respondent. The people in Biliran should wait the result of the result of the case filed in court. It cannot be denied as a fact that killing in Biliran province, victimizing known personalities are existing. For me, I want the culprit be penalized.
    Biliran province is a very nice place to live in, but due to these incidents, may be touriists might be preempted to come in to see the beuty of its province.


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