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NIT 36th Foundation Celebration

The Naval Institute of Technology presents…
Ms. NIT 2008

8:00 p.m. August 28, 2008 Naval Institute of Technology Gymnasium (Naval,Biliran)

The Candidates..

Ms. Education
Angela May Y. Gubantes
Name: Angela May Y. Gubantes Age: 16 years old
Course: Bachelor of Secondary Education Year: 1st Year
Address: 136 Granados Street, Leyte, Leyte
Parents: Walter Atibula and Ma. Divina Gubantes
Weight: 180 Height: 5`4 Vital Statistics:
Hobbies: watching T.V., eating, dancing, reading magazines
Ambition: To finish my studies and raise my grandparents from poverty.

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
I join this pageant because I want to represent and bring fame to the Education Department, to show my talents and to prove that I can do what they can and be the best of what I am.

Ms. Arts and Sciences
Sarah Jane Gonzaga Muralla
Name: Sarah Jane Gonzaga Muralla Age: 17
Course: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Year: 2nd
Address: Osmeña St. Poblacion, Kawayan, Biliran
Weight: 50 kg Height: 5`5 Vital Statistics: 34-24-36
Hobbies: dancing
Ambition: To achieve my desires in life and to live life peacefully

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
I want to prove to everyone that I have the guts to become a beauty queen, Miss NIT rather.

Ms. Maritime
Marje B Opeña
Name: Marje B. Opeña Age: 17
Course: BS. Business Administration Year: 1st Year
Address: Lo-ok, Almeria, Biliran
Parents: Ruben G. Elliot and Violeta B. Elliot
Weight: 48 kgs. Height: 5`3 Vital Statistics:31-35-32
Hobbies: Reading, Texting
Ambition: To finish my studies and land a good job to help my family

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
Frankly speaking, I join Ms. NIT because my family and friends forced me and encouraged me as well. I also realized that this is an opportunity and one way of exposing myself and my personality.

Ms. Engineering
Reyma Sabonsolin Garcia
Name: Reyma Sabonsolin Garcia Age: 20
Course: BS. In Civil Eng`g Year: IV
Address: Caray caray, Naval, Biliran
Parents: Rey Garcia and Maria Sabonsolin
Weight: 95 lbs. Height: 5`4” Vital Statistics: 32-24-33
Hobbies: Reading, Internet Surfing
Ambition: To be an Engineer with its own construction firm

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
Aside from the encouragement of my friends, instructor and supporters, I joined the pageant to experience facing the big crowd under the dim light with my costumes and beauty.

Ms. Technology
Charmain Jill G. Calvez
Name: Charmain Jill G. Calvez Age: 16
Course: BS. Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management Year: 1st year
Address: Brgy. Caray caray, Naval, Biliran
Parents: Charlita Calvez
Weight: 45 kgs. Height: 5`5” Vital Statistics: 31-24-32
Hobbies: Dancing and Playing my favorite game “Badminton”
Ambition: To own my own hotel someday.

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
I want to join Ms. NIT 2008 to widen my self-confidence that I gained from joining Ms. Bagasumbol. I also want to grab the crown from the other department for the college of Technology.

Ms. Education
Mary Grace S. Sarno
Name: Mary Grace S. Sarno Age: 21
Course: Bachelor of Elementary Education Year: 2nd year
Address: 422 Redaza St. Naval Biliran
Parents: Maximo Sarno Sr. and Felisa Sarno
Weight: 122.3 lbs. Height: 5`4” Vital Statistics:
Hobbies: Reading and watching TV
Ambition: to become a successful teacher someday.

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
I join Ms. NIT because I believe that I can do what others can. And of course I want to show that I have the potentials and talent to be proud of.

Ms. Technology
Sarah Jane Paculan
Name: Sarah Jane Paculan Age: 16
Course: BS. Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management Year: 1st year
Address: Brgy. Caray caray, Naval, Biliran
Parents: James F. Paculan and Lourdes A. Paculan
Weight: Height: 5`7” Vital Statistics: 32-23-32
Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar and keyboard
Ambition: to become a successful business woman someday

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
Honestly, I know that joining a pageant is not my line. Its just a matter of I don’t want to disappoint my friends, specially my classmates whose always been there to cheer me up and give me support.

Ms. Maritime
Emmalyn T. Dare
Name: Emmalyn T. Dare Age: 17
Course: BSA Year: 1st year
Address: Libertad, Cabucgayan, Biliran
Parents: Mr. Noel D. Mesa and Mrs. Marlyn T, Mesa
Weight: 45 kilos Height: 5`5” Vital Statistics: 34-26-35
Hobbies: Watching TV, txting, playing volleyaball
Ambition: to be a successful nurse somday

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
I join Ms. NIT 2008 not for the popularity but to show other people that there`s more of me. That I have something more to share, that I can make difference. Because of these involvement I know that I am empowered.

Ms. Engineering
Krizyl Mae Q. Castin
Name: Krizyl Mae Q. Castin Age: 16
Course: BSEE Year: 1st year
Address: P. I. Garcia St. Naval, Biliran
Parents: Christopher Castin and Lydia Castin
Weight: 51 kgs. Height: 5`3” Vital Statistics: 34-26-35
Hobbies: Listening to Music, watching T.V.
Ambition: To be a professional/certified Engineer.

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
Because I want to test my capacity and to prove that I can go beyond my comfort zone.

Ms. Arts and Sciences
Mocorro, Cherry Ann S.
Name: Mocorro, Cherry Ann S. Age: 20
Course: BS Nursing Year: 3rd Year
Address: Palarao, Leyte, Leyte
Parents: Mr. Vito B Mocorro, Jr. and Mrs. Salvacion S. Mocorro
Weight: 44 kg. Height: 5`2” Vital Statistics: 33-25-33
Hobbies: Listening to music, net-surfing, going out with friends
Ambition: To achieve my goals in life.

Why did you join Ms. NIT 2008?
I joined Ms. NIT 2008 because I was chosen and I was requested to be one of the representative for our department. Luckily, I won and I’ve proven to them that I deserve the title for Ms. Nursing and Ms. CAS.

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  2. gud lak mary grace..wer so proud of u..wer olwiz hir ur kuya max n pray that u wil beat for Ms. NIT..!! gud lak nd god bless!!

  3. ,..afel man ang vga xa kawayan?,..oi,dai mzta kana it’s very long time not to see u,.xana mag kita kit’s tau na mis na man taka?,.. grave hraf talaga mag vxaya?,..congrat’s fala xau ah…,xana manalo ka?,..kah8 d ka aman manalo xa puso ka fanalo ka?,… jejejejejejejejejejejejeje?,….kahit d q makafanood kwento m alang xakin fag nag kita tau?,..vaka uwi q dyan ngaun nov. gudluck,godbless/,……….

  4. da oi unsa manang voting page sa miss nit wala man klaro ang instruction,nag balik2 nalang man. maabtan pako ug sunod tuig usa maka vote oi.. hmm.. makasapot jud oi..!!! tarunga pod gad na oi!!

  5. pakitarung pls.. kay mapildi nani nuon ni amu candidate..!!! ai by the way vote for the candidate from the college of arts and sciences.. esp. sara jane muralla.. go girl kaya mo yan!!!

  6. ms. photogenic no.1 angela mae,, gwapa jud ka sa pic go girl… imu n jud na nga award… hehehe gud luck kang sara jane muralla and angela mae… they deserve to be in the top 3.. and si jill sad fr. tech.

  7. hahai… go sara jane muralla, angela mae, and jill..

    we will expect that the 3 of you will be the top 3 during the pageant huh,, go.. angela mae photogenic.. go sara jane muralla yaw palupig gogogogog

  8. Go Miss CAS!!! be sure to bring the honor and prestige of our department in the Miss NIT 2008

    We’re proud of you

  9. GO krizyl !!..Go for gold girl!!…hehe..I know you can make it!..kaw pah!..patunayan mow kay ms.mang-aagaw na mas talented ka sa kanya…luVyaH gUrL..mwahhhhhh..gudluck!!

    _jiseLLe hR!!_

  10. …gow sarah!!! jud ka tih!! pud gamay uiy para samot ka-gwapa.hehe…rampa gud tih!!…I Bet you!!.jimmah!!


  11. HI marge!!!,,,,I know you can make it…Show them what you’ve got,,,coz you are a true beauty queen inside and out!!!! be confident and be humble,..

  12. …..(,”halow cndd8s..! f evr hu wl be chozen as MISS NIT 2008,she can take rspnsblties of being an Ambasadrez of Gud Will!
    go 4 gold! give your best!….

  13. to my pamangkin sarah jane paculan
    be the best as what you can
    just enjoy what you are doing
    always presence of mind
    relax and don’t ever put competition
    during the pageant night
    just enjoy every moment of it

    we are very proud of you
    i knew its your first time
    but i knew you can make it
    we are here to support you
    though tita is not there to guide you
    but im always here to pray for you

    see you when im home
    god bless
    i love you

  14. pa comment ha. Unsa man na inyong Ms. Arts and Sciences mura man na siya gi caesarian..itom man ang tiyan, unsa man na? tahi o bungot? No offense…SORRY mao jud ako nakit-an. Pasensya. Alayon daw ug check tingale nalibat lang ko!

  15. Hai..,mga Fwnd..!!
    gud Luck nalang ha..,

    Sana i vote nyo ang karapat-dapat na maging Ms.NIT
    You know..naman..,
    the Motto:
    “What is beauty if her Brain is empty”
    Don’t Forget That
    at saka..,
    Ang beauty,ay hindi ito nakikita sa labas ng isang tao kundi,sa loob ng puso ng 1 tao..,

  16. Ms. NIT..!!! candidates goodluck..
    guy’z, choose the most deserving,,,,
    yung matatawag talaga na Ms. NIT…..

    tira! tira!!

  17. MaRje,,…i know u can do it.,.,hehehe
    make 8 to the top..,.,
    8s ur time to show nga kaya na nimo.,.,.,

    good luck & GOD bless je.,.,.

    pls vote marje coz she deserves to be crowned as ms. nit.,.,

  18. dhay,angela…heheheheheh…nia nsad u murampa nsad sa stage
    …hehehe pero i know u can do it as wat u did last search for Ms.Hiraite..u did ur best to urself and pray to God….we’re always here to support u..unsaon nman lang ang atong pagka fwend..hehehe..leyteno gud ni..huh….go mga taga leyte…..gudluck nalang..dont worry also, we are here ur classmate ready to support u and cheer u..kaya mga taga college of education,tangkilikin ang sariling atin..hahahaha..
    gudluck again and may God bless u.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. hello all….. im new to biliran most especially sa nit…..but for me si KRIZYL ang da best sa tanang candidates sa MISS NIT…………i know her very well bisag bag.o pami nagkaila……classmates d.i me sa BIOMED……….GO KRIZYL…..SHOCK YOUR FRIENDS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tsktsktsktsktsktsktsktsk………………..electrecuted silang tanan……hahaha

  20. i believe che can make it..:)
    she’s real pretty even without make-up..wooooh!
    we miss u grl!
    Miss LAIS, Miss Hiraite, Miss Nursing, Miss CAS..and the next title is Miss NIT 08! haha..
    she’s witty..
    beauty with brain..

    gOod luck to d candidates!

  21. i believe che can make it..:) candidate # 10!!
    she’s real pretty even without make-up..wooooh!
    we miss u grl!
    Miss LAIS, Miss Hiraite, Miss Nursing, Miss CAS..and the next title is Miss NIT 08! haha..
    she’s witty..
    beauty with brain..

    gOod luck to d candidates!

  22. good luck to all of you!

    go ate che! u can make it!
    another title na naman!? hehe..
    we’re just here to support u!
    kaya mo yan! kaw pa! :)
    u deserve the title!
    we love you! take care!

  23. wow che iba na pud na nga title!
    daog na pud ta ani..:) good luck girl!
    we miss u so much!
    i know how good u r wen it comes to that!
    just do ur best!

    to the admin:
    palihog klaroha ang process/system sa voting..
    we want to vote miss mocorro..

  24. oi…ayaw mo ana!!saon nalang akong crush na c Charmain Jill G. Calvez…………………………………………………vote pod mo nya!!!

  25. Good Luck Sara Jane Paculan….

    I know you can do it… you have beauty, brain and talent…. Just relax, enjoy, smile and most of all pray to GOD for guidance and strength….

    Kaya mo yan and Im proud of you Sara… ……

    Good Luck girl…

  26. Mis…tech ur so pretty i like the way you smile hope you wnt what you are and alwayz think once….”I’m Pretty…
    good luck

  27. ….u know wat gurlz,lahat naman kau deserving,…
    but un4tuntly,1 lang talaga ang crown! sad to say,bt dont
    give up f ever u los,,,,maybe dis s not d ryt tym 4 u 2 shine..
    Just folow ur dreamz,have faith in God,think positive,and most m4tantly beliv n ur own strenght,n ur own capacity,,,,
    GUDLAK GURLZ! TC OLWEZ! OLWEZ bear n mind—-


  28. i like the beauty of reyma garcia. hope u win…..
    im urs schoolm8 in NSF before………………….
    best regards to all NSFians……………………….

  29. ……………,to all senders plz be fondly not to make embarrassment especially to the candidates..nganu?! wafa muh…pag tsur oi…!!!!!!!!!!

    kung kmu daw i dscrminate how does it feel…tsugi/..!!!!!!1

  30. h! te margie sana manalo k sa miss n.i.t…………we r proud of u!!!!!!!……..,.,.,.,.,.,.,gud luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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