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TACLOBAN CITY – The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas is questioning the Memorandum of Agreement on Internal Security Operations entered into by the military, police and the Biliran provincial government, saying it runs counter to peace and development and will further intensify fascist repression.

In its latest press statement, NDF spokesperson Santiago Salas said that the Arroyo regime is incapable of fostering peace and development because Instead of addressing the root causes of the civil war, the present Arroyo leadership is more interested in warmongering, viciously pushes all-out-war through “Oplan Bantay Laya 2,” slamming the door to formal peace negotiations with the NDFP.

“The MOA in Biliran reflects how the regime is worming its way to iron rule so it can cling on to power and further rob the country, sell out the national patrimony to imperialist plunder and heighten the oppression and exploitation of the people,” Salas stressed.

The rebel priest ridiculed the claim by Col. Allan Martin, deputy commander of the 802nd Infantry Brigade, that the MOA could make Biliran a “zone of peace and development.”

“We know that the military’s concept of `peace and development’ is to silence the people’s expression of their grievances, while protecting the interests of the domestic and foreign exploiters and oppressors. Col. Martin moreover insults the people of Biliran by saying they could now receive financial assistance from the government because their province is now a `zone of peace and development.’ Such a patronizing attitude implies that the people should be thankful for whatever crumbs they get from the government, and glosses over the lack of socio-economic reforms such as genuine land reform and industrial development,” he said.

He also pointed out that she is more concerned over the fascization of the local government through the MOA. “The MOA reflects Executive Order 739, which through the National Peace and Order Council allows sweeping powers for the `convergence and orchestration’ of all internal security operations by the civilian government, military and police. Col. Martin himself admits this when he said the military will lecture on counter-insurgency to the Provincial Peace and Order Council and then down to the community level.”

He even tells the people to spy on each other to determine whether or not their communities are ‘infiltrated’ by the CPP-NPA. This illustrates the drive to fascization by the Arroyo regime, when the military subverts and dominates civilian authority,” he added.

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas, on the other hand, is announcing its 40th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines because revolution is the only hope and way out of the crisis in the country and the world. “The crisis in the Philippines is linked to and worsened by the global capitalist crisis,” said Salas.

Salas laughed off statements by the Eastern Visayas police and military “already on red alert” alleging widespread attacks by the New People’s Army because of the CPP anniversary.

“The police and military twist the NPA’s intensifying guerrilla offensives to stereotype the CPP anniversary as an occasion for fanaticism and blind attacks,” Salas also said.

“The real fanaticism is such anti-communist and anti-people hatred by the fascists and reactionaries. Moreover, the fascists and reactionaries are more piqued than ever because the CPP and the revolutionary movement it leads grow stronger year by year. The CPP’s 40th anniversary best debunks Gloria Arroyo’s boasting the CPP and the revolutionary movement it leads will be over by 2010. That’s why overdue since in fact, the enemy has been declaring such a debacle since the 1970s in Eastern Visayas,” the NDF alleged.

Fr. Salas added that the other staple of black propaganda by the Arroyo regime and its military in downplaying the CPP is hiring professional witch hunters and those who abandoned the revolutionary movement.

“There are such as Jun Alcover, chairperson of the Alliance of Nationalism and Democracy, who makes a living from attacking the CPP and was in the region recently to promote his anti-communist book and the laughable lie that the revolutionary movement extorts billions from the masses. The only ones who could believe Alcover are ignoramuses and rabid fascists and anti-communists. They choose to believe the lie rather than open their eyes to the reality that it is the Arroyo regime that bleeds the masses of billions in bureaucratic corruption ranging the entire ABC to ZTE.”

This year’s CPP anniversary, NDF-EV spokesperson said in conclusion, that the CPP anniversary on Dec. 26 is a significant political event and also fittingly tribute to the communist martyrs who through the decades have been the most resolute revolutionary fighters.

“In the countryside and the cities, the NPA and all the revolutionary forces will join in celebration to honor the leading role of the CPP. There is usually program with speeches for the occasion, remembrances of revolutionary martyrs, cultural performances and merrymaking with the masses. There is nothing like that whipped up by the fascists and reactionaries, who vilify the CPP but end up caricaturing themselves “vicious, fanatical, anti-people and behind the times.”

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  1. It’s true, in biliran most politicos are corrupts and lead by two big political figures. The other is almost nine years in service and dynamically and technically so corrupt, and the other 18 months in service is so young and yet so corrupt. Haaaaaay unsaaaaaon na lang ning atong isla sa biliran. Maayo na lng unta moboto nang bulkan diha bukid oyyyyy!

  2. do u know a life under the so called NPA? communists and other terms?
    the democracy in this place might not be perfect but for sure we can voice out our grievance, through the courts, through blogs and the internet….but not with the communists, look at china? look at how even russia morphed into a democracy after starting communism itself?
    in china, the internet is censored, it is forbidden to speak against those who are in power? kanang tanang nag yaw2x diri karn, gi firing squad nana sa china….and so with the npa, with no courts to challenge the truth, who determines what? the cadre? the few?
    i hope you study more a lot about both sides before saying a lot..
    for sure everyone can change, the corrupt one’s, those who just kill without going into courts and so on…lets hope this country will not fall down under before its too late.

  3. NPA? I DON’T THINK THERE ARE NPA IN OUR MIDST ANYMORE COZ IT CEASE TO EXIST WHEN MARCOS WAS OUSTED AND THANKS FOR CORY’S MAGIC. WHAT REMAINS NOW ARE JUST BRIGANDS, PIRATES AND EXTORTIONISTS NO MORE Genuine NEW PEOPLES ARMY which I always apprepriciate and Welcome before. I APPRECIATE THOSE FORMER NPA LEADERS THAT REALIZES THAT THEIR GRIEVANCES SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO THE PROPER AND LEGAL FORUM SUCH AS CONGRESS. AT LEAST THERE, EVERYONE CAN VENTILATE THEIR VIEWS AND ASPIRATIONS IN A HUMANE AND LEGAL MANNER UNLIKE THESE BRIGANDS, PIRATES AND EXTORTIONIST MASQUERADING AS npa who brandish their vicious vices by killing people, destroying vital installation and extort money from lawful businessmen in the guise of revolutionary tax which revolution is nowhere to be found in the hearts and minds of the people anymore. I hope this kahibangan of this group will cease soon. Merry Christmas to ALL and may the New Year will bring us prosperity in the midst of this global crises.


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