Katrina Halili. Photo by Precious del Valle/Rappler
Katrina Halili. Photo by Precious del Valle/Rappler

Millions of Filipinos are Googling and searching the net how they can watch and download the famous sex scandal videos of Katrina Halili, Hayden Kho, Maricar Reyes, that Brazilian model, and yes even Dr. Vicki Belo.

According to Google Trends, most of those searching for “Katrina Halili” come from the Philippines.

The cities interested in the scandal, ranked based on the number of searches made, are: Tacloban, Angeles, Cagayan de Oro, Quezon City, Makati, Davao City, Pasig, Cebu and Manila.

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  1. mga taga tacloban pagud it imo every person ada ha tac na-watch na iton natanan na video and they are waiting for more videos.

    if the vicky bello and hayden kho video will be in my hands it is the only time i will believe that she is innocent in spreading these videos.

  2. The issue is not necessarily as to who caused the publication of those sex videos, although that also matters. The main issue is the taking of videos without the party’s consent which would cause dishonor to her/him. That taking alone is already a violation of a person’s right to life and property.

    It is very clear from the video that it was taken in stealth, without the knowledge and consent of Katrina Halili and the other naked girls, and that Dr. Kho was aware if not he himself was the one making the video.

  3. of course the person(s) who propagated the videos should also be punished…it wouldn’t have reached this level of scandal if those punks just kept it for themselves.

  4. Why are so concerned about this video.
    Stop watching it so no one will see it.
    They want more people to see it so they will be noticed.
    They just probably are addt personallity.

  5. so you mean if i stop watching it, no one will see it? where’s the logic in that statement?bisayaa na lang.hehe.stop being hypocritical in saying that you don’t care about the video.everyone else does.

  6. Everyone should be concerned of this proliferation of stealth video taping. It could destroy the future of one who, because of trust and illusion of love, allowed herself/himself to burn with the fire of passion. It may simply be human nature, though somehow a sign of weakness, to be carried with that passion to the point of indulging in sex. But it is not right and should be declared a crime that one or another video tapes the event stealthily, more so if he is incapable of exercising extra care in safekeeping them.

    Who knows, the next victim might be someone close to you?

  7. Pastilan kitang mga Pinoy! Kasabut mo bisan dire sa abraod nagkalat gihapun na nga vidoo gipamaligya sa mga Indian & Bangladesh. Kulang ra ug taas nga pamantayan sa tawhanong dignidad ang mubuhat sa susamang pagvedio sa pribado nga activities ug ang pagtangkilik to watch this useless video. In fairness to Hayden & Katrina dapat lang nga they will seek justice for those who uploaded the video clips but to put behind bars of Dr. Hayden Kho is not a practical way. Imagine how difficult and the cost in order to become a medical doctor and at present we lack rural doctors. Bilang kaprusahan kay Hayden, wag tangalan ng lisensya bagkus iaassign sa remote areas na walang doktor at duon siya manggamot kaysa mabulok sa bilanguan na di mapakinabangan. Likewise si Doc Rabbit pag naguilty ng mga corruption charges, iassign pud sa bukid. Bwahahaha!!!


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