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TACLOBAN CITY — Biliran Gov. Rogelio Espina said he would like to tap the police auxiliary force in the fight against illegal drug trafficking in his province.

He disclosed this to the media after he attended the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) meeting last week at the NEDA conference hall.

DILG Sec. Ronaldo Puno, who was the guest speaker of the RPOC meeting, shared the important role and functions of the auxiliary force of the PNP and how they were effectively utilized in combating various peace and order related problems especially in Mindanao.

Espina said he got convinced that this auxiliary force would greatly help minimize if not totally stop activities in the province of Biliran that have to do with illegal drugs.

Based on the statements coming from Puno, Espina said he is now up to establishing the necessary network with law enforcers and building a specific program that would address head-on specifically the drug menace in his province.

“I will try to talk with PDEA and PNP about this so we can establish the needed linkages and explore areas of cooperation,” Espina said.

He said drug activity in his province is such a critical concern because of the proximity of Biliran to Cebu, which is believed to be the source of most illegal drugs supply.

“There is a possibility that the drugs distributed in Biliran is coming from Cebu that’s why I’m very concerned about this problem,” Espina said.

The province of Biliran has several points of entry mostly in ports in some towns in the province most notably that in Naval town which was recently declared a Ro-Ro port.

Espina, though, pointed out that illegal drugs activity in their province is not as rampant as other areas in the region based on statistics.

“But even if it is not that so rampant, I would like to address this problem immediately because this is destroying the future of our children and also the society as a whole,” Espina said. (Lemuel Pagliawan)


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  1. remember 3 things:
    1. The intent of the “good” governor is seems “good.” but the timing is question mark. nganon karon pa man na daghan naman victims sa illegal drugs sa biliran. Gov, pls check your backyard (your brothers gerryboy ug rudy sa kawayan basin daghan o source sa info about the shipment of this narco-politics);

    2. Hapit na raba ang political campaign. Basig may news nga Chong-loyal guys nga mamahimong victims sa”Planted” nga shabu, esp sa likod nga bahin sa isla. Dapat mag monitor ang IBP ug ang CHR sa movement sa Auxiliary Force. The “end does not justify the means.”

    3. Logically, if CIDG was used by the “good” governor in the OPLAN JUNE 7 AmBUSH, why can’t the gov use the PNP Auxiliary Force para ma harass or ma threaten ang mga supporters ni Cong Glenn on the long run. The event ahead is going to be unfolded in our very eyes.

    I request freedom fighters nga magtambayayong ta tanan to be vigilant against the evil and wicked plans/ ploy of the “good” governor Roger. As we know, sya na lang ang natitirang baraha sa mga Espina, kaya gagawin ni “Good” Governor Rabbit nga kuno “clean” or dirty traditional tactics/strategy just to win in the 2010 Elections.

    JUSTICE for Barcelo, Parilla, Danny Parilla!!!!!!

  2. dapat unahon sa ang pag check diha sa kawayan municipal hall ug diha sa caray caray…
    kay balita man gud nga user naaang iyang igsoon. dapat kana siya ang unahon ugsa ang mga inosenteng Biliranon

  3. wala pa moabot ang mga Espina sa Biliran ang Naval na sudlan na sa DRUGS.nahibaloan sa katawhan nga si Lita Ibajan na addict sa tuig pa intawon ’70s.nganong ang Espina ang PASANGINLAN? dili maayo ang pagbutang butang sayop sa uban tawo.maayo pa mo sulti na lang sa kamatuoran.pangutan-a si Akid kon buhi pa o si Boy Defin kon buhi pa kay mao sila ang mga banggiitan,untoucables PUSHERS before Espina came to Biliran.

  4. Nagsamot ang drug related problem sa Biliran within 12 years nga namuno ang mga Espina…dili lang sa Naval kundi sa tibuok Biliran and nearby towns sa probinsya… Dapat kaniadto pa kani nga preventive move bohata. Nganong karon lang nga 12 ka tuig na sila sa puwesto di ba? Within 12 years naa na bay nasakpan ng big time pusher sa Biliran?

    kaniadto fly by night lang ang drug pushing karon ba mao lang gihapon or ningsamot pa pag kadaghan?


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