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First Posted 12:48 PM 07/16/2009
Last Updated 11:16 AM 07/18/2009

Mobabag o mobahag sa anomaliya sa NIT?

SSG Election Winners
POWERS PARTY: Voltaire Dagalea

Vice President:
POWERS PARTY: Krizyl May Castin

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  1. well, election time again for school leaders..
    ill hope wat your platfom of government will be closer to reality and not will be left undone..
    To all the candidates:
    Don’t follow the legacy of our undeserving politicians..
    Good luck sa inyo tanan..
    The future of the whole studentry lies in you…

  2. i don’t know what u mean mobabag sa anomalya?or u should mean it the party who won conceals the anomalies..
    well,there’s a big possibility since SSG election in NIT or in any Schools have politically involved..

  3. To All NIT Students:
    (especially those who run for SSG-Election)

    Let’s forget what happened last SSG-election. It’s time to move on. This is not your time to serve your fellow students.

    Losing the position you desired is not a mere problem, it’s not the fault of your oppents, it is the DECISION of the students.

    You cannot change the past. But starting to move on is the best way to help yourselves, and also with your friends and supporters.

    To Sacred Party, give chance to others. accept the reality, and please do not revenge on the strategy of Powers.

    To USDP Party, good luck for the next election. I hope u are not discouraged about yesterday, and try to look forward and MOVE ON.

    To Powers, I extend my congratulations to your winning candidates especially to the president. I hope that u will accomplished what u have promised to the students.

    To Lampen Party, congratulations to the winning senators and representatives. Your principle will be your guiding star in serving the studentry. Your advocacy in the clean, honest, and fair election would not be vanished if still there is the principle in your heart. To the winning senators and representatives, please bare this in your mind: “If you’re walking down the right path, and you are willing to keep walking, eventually, you’ll make progress (Pres. Barrack Obama)”. To those who loose, always remember that defeat is only a postponement of your VICTORY.

    To NIT-Students, hope that u will be Responsible enough to the decision you have made yesterday. IF the newly elected officers cannot do their duty, it’s not merely their fault: remember, you are the one who choose them to serve you, it is your decisioin, so expect the unExpected.

    Thank you

  4. [ Losing the position you desired is not a mere problem, it’s not the fault of your “oppents”, it is the DECISION of the students.]


    Losing the position you desired is not a mere problem, it’s not the fault of your OPPONENTS, it is the DECISION of the students.


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