By: Flor Jackson

Naval, Biliran (July 17) – The Biliran Provincial Police Office (BPPO) is intensifying its campaign against loose firearms.

As a result, the Naval Police Station was able to confiscate an unlicensed 9mm pistol from a private individual here in the capital town of Biliran province.

This was revealed by Police Senior Superintendent Leonardo Cesneros, Provincial Commander of the BPPO recently in an interview with PIA.

He said appropriate charges have already been filed against the suspect.

In line with this campaign, P/SrSupt Cesneros is encouraging Biliranons who have unlicensed firearms to register and secure a license of their guns at the police station.

Likewise, he urged owners of firearms whose license has expired, to renew said license as soon as possible.

“All the eight PNP municipal offices in the province are actively involved in this campaign”, he said.

President Gloria Arroyo has approved recently a general amnesty for owners of loose firearms and allow them to register their guns and secure a license.

Executive Order 817 allows owners of unlicensed firearms to register their guns at the police station for a fee of P1,000 and a lesser amount for firearms with expired license.

PSrSupt. Cesneros urged owners of loose firearms in Biliran province to avail of the last gun amnesty which starts on October 1 to 31 this year.

Meanwhile, P/SrSupt. Cesneros informed that one of his office policies is to keep all the policemen of the BPPO busy.

He bared that he instructed all the police chiefs in each of the eight municipalities in the province to regularly conduct “operation bakal” and maintain check points in strategic locations all over the province.

“Policemen in the province do house to house visitations to let the people feel that PNP men are always there and ever ready to respond immediately to peace and order-problems that may arise in the community”, he added.

Policemen of the BPPO do regular school visitation to conduct lectures on the campaign against illegal drugs and to explain the duties, functions and activities of the BPPO here in Biliran.

“Police visibility is strengthened in these activities, hence, less crimes are committed in the area”, he said.

“Biliran is peaceful. I want it to be that way, hence BPPO’s efforts is 80% crime prevention and 20% law enforcement”, he added. (PIA-Biliran)

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  1. Nothing is wrong with having a gun as long as it is licensed and is intended to protect oneself….if beyond that then it is another story…so stay still those who have nothing to comment.


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