Tacloban City (July 22) – In order to enlighten the consumers on the cause of power disruption in Region 8 on Sunday, July 19, 2009, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines issued a statement saying that the disruption was partly due to the Preventive Maintenance Schedule at Babatngon Substation, and also due to the technical problem along the 69 KV Tunga-Lemon transmission line.

Ms. Edna Legaspina, the corporate communications officer of NGCP said that regarding the first cause of the disruption, Mr. Lope L. Canete, the Head of NGCP District 1-East Area, Visayas Operations and Maintenance, informed that it was a scheduled disruption.

The maintenance work at Babatngon Substation was scheduled from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., but it did not require a whole day power interruption because the transmission line system in Leyte was already loop, Mr. Lope Canete said.

This means that if there’s a line fault in one line, other line can supply power.

There was only a power shutdown of 30 minutes during load transfer and another 30 minutes in switching back to normal configuration. Areas affected with these 30-minute before and after maintenance work were those covered by LEYECO II, LEYECO III, LEYECO IV-Baybay Substation, LEYECO V-Talisayan Substation, DORELCO-Javier Substation, and the three industries in Baybay City- SPMI, VOMI and SC Global.

Furthermore, Mr. Canete said that aside from the 30-minute PMS shutdown, a three-hour power outage was experienced by the people in Tacloban City and other neighboring municipalities covered by LEYECO II and BILECO.

The power failure was triggered by an open jumper (phase c) of structure no. 18-3T along 69kV Tunga-Lemon line located in Brgy. Lim-ao, Kananga , Leyte .

Mr. Henry A. Sale, Head of Transmission Lines said that Samar island was also isolated for approximately eight hours because the 138kV Ormoc-Babatngon line was included in the PMS. The said line supplies power to the four provinces covered by SAMELCO I, SAMELCO II, NORSAMELCO and ESAMELCO.

Similarly, in the evening of Friday, July 17, 2009, the province of Southern

Leyte experienced an intermittent power interruption from 6:59 to 8:40 in the evening, because the power circuit breaker 51MN4 in Maasin Substation encountered a technical problem, Ms. Legaspina informed.

Power was restored at 8:40 P.M. with power supply coming from Ormoc Substation. The PCB was repaired the following day, Saturday, and was back to its normal operation at 4:40 in the afternoon, Ms. Legaspina added. (PIA 8)


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