By: Flor Jackson

Naval, Biliran (July 23) – Four persons died here when a dumptruck that followed vehicle-riding groups of some 500 persons who were on their way to bury a friend and relative from Barangay Capinahan in Naval town to a Catholic cemetery in the poblacion lost break hitting some of the motorcycle-riding sympathizers at about 8:45 this morning.

According to a police report released by the Naval Police Station headed by PSupt Anastacio Agullo, the dumptruck that figured in the accident was owned by Tuscan Structures with Plate Number GKV-475 and was driven by Bernard Villarin, 30 yeas old from Brgy. Pinamihagan in Culaba, one of the towns in Biliran province.

The report further disclosed that the driver of the dumptruck allegedly lost control of the brakes while travelling on a slopy road down, hitting the Honda TMX motorcycle with Plate Number G7801 owned and driven by Wilfredo Casanares Bernal of Sitio Eden, Brgy. Capinahan, Naval.

Casanares was brought to the Biliran Provincial Hospital (BPH) where he was declared dead on arrival by doctors.

The report declared that Marcial Baco Payos, 52 years old and a resident of Sitio Agsim, Brgy. Capinahan and brother of the late Juliano Payos, 57 years old and a lay minister whom they would bring to his final resting place at the catholic cemetery here this morning died instantly at the site of the accident. His passengers in the single motorcycle, Cleofe Matugas Narrido, 54 years old, also a resident of Sitio Agsim was pronounced dead on arrival at the BPH, while her companion, Donya Payos Boncayo, 37 years old of Sitio Eden, Brgy. Capinahan is now undergoing treatment at the BPH for wounds, bruises and broken arm and shoulder.

Reynaldo Navarro, 32 years old of Sitio Agsim who was driving a separate single motorcycle died on the spot while his wife, Emma Delda Navarro, 31 years old is presently undergoing treatment at the BPH.

“I heard shouts of warning to go to a safe side of the road, but things happened so fast that when I looked back, I saw two of our motorcycle-riding companions dead and their motorcycles torn to pieces,” said Laura Bueno, midwife of the RHU of Naval town and one of the relatives who joined the funeral procession.

As of press time, PSupt, Anastacio Agullo informed that the driver of the dumptruck involved in the accident is now at the Naval lock-up cell.

The owner of the dumptruck, he said, promised to shoulder the expenses of the fatalities and medicines and other medical supplies that the victims may need while undergoing treatment at the hospital. (PIA-Biliran)

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Interview by PIA Biliran, Video by Jalmz


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  1. Wheewww! Ang buhay nga naman.

    The song seems true, “Ang tawo way kalibutan”.

    Therefore, it is better to always pray go God every time and all the time.

  2. kaluoy sa akong mga paryente… …. we’ll be praying for your souls… I know God is there waiting on his door, welcoming you to join HIM. … Maau ky managot ang taga TUSCAN CONST. sa gastos… but mind you, “”Ang kinabuhi dli mabayran ug pila ka dako””

  3. = Its not ” Donya Payos Boncayo”
    The correct name, Dominga Payos Bangcoyo resident of Sitio Eden Capinahan;

    = Gemma Delda Narrido ( not Emma Delda Navarro)
    = Cleofe Matugas Narrido ( from sitio Eden)

  4. Huh! ang sakit ang buhay nga nmn nag tao hinde natin masabi kong hanggang kailan tayo mabubuhay d2 sa Mundo “Life is to short” talaga at hinde rin natin masabi kung kailan tayo ma accedinte….pra sa Pamilyang na ULILA/INIWAN nag kanilang mga MAHAL sa BUHAY Lubos po akong nakikiramay sa inyong LAHAT na sana po mka SURVIVE po kayong Lahat sa sakit na dumaan sa buhay niyo ngayon….God Bless you all and take care alwiz..

  5. I don’t think it’s the driver’s fault. Why is he in prison? What happened was pure accident! Why are you people so quick to put this poor driver in prison. He is an easy scapegoat.

    First of all, the brakes fail, the road is too narrow with many people on both sides. There is no way he can prevent it from happening. It was pure mechanical failure! If you are going to have someone to blame, blame it on the owner of the dump truck. You know why? Because the owner allowed his truck to be used or driven in a very rough terrain, without proper maintenance. It was the negligence of the truck owner because his truck is not safe to drive. This was an accident waiting to happened and you imprisoned the driver? Are you people out of your mind? Release the driver!

  6. Hi peeved,

    I think both the owner and the driver has their own liability.
    Let’s us talk first to the owner. Yes! You are right that its his responsibilty to make sure that evrything is ok and must be monitored before he let his driver drove the truck to avoid this kind of accidents.

    Second, I think it’s the drivers responsibility to check the Truck, since he’s the one using/driving that Truck daily. It should be an SOP to evryone to check first everything before doing something.

    I really object you about releasing the driver ‘coz it’s not his fault as you’ve said. so in that case, accidents and crimes will increase because we can easily blame the fault to the owner or to the machine. I think that not a good idea right?

    We all know that 4 lives were taken and some are still at critical conditions, its so unfair to the family left behind if the driver will not be castigated for these accident. Let justice prevail.

    Sometimes, put yourselves into the family’s shoes for you to realize how painful it is to lost a member of your family, without having justice.

  7. I disagree. It was an accident not a crime. The driver did not wake up one morning and decides to plow some people to death. He did not plan to kill and injured those people. Who could have ever thought that this was going to happened? He is as much of an accident victim himself. Lucky for him, he wasn’t injured, but I bet, the guilt and emotional pain this man is suffering is more than the physical pain. Let’s just treat it the way it is, AN ACCIDENT!

    Yes, there are families of the victims to think about but their love ones died in an accident not a homicide. If it’s an accident, it’s an accident! There should be no blame-game to toss around. If a child for example, accidentally drowns while swimming on the beach, who are you going to blame? The sea water, the riptide, the parents, the child’s companion? Wouldn’t it be easier and most logical to come to the conclusion that the child’s death was accidental? Since it was accidental, nobody serves prison time. It is a hard pill to swallow, but like most of us, when it is an accident, we resigned to acceptance.

    On the other hand, what do you mean it is the driver’s SOP to check the vehicle first before doing anything? Have you owned a car? If you do, you knew full well that when everyday you want to drive your car, you don’t do a mechanical inspection. You basically open the door and turn on the ignition and drive. Who in the world do a mechanical inspection of their car everyday before driving? None. I don’t on mine. I wouldn’t even know if my brake is failing unless I do a routine oil change and a mechanic would pointed out to me that the brake lining is thin and worn-out and needs to be replaced. Other than that, I will have no idea unless it makes a horrible screeching noise. Now come to think about this dump truck. How often has this been serviced by a licensed mechanic? Do they have a licensed mechanic with the right tools and equipment to diagnosed its defects in Biliran? I don’t think Biliran is up to par with vehicle maintenance and inspection standards. If I’m wrong, then why was this dump truck not fully-serviced and repaired?

    So I think to blame it on the driver because he wasn’t inspecting the dump truck is off-based. He is just a driver; he is not a mechanic. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t have any idea at all that the truck that he is driving is a ticking time bomb. Had he had this knowledge, do you think he will drive this truck? Of course not!

    Now, he is in prison because he is simply POOR. He can’t hire a lawyer to defend him even though it was an accident. How many people do you know that were imprisoned due to accidents? Families of victims wants to have reparation but they can’t have any because the victim is poor, so what did the authorities do with the driver? Put him in jail. Do you think that’s justice? I guess you can say, that’s justice Biliran style.

    There are people in Biliran who committed horrible crimes and still walking out on the streets today because they are rich. They can afford a lawyer or buy justice. Unluckily for the driver, he can have none of those. To those fair-minded, just, and idealistic lawyers in Biliran, how about giving a pro-bono counsel and in defense to this driver? It was an accident, pure and simple!

  8. hi… peeve..oo i do agree with you… its purely an accident… . pero sakto ra pod, madetain ang driver.. unsaman pabayaan lang na xa? despite sa nahitabo/.. sakit kaau sa part sa hingtungdan na woiz….It is then allegedly said ,that the driver knew , loose break na didto pa s patag nga kalsada,…unya iya nalng gitimon timonan ang monobela.. ngano wla nalng man niya gibangga didto pa sa may patag, d wla unta xa masagasaan, presumably he know it that the road sa unahan is steep curved road as described…. therefore sakto ra.. he’s now behind bars….

  9. Condolences to the bereaved families…. May the souls of your loved ones will rest in peace with Jesus in Heaven….

  10. peeved 8,

    Ayaw diha ug pangugat ug laban para sa drayber. Kitaa na lang nang ligid sa truck nga nausmod didto sa salog. Hamis na kaayo ang mga ligid, lupig pa kahamis ang ulo ni Mano Gerry. Sa ligid pa lang, makita na nga kulang ug maintenance ang truck. Ang brakes pa kaha? Drayber ba una sa mga Espina o ni Roselyn ning tawhana nga nakadisgrasya? Pangutana lang ning ako.

  11. kkb 12,
    Dia ang ako tubag sa imo pangutana… ang tag iya sa truck TUSCAN CONSTRUCTION ang DE sa Biliran cya ang tag iya dli c Roslyn Espina or c knsa nga Espina

  12. Taym pa sa.

    Daghan nagblame sa drayber og tag-iya.

    Ang taga LTO unsay role aning hitaboa?

    Di ba ilang pod responsibilidad nga makapasa sa inspection like

    ligid dili opaw(sulti ni KKB), brake stability, insurance, og unsa

    pa diha?

    Nganong nakalusot man?

    Lahi diay ang “law” sa pinas kay duna koy kaila, a woman

    driver who drives like crazy(hambogera man god og dili

    pabadlong), nakapatay

    sa road accident wala man mapreso? Pero fully insured hinoon

    siya og dili hubog og medyo snow gamay….gibayran lang

    hingtongdan sa way kusmod

    sa insurance company per law coverage.

    Hinoon malooy pod ta sa na-angol pero wala na tay may

    mahimo kay mao nay ginaingon nga “nothing is guaranteed in

    this world”…dili atong pag-boot.

    Ang ako lang nga ang taga LTO dako og responsibilidad ana

    pod og and insurance company baydan jud ang hingtongdan.

    Na hala, debate, anhi ra ko kutob.

    My sympathy sa mga biktima.

  13. Asa ra man to si utip nga naghilom man hinuon bahin niining hitaboa? Apil na lang pad si JDR, ang mga kimpang nga tibhanganan.

    Kung truck pa seguro ni Charlie ug sa iyang kaubanan ang nahilambigit sa disgrasya, tingali ug nagpista na si utip ug ang iyang mga ginsakupan.

    Hadlok pod seguro ni si utip mosaway sa gibulgar dinhi nga tag-iya sa Tuscan Construction, kay tingali ug iyagyag pod hinuon isip balos ang mga baho sa mga Espina dinhi sa DPWH.

    Nagbahag intawon ang ikog ni utip nianing kabutanga karon.

  14. Kaya pala sobrang tahimik ngayon si Utip at iba pang mga alipores de Espina….

    Magaling lang pala sa dakdakan kung sa panig ni Glen ang usaping ito.

  15. Nag fiesta na ron ang mga Utip, ang mga JDR kung kan Glen kini nga isyu…

    Ang buhay politics nga naman sa Biliran sa ilalim ng mga ESpina.. they are mute and deaf pag sila ang nasasagasaan…

  16. Akong ipaabot ang ako kinasingkasing nga pahisubo/condolences sa mga pamilyang nahingtundan. Kini nga panghitabo dili maclassify nga aksidente kung sa pinulungang english “ACCIDENT” but this is just an “INCIDENT”! Ang definition sa “accident” is an act of God! Kung naseminar o kahibalo lang unta sa “defensive driving” ang truck driver maghinay-hiay siya sa pagmaneho kay layo pa man makita niya kung lugar ba ang kalsada or kung kurbada iya ia-adjust ang speed o magmenor siya sumala sa safe sight distance. Ang nagparade pud nga mga tawo may naay designated nga flagman mga pipila ka metro sa unahan og sa katapusan para maoy mohatag ug warning signals sa mga motorista. “Incident” are controllable, kung naa lang untay gamay nga safety precautions ang both parties dili ni mahitabo ang makalilisang nga “INSIDENTE”! Technically, kung may RISK ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS lang unta before sila nagparade maprevent kini nga insidente! Subo kaayo pamalandungon nga ang mga buhi nga naghatud sa patay mao na pud hinuon ang ihatod nga patay!

  17. ang TUSCAN mao na ang nag trabaho karon sa higways road diha sa cross country…under na sa congressman project kay nakatatak sa truck nawong sa atong congressman.ayaw mo panumangil sa mga espina kay ang mga espina innocent aning nga hitabo…


  19. Ganoon? E sino-sino ba ang may ari ng TUscan? At anu-ano ang mga proyektong gtnagawa nito sa province. Hindi lang iyong present project.. isama din iyong mga past projects nito at magkakanong halaga?
    Kangikanginong projects ang ginawa nito mula noon hanggang ngayon…..


  21. Hi Peeved:

    Almost all car accidents happend are due to Driver’s ignorance. Why do i say so? Based on the survey(I just watched it in the TV), almost all drivers (Buses, Trucks, Jeepney’s etc.) don’t even know some traffic signs, regulations or rules.

    Yes, I don’t have a car and don’t know how to drive, but i think CAR Accidents can be controlled if we are all equipped with enough knowledge on how to drive safely and responsibly.

    Wreckless driving that results ACCIDENT’s can’t be classified as ACCIDENT.(RIGHT???)

    Haven’t there at the ACCIDENT Area but i think 200-500 meters away the driver can check if there are pedestrians/people crossing the road, in that way he can manuever and may change his route to avoid this mishap.

    Let justice prevail…

  22. Peeved # 8; You still have to learn a lot about safety. As part of defensive driving, it is a must that a driver must see to it and make sure that the vehicle he is driving is in good condition. A defensive driver must know the possible hazards along the roadways because in any eventualities or any incidents may happen, it is his “responsibility.” The most common reasons of driver who got vehicular incidents are lossing brakes. Of course any vehicle would not stop right away when pressing the brakes! Heavy vehicles such as trucks would have longer stopping distance than cars. Stopping distance would varies to the type of road surface (slippery or not) and the speed. Any vehicle running 100 Kph under a very good road surface condition would only totally stops at 110 meters distance. If the truck is running about 60 Kph the driver must have an estimate of 70 meters to bring his vehicle to stop or a sight distance to see for any hazards otherwise he must reduce the speed. The safe speed for curve roads must be 40 Kph for cars or light vehicle but for heavy vehicle or trucks must be lower.

  23. Oy Paved, gi unsa man nako pagkabogoa bi? Please explain and elaborate your point. Your comment doesn’t mean anything – baseless! Basta maka comment ka lang no?

  24. Hi Safety Engineer, kong safety lang pag drive ang atong istoryahan, dugay na ko drive kalooy sa Dios wa pa ko maaksidente nga akoy sayop.

    Bahin aning aksidente, tan awa sad ang condition sa road, bato-batoon ug narrow kaayo, mga bakilid ug sagka-on and dalan unya pun an pa nimo mga daghang tawo nga nanguban sa funeral procession plus people riding on motorcycles in front and both sides, plus a dump truck with a brake problem. That was a right recipe for an accident. Do you think makapabolhot ug dagan ang dump truck with all the people and motorcyles around it? Dili gad. Imagina ra. Motoo pa ko ug mag over speeding ang truck kong mao ra ni ang lone vehicle sa dalan ug way mga tawo naa sa sides of the road. Pero kong daghang mga tawo ug motorcyles sa road, there is no way for the truck to overspeed kay mag apas man siya sa speed sa mga tawo ug motorcyles in front.

    Anyway, safety was far from their minds considering how they went about their funeral procession. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, not just the driver.

  25. Hoy Paved, gi unsa man nako pagkabogua bi? Pataka ka lang!
    Why don’t you explain and elaborate your point? Baseless kaayo na imong comment, basta may one-liner ka lang no? Is that all you’ve got?

  26. Hi Thitho, I don’t think almost all accidents happened due to driver’s ignorance. There are so many factors that contribute to accidents unrelated to driver’s fault such as the road condition, rain, mechanical failure, blown-out tires, other drivers, music, cellphones, noisy passenger in the car, road rage, etc. The list is endless…

    If the driver is at fault, most likely,he or she is not paying attention to the road due to many distractions like cellphones, music, and passengers. The most common is driving under the influence. People get into trouble for driving while drunk and they ended up in jail. Mechanical failure, I don’t think so. Because it is difficult to know when it fails unless you are a mechanic yourself and you are familiar with your car.

    Kong taga ato lang, naa bay safety seminar diha nga ang mga employer ilang ipa seminaron ila driver? Wa gad. Mga boy ra god ni sila. Possible high school graduate lang o dili gali hanggang elementary lang. Pobre ug illiterate. Kong sugoon pag pa drive, mo drive lang. Unsa goy salabotan ani nila ug safety ug mechanical failure, let alone fix what’s broken. Mao na nga kong kadto gi okey han gamiton ang truck, sayop ba sa driver nga iyang gi drive tong truck nga wa na man diay moandar ang brake. Maayo sa patag kay ma control pa, pero diha na sa bakilid lisod na unya daghang pang mga tawo ug motorcyles on both his sides. Dili to kalikayan tong hitaboa.
    Accidente lang gyod tong hitaboa. Everybody contributes to it.

  27. Hello Peeved! If you have been driving for along time and you are not involved in any vehicular incidents, so you are a safe driver! I congratulate you for that! But please do not be complacent and be over confident about that because incidents may happen at least expected. Studies reveals, in every 600 near miss incidents would results 10 serious injuries and 1 fataliy but it only needs one near miss to have a one fatality! As a friendly reminder for you, please always check the conditions of your vehicle before driving, stay cool and give way to pedestrians for these are the most important points that a defensive driver must have. Driving behavior reflects ones attitude. Human lives are very precious! Nobody wants to get injured. Right? If you are driving with-out checking your vehicle, you are putting yourself to a greater risk and others as well. Remember, “Safety” begins from ourselves. We owe this to ourselves and to our family. Be safe at all times and God bless!


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