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After 14 years of patient undertaking and hopeful waiting in upgrading Naval Institute of Technology to the level of a university, a Biliranon’s dream is now realized when the Senate approved in 3rd and final reading Senate Bill 2146. The bill awaits the President’s signature which will be done within this month, says Congressman Glenn C. Chong.

The conversion of NIT to university status is attributed to the efforts of Congressman Chong when he re-filed the conversion through House Bill 4414, “an act converting Naval Institute of Technology in the municipality of Naval province of Biliran into a state university to be known as Naval State University integrating therewith the Biliran National Agricultural College in the municipality of Biliran”.

This is one of the campaign promises of the youthful and neophyte congressman to convert the school into a university after 14 long years when originally filed by previous representatives of the lone district of Biliran.

What is there to expect in the conversion?

It will definitely provide increased take home pay of NSU personnel. Along with this conversion it will result in improved quality of education courtesy of highly- motivated Corp of Professors and other university officials who will strive for add-on competence in the discharge of their respective functions and duties vis-à-vis the demands of the university’s high standards expected of being one.

More courses will be offered with technical courses to form part and core of curriculum development. With curricular offerings expanded there will rise demands for additional teachers to include non-teaching staff, one great opportunity and a challenge to qualified unemployed graduates that will primarily be taken from the Biliran workforce.

Dr. Edita Sabonsolin Genson SUC President III of NIT was the effective, mover albeit unsung in the conversion of NIT into a university. It was not a walk in the park for the President in providing the needed flesh to justify the passage of the bill being re-filed. Having been the school director for Research and Development from 1996- 2001 before she was catapulted to Vice president and eventually SUC President in 2004 to present, she therefore has the capability of making credible and therefore acceptable data attached to the refilled bill of Congressman Glenn Chong.

Dr. Genson has within her fingertips incontrovertible data of anything about the school. She virtually rose from the ranks, as Physical Education teacher, her first assignment, and then in social sciences subjects. Later she got promoted as Chairperson of the Cultural Affairs Department.

The project proposal as the House’s component provided the strength that led to the conversion of NIT to university was a finished product of a detailed and scholarly preparation that only a Dr. Edita Genson could credibly make within the ambit of time and circumstances the proposal was set, in the kind of scenario it was in.

Well, well, well this charming lady President fondly called Edit by close associates and other within her circles, who is a friendly and a surprisingly unassuming school official in the way she posits herself to all and sundry is not the run of the mill kind of a professional educator.

She is a recipient of a outstanding alumni award given to her by the Cebu Normal university and an outstanding Administrator award by the Commission on Higher Education.

Naval State University started as the Naval Junior High School in 1948 through Municipal Ordinance 35. It became a state college in 1972 through R.A 430.

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  1. this is it! matagal ng pangarap natin to. highskul p ko ng hinihintay namin ung approval n maging university ang NIT, now the tym finally came. thanks sa lahat na nag.extend ng kanilang effort para ma.achieve ang pinapangarap natin. Mabuhay Naval State University!

  2. I wonder who wrote this article..
    It seems that aside from GC only one person is being gratified and glorified in here the present NIT President…Well, there is no need to mention the former lawmakers of Biliran because they failed to carry out this noble achievement.
    But where are other mentors (former NIT officials who spearheaded the NIT universityhood campaign…Where is your sense of history. Why focus only to the present NIT perspectives? Are you trying to retain the present NIT prexy for NSU Presidency? Are there other candidates to consider into? Why focus only on her career history not NIT history for that matter?
    What is happening to the way our news reporters are doing in here? Is this the latest trend of news reporting or a way of reporting to glorify the unglorified?
    There seems to be lacking in here substance-wise. Who ever wrote this report has credibility issues to answer to. That’s the way I see it. I hope I am not alone in noticing this kind of news reporting.

  3. The Bill has not yet been signed by the President. So it is still not effective. The article must not be titled as “NIT is now NAVAL STATE UNIVERSITY.” Maybe, “NIT: To Become A University”.

  4. choi
    post number 4..!

    tila may isa naman dito na nalulungkot di MASAYA at lahat ay sakbibi sakasayahan..bakit HINDII…bakiit ganyan ang kanyang pananalita sa tuno palang parang na-iingit…at bitterness ka>>>


    kaya di ka dapat magsalita ng ganyannn sa halip na.maghintay ka nalang kung anong itinakda ni PGMA anong oras ,buwan ,araw at petsa..

    ang dami mo pang correction ano naman kung “now” ang nilagay sa halip na “to become”..didn’t know that the ultimate meaning of that is NIT is a NSU.thats not matter..

  5. reader
    post number 3

    bakit kailangan mo pa e mention o isama ang tao(LIKE EX.CONG)ang taong wala namang ginawa o nagawa sa pagconv ng NIT to NSU…

    “matanong lang kita reader,pakakainin mo ng pagkain ang taong hindi naman siya ang nagluto.ikaw.?

    sa tono mo para mo namang sinabi na si JUAN ang naghirap na kay PEDRO ang ligay at parangal.

    basta tadaan mo eho sa newprofile ng NIT ito lang angpangalan na mababasa sa tomb stone na encrypted ng declaration or HB number .

    the name of the president nit/nsu(present):editha genson
    name of a congressman the author of a bill.:rep.glenn chong
    name sen.presinet:J.P.enrile
    name of housed speaker:prospero nograles

    basta ang alam ko my special mention ay yong name of senator ang nag CO-AUTHOR NG BILL i think either mar roxas or mig zubiri.at ex NIT president(sinundan ni genson) ang ng prepare at namamahal..the rest wala ng abot abot the rest wala na.

    ang mababasa mo kahit sa manual sa new profile ng NIT/NSU wala ng iba..kahit si yo gerry,gerrybak wala di na yan minemention…sana noon pa nila ginawa kung gusto ng mga espina ang parangal…..bakit ngayon sumisingit pa pa..ang hiling kasi ng mga espina SUMINGIT o kaya sumakay…

  6. Mr. Avisala Sir;

    Kalma lang please re read my blog…. I did not question why wala ang ex cong. Please read my third sentence…

    I was questioning why a particular person is being highlighted in the news nga daghan mang mga personalities ang wala e mention.. Tan-awa si GC isang beses lang binanggit.. I was anticipating some personalities in NIT who help mold these bill into law.

    Please read again the news at tingnan mo kung sino ang hi nay light sa news..


  7. I agree with blogger number three..
    Who wrote this news bits..
    Please stop hiding from Leyte-Samar Daily Express .
    Don’t be afraid to write your name if you have nothing to hide or There is no malice attached to yuor write ups…

    Reader I like your term “glorifying the unglorified” it rings a bell!
    Wanna bet who this is?

  8. hay mr avisala, so hotttttttttt, so affecteddddddddd, so blindddd. its a correction in a legal point of view, see it in a proper angle pls. No signature, means not yet a law, it remains a bill, therefore not yet executory… therefore its still NIT and not NSU! did u get my point! dont argue with that, coz technically its d right one. hay, be open minded pls! accept corrections.

  9. Good Morning po!

    I`m here po to know if really NIT is now a UNIVERSITY? I am a real citizen of Naval,Biliran… hehe. ;)) Biga-a San Pablo is my birth place. I`m a student f rom CSN before but I graduated here in MANILA.

    I`m currently a first year college student of LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY ( LPU Manila ) and i`m planning to transfer to NIT coz I heard, it would already be turned to as a UNIVERSITY. If I`d find proof if really NIT is now :
    “NAVAL STATE UNIVERSITY”, I would be there for some clarifications about that issue. Sana po totoo ngang university na ang nag-iisang College School jan para masaya! hehe. ^_^

    I need a reply po as possible as you can. Hope di po ma ignore `tong post ko.

    Salamat po! HAPPY FIESTA NAVAL!!! ;))

    Amping tanan….


  10. know what bisan pag mahimu na nga university ang NIT i dont care…wa na sila makatabang sa ako blema run…pangwarta ra nay nabal an ana nila…ahak lang kanang mga teachers dara wa nay mga klaro i mean dili tanan pero mostly…bisan graduate ko ana nga school dili ko proud…wa nay klaro nga school…it does not deserve to be a university yet..kanas GEnson gaputi lag nawng…pa nose lift pa…ahhh….sige daw kinahanglan ba jud na.dili kaha na sa mga students gikan ang gigasto ana..kauwaw pud oi…though my father is a pastor pero pasayloa nalang ko Lord pero di na nako magwanta ang mga panghitabo….

  11. everybody… please be calm! Let’s not be parting ways in this journey… that’s why philippines is, not to mention, one of the poorest and the worst place to live in. It maybe because even how small grain is if it is acculmulated it would really turn marvelously gigantic. That is, even how small or petty things may be if put in exaggeration, it could really ignite and become a subject for debate and unending trouble. Of course, I understand why things always go wrong, but if we will always point faults into someone else, philippines will never change.

    Look at Biliran, a very small island yet a place full of colors. Issues on politics, crimes, fraud and a lot more to mention. This isn’t a good sign of a healthy province. We can never go forward if we will let hypocrisy maneuver us in everything we do.

    You know what’s the problem? We keep ourselves blinded by the truth. Though we know what’s the truth, we just keep it under our pocket and pretend glorious.

    For the doubtful who is still in search for the real true, it’s simple. Be conscienciously conscious and vigilant in your surroundings. Be fair and sound in weighing things then at the end of the day, you will find what is true. Let’s not pretend that we know the truth because we might have missed the most vital factor that could redefine the known truth. I mean, we may realize that the truth we believed to be true just turned a lie at the end.

    So come on… let’s be united. Let’s all wish that the province will find its place and will be a contributor for the national progress. And for NSU, kudos! Let’s support NSU all the way! I do hope there could really be way for lasting peace. Let’s start it now, guys!

  12. We are calm and peaceful….
    Who said we are parting ways when in fact we are united to stand against corruption ang any political manipulations and political maneuverings in the island… We are doing this for you.

  13. hello sa tga naval dnha hinaot nga naging totoo na yng NIT.noon tps karon naging universidad na maayo na para makilala na yng lugar natn na my universidad na dpt noon pa para na experience me sa lyceum subic bay me nag graduated,.

  14. malapit na akong matapos sa elementary!!! salamat din! lilipat na kami sa naval pagkatapos dito sa culaba!


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