Pueblo Adventure Race 2009 – Lumba ta bai! on Sept. 28, 2009.
“One Journey through time… One adventure..”

Pueblo Adventure Race 2009  One Journey through time... One adventure

Team Laugan
1st – Team Laugan
Team Uhaw
2nd – Team Uhaw
3rd – Team Sanit
4th – Team Habac

1. To enhance and cultivate the knowledge of the participants on the history and development of the Municipality of Naval.

2. To foster camaraderie among the different participating teams.

3. To create awareness in the preservation of the environment.

1. Multi-stage, endurance based competitive activity.

1. Each team must be composed of THREE [3] members, without regard to what sex they belong.

2. A competitor must at least be 18 years old at the time of the registration.

1ST Prize: P5,000.00
2nd Price: P3,000.00
3rd Price: P2,000.00

The registration fee for teams coming from the Municipality of Naval, Naval Institute of Technology and Biliran National Agricultural College is free. All other teams, the registration fee is set at P600.00. The registration fee for Teams with foreign nationals is P1,000.00.

The registration fee is non-refundable. It shall be utilized for:
a. Conduct of the race
b. Complimentary race t-shirt [For racers paying the registration fee]
c. Route Maps, Race passport, Rule Book
d. Installation of safety measures
e. Prizes

0920-874-58-67 OR THE 2009 NAVAL FIESTA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, Municipal Building, Municipality of Naval, Province of Biliran


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  1. kinsa mn ang organizer ani nga race??
    sa una duna sd to mini race pero wla mn registration, duna n tshirt.. ngano kron duna n mn?? wla b d.i budget ang execom pra ani? daghang salamat..

    musta sa mga LAUGAN mountaineers..

  2. tihik kaayo ang execom maayo lang maghisgot ug mga activities pero ang organizer o chairman na ang bahala sa tanan. mao gihapon na sa uban nga committee, mao nga dapat naa registration gawas nga mangsolicit pa tawon ang mga organizers

  3. sayang,

    Dili man ganahan ang Organizer na si Atty. Opena na pasultion sa radyo. “ako magpasalamat kang dok rabbit,.. jejeje

    comment, sakto gayud ka na TIHIK kaayo ang EXECOM.

  4. This piece of info for the upcoming fiesta

    activities is good.

    No mention of someone who is running for

    2010 election.

    Maayo unta og uban mga kandidato na-a pod

    mga ubang social/sports/civic activities nga i-organize

    para kaayuhan sa tanan….DILI LANG LUMBA SA KABAYO.

    Pero dapat kanang mga activities should be year-round.

    Dili lang tungod kay tali-abot ang election.

    Am I sarcastic? Yes, but in a positive way and I’m

    happy to notice that one young political candidate

    is learning that such activities should not be

    used as a political gimmick.

    Have fun everyone.

    Play safe.

  5. What kind of race is this,,? motorbike race, walking race,,running race, patalinuhan race, swimming race.. please specify..And why there is registration fee.of 600 pesos? Nagtatanong lang..baka maki involve din ako..And who is the organizer of this event? Sport competition ng mga kabataan interesado ako,,lalo na ikabuti ng mga kabataan natin sa Naval..why not


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