By Christina Mendez (The Philippine Star) Updated October 31, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Four senators, who are scions of political families, have strongly expressed their intent to inhibit themselves from the passage of the Anti-Political Dynasty Act that would ban any spouse or relative of an incumbent elective official to run for any elected office.

The senators signed the committee report on the Anti-Political Dynasty Act, but admitted plans to hold it back.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, the bill’s principal sponsor, re-filed the measure just before Congress went into recess last Oct. 14.

The measure is recommended for approval without amendment before the Senate plenary. If passed into law, the measure will be effective in the May 10, 2010 elections.

Sen. Francis Escudero, who bolted last Wednesday from the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) in his fight against so-called traditional and party politics, signed the report as chairman of the SenateCommittee on Constitutional Amendments, Revision of Codes and Laws.He vowed to “sponsor” the measure even if there was “potential conflict of interest” on his part.

Escudero’s father is Salvador Escudero III, a congressman from Sorsogon who was a member of the Marcos cabinet. The senator’s great grandfather, Salvador Sr., and grandfather, Salvador Jr., were also politicians of their time in Casiguran, Sorsogon.

Aside from Escudero, Senators Benigno Simeon Aquino III, Rodolfo Biazon, Loren Legarda, Manuel Roxas II, Jamby Madrigal, Richard Gordon, Lito Lapid, Joker Arroyo and Francis Pangilinan signed the report as committee members.

Sen. Pia Cayetano, also a member of the committee, did not sign the report, notably because her brother, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano is also a member of the Senate.

Their father, the late Rene Cayetano, was a senator. Sen. Alan’s wife, Lani, is incumbent congresswoman of Taguig.

Ex-officio members Senate President Pro-Tempore Jinggoy Estrada, Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. also signed the report.

Although they signed the measure, Lapid, Zubiri, and Estrada separately noted that they “may have to inhibit due to possible conflict of interest,” while Arroyo signed with “serious reservation.”

Aquino, who has been banking on the political influence of his parents, the late Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and late President Corazon Aquino, in his presidential bid, said he would interpellate on the measure.

Lapid’s son, Mark, is also a former Pampanga governor. The senator is reportedly mulling to leave the Senate and return to Pampanga where he intends to run again for governor next year.

On the other hand, Jinggoy is a member of a political empire founded by his father, former President Joseph Estrada who has declared his bid to run anew for the presidency.

Ex-president Estrada’s wife, Dr. Loi Ejercito, recently retired from politics but without first being elected as senator while the former president was still in jail on plunder charges.

Apart from Jinggoy and Loi, one of the ex-president’s sons with another woman, Juan Victor (JV) Ejercito, is mayor of San Juan.

Zubiri is a scion of Bukidnon Gov. Jose Ma. Zubiri Jr. His brother, Jose Ma, Zubiri II and the governor’s nephew Ignacio Zubiri are also involved in local politics in the province.

In Malacañang, President Arroyo is seen as the best example of what political dynasty is. Presidential sons Dato and Juan Miguel Arroyo are representatives of Camarines Sur and Pampanga, respectively. The president’s brother-in-law, Ignacio Arroyo, is a representative of Negros while Rep. Ma. Lourdes Arroyo, another sibling of First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo, has been accredited recently as a representative of Kasangga party-list group.

Voters’ right to choose leaders

However, the passage of the measure may again be derailed because Congress is in recess until Nov. 8 and will resume session from Nov. 9 to 20.

Congress will have a break again from Nov. 21 to Nov. 30, presumably to allow candidates to file their certificates of candidacy.

During the resumption of session between Dec. 1 to Dec. 18, the lawmakers hands will be full with the continuation of deliberations on the 2010 General Appropriations Act set to be passed before Christmas break on Dec. 19.

By January 2010, candidates for national and local posts are expected to be busy with their respective campaigns.

Before Lacson, the anti-dynasty bill was first advocated by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago who has expressed disappointment over Congress’ dilly-dallying with the passage of the measure in past Congresses.

In his explanatory note for Senate Bill 1468, Lacson lamented that Congress failed to pass the law since its first filing during the 8th Congress because most lawmakers come from “well-entrenched political clans.”

Under the measure, political dynasty refers to the concentration, consolidation or perpetuation of political power by persons related to one another.

“Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to introduce an anti-political dynasty law (as early as the 8th Congress) to effect electoral reforms and level the political landscape, Congress failed to pass such a law,” Lacson said.

He added that the inaction can be attributed to the fact that many members of Congress came from well-entrenched political clans.

“Over the years, they have successfully argued for the so-called electorate’s right to choose their elected leaders using the oft-repeated principle that sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them,” the senator said.

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  1. Kahibalo ta nga Semana Sa Mga Santos og sa Patay.

    Kining lead article maorag sayo sayo ra ang Semana Santa
    kay pareha sa Ginoo NABANHAW man ang
    Dynasty Bill.

    God bless those politicians who are against
    dynasty. May their tribe grows.

    Am not claiming to be a prophet!
    Just want profit segoro sa negosyo thru
    hard work, patience and sacrifice.

    Am not making money because of

  2. none of the above, surfer.

    nag-drive lang ko og tartanilya.

    hunahuna bitaw ko nga mag-negosyo mi ni gerry boy

    nga gamiton naku iyang kabayo para pamasahe diha

    sa biliran. …..maayo ang kabayo kay

    environment-friendly, way aso, kay si utip

    nagsige na og reklamo sa skol bus ni gc.

    akong kita taon para bugas og ginamos lang.

    dili pareha ni gerry boy nga naka-corvette

    lupig pa si warren buffet…don’t know him?

    google it, surfer bitaw ka.

  3. gibutangan og silencer ang baba ni

    utip dire nga thread….la la la la la la…

    o diba,

    maorag gipotlan og tudlo ni killerKING aron

    dili makadokdok og keyboard…..

    taghoy taghoy nalang ta dire nga thread….

    mingaw pa sa tirana……

    maayo unta ingani kamingaw ang

    biliran province og mawala na

    ang espinda dynasty!

    see people, og walay mo-instigate

    sa issue, kalami paminawon ang kamingaw.

    og dili mag-una una like utip og uban pa

    nga mo-blog aron pakita unsa kaayo nila,

    dili magbinastos, walay bastosay, no name-calling,

    just real issues, hapsay man.

    salamat diay sa for keeping this issue


  4. Matamimi man na si utip basta ang dakong isyu nga hisgutan makasabud sa iya. Mokalit ra na siya kabuta, kabungol ug kaamang basta maigo siya. Sanglit, sabton na lang nato nang iyang pagtuis, pag ikis-ikis, ug paglipatlipat dinhi. Unsaon na lang.

  5. i do not believe that this anti-dynasty bill will move on till the next decade. Why? Because no politician who have spent vast amount of resources to win his/her seat will gonna give up his PDAF or the so-called pork barrel. Former Rep Espina Sr., Rep Espina Jr and now Rep Chong will not let go of this funding.

    I dont think Rep Espina Jr will give up his pork barrel during his time, how could he be present to all exclusive, by-invitation-only tupada (cockfights) he would give up his pork barrel? How could Rep Espina Jr during his time collect various types of firearms? (in fairness those firearms were all licensed and have permits to carry). Can you imagine how could Rep Espina Jr afford to collect various types of high-end firearms from a congressman’s salary? How could he maintain a top of the line fighting cocks from his congressman’s pay? How i wish to see Rep Espina Jr’s SALN.

  6. To make a change in a democratic process, like any other

    freedom-loving countr ies, does not happen overnight.

    It’s not like ordering meals at McDonald’s.

    Not instant coffee too.

    Maybe, just maybe, this dynasty bill can be hastened

    with constant expose of abuse, political killings, corruption,

    favortisms, unexplained wealth, luxurious lifestyles,

    and other pitfalls that come with it.

    If people just turn their eyes away from them, or just plain

    scared, politically favored, or paid like utip, then I won’t even

    be surprised that this bill will never be implemented.

    Bottom line: if we people don’t speak up or blog against

    or run as one team in politics against them,

    these dynasty shenanigans, we might as well be blamed

    for what’s going on very bad in our society.

    There’s nobody to blame but US as human being.

    I won’t blame the Espinas’.

    It’s the people who will elect or support them in 2010.

  7. for me as of this time we cannot rely on this anti-dynasty bill to solve the political dynasty in our province. we don’t know when it will be approve or if there is chance that the bill will be approve. the only way is the people of the our province to be more educated and smart enough in selecting our comes the 2010 elections, this is now the time for us to change the political system in our province..

  8. You are certainly right Wild Rabbit, but I certainly beleive we shoudl never lose hope and we should continue the fight against dynasty in politics. The 2010 elections will be a test of the maturity of the voters. For it is only through our votes that we can convey our resounding NO TO DYNASTY!
    Political dynasties deny us, the people, of the chance to have good leaders who because of lack of money cannot in anyway be elected into office.
    Dynasties deny qualified youths the opportunity to serve in various elected positions due to lack of financial resources to fund their campaigns.
    Saying no to dynasty will even the playing field and will afford each and everyone of us the chance to be of service to the people.
    Good day and God Bless!

  9. Hope alone could not put an end to these political dynasties. Neither expose of abuse, political killings, corruption,
    favortisms, unexplained wealth, luxurious lifestyles of politicians can hurry the end of political dynasties. If we really want to end these political dynasties we should stop supporting an existing political dynasties and any upcoming ones.

    Trumpeting that we are against political dynasties and subconsciously supporting an upcoming one is nothing but a hypocrisy. Talk the walk and not just talk and talk. Has anyone heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? I firmly believe that putting an end to political dynasties is a must and its more easier to stop an upcoming one than to stop an existing one, with this being said, let us stop the easier task first.

  10. Sa pagkakaron, duha lang ka popular nga pamilya nga

    modagan sa 2010.

    Duna bay lain nga kandidato atung mapili-an nga mo-atbang

    sa usa ka known and experienced family dynasty for 12


    Let’s put things in perspective and balance.

    It’s not hypocrisy!

    It’s just we the believers of anti-dynasty have no other


    Again, we are in democratic process and no one can forcibly

    demand to vote or support someone nga walay courage to

    face the world of politics.

    Mobotar or support diay ta sa walay intresado or walay

    convincing power sa ilang plataforma?

    Oi, kung mao na, dili lang diay nga dunay “ghost voters” na-a

    pa diay “ghost candidates”?

    Name names who are those candidates so that we can

    make realistic choice….otherwise labeling someone

    “HYPOCRITE” is a sign of deep hatred for no

    apparent reasons. Sorry, I have no kind label for that.

    Someone must be eating something

    that make their intelligent minds so UNREASONABLE

    and UNFAIR. Unsa ginamos ra ang sud-an tungod

    sa atong kapobre? Kinsa man ang i-blame ana?

    Ang mga politician nga sobra sa 12 anyos or 3 ka tuig?

    Or kadtong potential nga kandidato nga walay will power

    to enter the politcal kingdom?

    So who are those candidates in hiding as an option

    for the Espina and Chong? Let us know them!

    And let’s wait and see

    how the anti-dinastiya people feel about it…

    a kind and gentle terms.

    Take it easy people.

    ps: when madblangbayan was regularly blogging before,

    and then went deep into deep silence, Director Raffy

    Salazar, was my guy for the gov. Not even sure if

    he is running now because no definitive claim yet.

    Maybe after filing of candidacy period.

    If Salazar is running, he has plenty of things to

    catch up here to share his views for the

    good of Biliran province. I wish him luck.

  11. I cannot vote for someone who is selling his candidacy to the highest bidder. I don’t like history to repeat itself.

    I cannot vote for an independent kuno na candidate who does not have the capacity to govern and who has no balls to fight corruption and has a poor judgment on governance. maayo lang sa kampanya pero pag naiboto na linta pala ng dinastiya.

    I cannot vote for a candidate who is only good for advertising himself but goes back to his ninong should he needs issues to be addressed about. mag artista na lang siya baka doon sumikat pa siya. O kaya maging announcer na lang siya sa radio.

    I cannot be swayed to support a candidate endorsed only by a good engilsih speaking blogger whose motive is obviously selling a candidate not worth voting for.. maliciously concocted bloggers are notthe one who will suffer should their manok be voted and won the election. Madami tayo niyan sa Biliran

    I cannot support a candidate whose history of political connections goes in and goes out to the dynaty i hated so much due to its trapo kind of governance in Biliran. hate kuno nila dynastiya only to find out in the end na pakawala pala.. Acting lang pala ang pagiging wala niya sa kiwkiw family. mayroon akong alam kung sino to.

    I go for someone endorse by a political personality who has seriously and honestly serve the province even his neck is being targeted several times by those individuals who hated his guts and whose envious tendencies where manifest right in here.. ito ang palaging tinitira nila Utip, flint and other variants.

    I know that when i subscribe his plan there will be something good that Biliran will receive due to the fact that he had talk his walk and walk his talk (if I may borrow some lines from the guy who who have some stakes cooked in here). Maski di natapos ang pangako at least di ito NAPAKO gaya nga ibang nangangako na nagkakaroon ng amnesia pagkatapos ng election.

    i know my vote will not be wasted should many of us will support this guy and his vision to make Biliran worth living ang dying for (got it again from a national figure) His magic touch is well admired in the Visayas and even hi fellow solons love him because he made good on his promises and his policies are pro-people. pro masa at di siya pro -porma lamang kagaya ng iba dyan…Ang mag rereact nito kung hindi guilty inggit sa taong sinasabi ko..Kung positive reaction naman ang reaction nito …Welll de pala ako nag iisa…Ako ay di nagpapaisa at takot akong maisahan ng mga political prophets na profits pala ang habol.

  12. Salamat, aber aber, nga nag-share
    ka sa imong thoughts.
    If I may borrow the slogan that says:
    Hindi ka nag-iisa!
    Again here in this thread we kind
    of bloggers are not using stronger
    words like hypocrite, prophet,
    Kalma lang ta….paubos lang
    kay lami man og lain lain
    ang position….boring man
    kanunay lang traditional.

  13. Each one of us has his own personal opinion about certain candidates and not one of us may judge another’s support for a candidate. However, I must say that we should look into the candidate’s character and his vision and plans for Biliran.
    A person’s character defines his decisions and guides him in all his endeavours. Whatever one does his character will always stand out.
    I remember an old age which says, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” I strongly support Director Salazar because I know his character. A person with a good heart. And by association, if one says that he cannot be swayed by a person who wirtes and speaks good English, it only shows that Director Salazar surrounds himself with people who have good minds and good hearts. That in itself is an indication that he has no evil thoughts nor shall he do evil things.
    Director Salazar is a Rotarian and has been voted as the “Most Outstanding President” from among presidents of clubs in the Visayas and Mindanao in 2007. This in itself only shows his leadership capability. As a Rotarian, Director Salazar goes by the tenets of “THE FOUR WAY TEST,” of the things he thinks, says and does. The tenets of the “Four way test” are this:
    Is it the truth?
    Is it fair to all concerned?
    Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
    Will it build goodwill and lasting friendships?
    The above precepts are not only statements but a form of self-analyses. It is for this reason and it has been proven that almost all public officials elected who are Rotarians come out as good leaders.
    In short, I truly beleive that character defines the kind of leader a person will be.
    Daghang Salamat ug maayong adlaw kaninyong tanan!

  14. To Anti-Dynastiya:
    I would like to let you know that Director Raffy Salazar intends to run for governor and shall file his certificate of candidacy for the said position. Thank you.

  15. madlangbayan 15,

    Bitaw, kay si Joc-joc Bolante mora ug treasurer man to siya sa Rotary International, dili lang sa nasud kon dili sa tibuok kalibutan, dihang nalambigit siya sa P700-M fertilizer scam. Unya si FG Mike Arroyo, Rotarian pod. Duna ni silay character, kanang pitsas sa madyong.

  16. KKB,
    I agree with you there will always be bad eggs in a tray, but they are more of the exception. For the record, Jocjoc bolante has been expelled as a member of Rotary International.
    Good day!


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