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The opening of Redstone Ville Beach Resto/Bar and Inn in Pulangbato, Almeria, Biliran last November 28, paves the way for more exciting days in the entertainment and food circuit in the Province of Biliran. Positioned as a nook for live entertainment and sumptuous food, Redstone Ville is an enterprise of a family of entertainers and food lovers, the Bernardeses of Naval, Biliran.

A view of Redstone from the bend going up to Bgy Pulangbato towards the Town of Almeria.

Its difference among other food and beverage joints is its majestic location boasting a panoramic view of Biliran Strait with a serene ambiance and fresh air under coconut trees and other greeneries. One cannot mistake the class and quaintness of the ambiance which people can only find in cities. Tho’ quaint and peaceful, the place is very accessible as it is located right along the highway to Almeria Town, a mere 6 kms from the Capital town of Naval and the first barangay of Almeria.

Leo’s concrete tables and benches

In its 1,000 sq m. property Is a well planned setting fit for parties and functions of any sizes. It is adjustable to the size of the crowd because it has three main areas where one can hold court for a party or a function in the making. On most days, when no event is booked, one can simply walk in and sing at the karaoke bar to one’s heart’s content. Food and beverages are available upon order. Cottages and concrete tables are also available for rent if guests choose to bring their own food. Rental is at P100.00 per table or small cottage and P120.00 at night. Function rooms are also available for exclusive use at P600.00 daytime for Jevon’s Hall and P 800.00 for evening use while the Coffee Corner is at P 800.00 daytime use and P1,000.00 at night. The whole place can be booked at P3,000.00 from 10:00AM to 3:00PM and P 3,500.00 from 5:30PM to 10:00PM use. The Karaoke machine is also available for rent to the exclusive parties being booked there. On days when guests book at any or all of the four plush rooms available for rent, karaoke operations is limited to 10 in the evening only, to provide a restful stay of its patrons.

Diana’s Coffee Corner

The Bar from the coffee corner’s angle

The rooms are at a very reasonable cost of P1,200.00 which can comfortably accommodate three to four persons in one room. A matrimonial room which has access to the beautiful scenery of the sea is at P1,500.00 only. Both rates include a cable connected TV, hot and cold shower and breakfast for two. It is presently arranging for a wifi connection for guests who prefer internet connectivity round the clock.

Mulong’s Room with the seaview

Redstone also welcomes live-in seminars and conferences at P900.00 per pax which include in the package free accommodation at 5 pax a room, three (3) meals and two snacks. A vehicle can also be provided for hire upon request.

For bookings, contact Diana Bernardes-Chawdhury at email ad: redstoneville (at) yahoo.com or dianne_bernardes (at) yahoo.com or at cel phone numbers: +639277458370 and +639071462222.

One of the beautiful sunsets at Redstone

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  1. WOW beautiful.. mesmerizing…. exotic place to be where you wanna be in Biliran….

    MOVE forward BILIRAN you are indeed a hidden paradise to reackon with….

  2. the place is indeed humble compared to other places elsewhere but the rooms are big at 5 x 5 sq m intended initially to be the vacation home of the siblings, but we welcome anyone who choose to stay overnight. thank u all for ur posts

  3. It looks very nice. I would like to stay there. But, when I stay at AGTA it is only 500 or 600 per night and that is very quiet with a nice beach. Can anyone explain why the price at Redtone Ville is more expensive and are there times of discount?

  4. word traveler

    nothing’s really captivating. the rates are too exorbitant relative to the cost of living in the area.
    i agree with you word traveler. i really wonder why such amenities in Biliran are very expensive.

  5. Dianne Bernardes owner of Redstone Ville is a classey and honest lady. I have known her for years and anything she would do, her heart would be in it.. David

  6. Thank u ztech, but I’d like to correct that the place is not my own but mine and my siblings who have incorporated as the A & S Bernardes Corp. just one of the legacies and products of a loving, understanding, sharing and cooperative family values which we want to emulate to all. with all these, lots of wonderful possibilities can happen in the family!

  7. The photos of the place look great to me. Congratulations, Dianne, on the opening of your lovely establishment. I’m not sure what World Traveler and A_Simple_Man are upset about regarding the Redstone Ville Beach Resort’s room rates. AGTA Beach Resort’s rack rates are P 1,250 per night while Redstone Ville Beach Resort’s are
    P 1,200 per night. Maybe my math skill aren’t so good, but it sure looks to me like Redstone Ville is cheaper than AGTA.

    Merry Christmas to all from Saudi Arabia!


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