First Posted 02:44 PM 02/28/2010
Last Updated 07:42 PM 03/02/2010

Marietta Subong, better known by her stage name Pokwang, and her group arrived in Naval at 12:30pm and a motorcade around Naval follows.

Navaleños warmly greet Pokwang during the motorcade held today Feb. 28, 2010, around poblacion Naval.

The concert tonight also featured Apple Abarquez and Miguel Mendoza of Pinoy Dream Academy.

Apple Abarquez and Miguel Mendoza of Pinoy Dream Academy (season 2)

Motorcade Video

Concert Video

Luha by Aegis – Pakatawa ni Pokwang

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Hi,Pokwang and company! Thanks for visiting our Province.Hope you guys had a wonderful time.Do you have any palns of having a show here in New York? I would love to watch you show.Again,to all your entourage MARAMING SALAMAT!

  2. You’re never too young or too old to be entertained by POKWANG!

    Keep on tracking, POKWANG. You have fans in TRI-STATE and I’m one of them!

    Just so you know, I’m always on stitches each time I watched you on the WOWOWIE show!

    I concur with Ading about having a show here in New York.

    Take care and may God bless you and company!

  3. garabe! sya2 ng concert… super duper tlga FUN w/pOkie. ahaha. nice2 biliranOns. . MORE stars pa sna ma invite jan sa naval. CONGRATULATIONS! :) amping mu nUnay!!!

  4. Lon nalipay gyud ko ani nga video ni pokwang, sana lon post pa ug more videos, makawala sa kaguol maau nalang makatawa ta. thanks lon


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