By: Rodrigo S. Victoria

Naval, Biliran (13 May) – Two of the Espina siblings took the two highest posts in Biliran province in the recently concluded May 10, 2010 local and national elections.

Biliran Governor and Congressman-elect Rogelio J. Espina who was proclaimed by Comelec on May 11, 2010 at about 7 o’clock in the evening won the congressional seat in the Lone District of Biliran by garnering 40,010 over his closest rival Congressman Glenn A. Chong who garnered 39,649 votes.

In the gubernatorial post, former Biliran congressman and former Naval Mayor Gerardo J. Espina, Jr. won as the new governor-elect by garnering 32,211 votes over his rival Charles P. Chong, father of Congressman Chong who garnered 31,106 votes.

Meanwhile, seven mayoralty candidates of the Nacionalista Party won out of the eight mayoralty positions at stake in the May 10, 2010 local and national elections in Biliran province.

The winning candidates from congressman, governor, vice-governor, provincial board members, mayors, vice-mayors and councilors in the May 10, 2010 local and national elections in the province of Biliran based on the official list from Comelec-Biliran are the following: Congressman-Rogelio J. Espina, Governor-Gerardo J. Espina, Jr., Vice-Governor-Atty. Manuel B. Montejo Jr, provincial board members for the first district, Brigido C. Caneja, III, Bebiano Jadulco, Martin Lagat and Eden S. Apolinar, provincial board members for the second district, Lorenzo Reveldez, Gina Maria B. Enage, Eriberto Tubis, Sr. and Dominador Corpin.

In the municipality of Almeria, the winning candidates are Dominador O. Agajan-mayor, Richard D. Jaguros, vice-mayor and Rebecca M. Salloman, Henry O. Quijano, Leonardo A. Morillo, Amelita V. Morillo, Domingo A. Barrina, Emmanuel U. Blanco, Jasmin T. Jaguros and Alberto R. Espregante as new councilors-elect.

In the municipality of Biliran, the winning candidates are: Leandro B. Enage-mayor, Antonio C. Rosal-vice-mayor and Asesclo B. Talaugon, Ernesto A. Gelizon, Oscar A. Mejia II, Emmanuel C. Rondobio, Nestor M. Lungay, Jr., Reynaldo C. Estacion, Omar T. Cabillan and Hospicio R. Tiu III as new councilors-elect.

In the municipality of Cabucgayan, the winning candidates are Gemma G. Adobo-mayor, Irvin B. Cordeta-vice-mayor, and Ramon E. Amistoso, Elisa R. Oledan, Felix Cabulang, Sr., Paul T. Juntilla, Edwin T. Igano, Ruben A. Sabornido, Hildeyardo P. Enage and Rosila M. Padar as new councilors-elect.

In the municipality of Culaba, the winning candidates are, reelectionist Enrico B.Uyvico-mayor, Epifanio M. Punay, Jr.-vice-mayor and Gemma R. Colobong, Carlito L. Bechaida, Humphrey B. Olimba, John Gino B. Nillos, Mailene M. Fumar, Rogelio C. Cervantes, Jesse Clyde P. Pedrosa and Lorenzo M. Reveldez, Sr. as the new councilors-elect.

In the winning municipality of Kawayan, the winning candidates are: Gerardo S. Espina, Sr.-mayor, Rodolfo J. Espina, Sr.-vice-mayor and Rizalinda L. Ampong, Conrado E. Victorioso,Tani S. Patiño, Arnold B. Espadilla, Sr. Abraham A. Lequiron, Vicente V. Atok, Sr., Richmond Jay C. Seno and Sofronio S.Mendero, Sr. as the new councilors- elect.

In the municipality of Maripipi, the winning candidates are: Uldarico P. Macorol-mayor, Getolio P. Casio-vice-mayor, and Nulkisam S. Macorol, Jose R. Gaviola, Arnolda R.M. Albelda, Nenita R. Radam, Felisa S. Mulles, Cirilo A. Manzanares, Dionisio N. Cabogoy, Jr. and Mervin L. Macorol as the new councilors-elect.

In the municipality of Naval, the winning candidates are: reelectionist Susan V. Parilla-mayor, Atty. Redentor C. Villordon-vice-mayor and Niceto L. Limpiado, Jr., Gabino S. Velasquez IV, Gregory T. Pastor Marilou B. Lucente, Miguel J. Casas, Jr., Ramises V. Bongabong, Edwin S. Pitao and Ricardo R. Kho, Sr. as the new councilors-elect.

The newly-elected local officials in the province of Biliran will take their oath of office on June 30, 2010.(PIA-Biliran)


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  1. Mr. Victoria, you forgot to mention the municipality of Caibiran….asa naman diay ang mga officials nila? at murag dili man part ng Biliran ang Caibiran.


  3. The urgent manual reconciliation of actual voters list against the results produced by the pcos machines need to be done to establish the integrity and credibility of the newly adopted automated system of vote count.

    What happened in Biliran cannot just be ignored and treated as a statistical glitz. That glitzt would have costed Biliran another 3 years of slavery to a family who has been hell bent in controlling its political system and resources for their own personal benefit.

    Let us not allow Biliran to be part of that 1% discrepancy. Let us demand for a manual reconciliation of the votes and a thorough audit of the total number of machines, serial numbers and flash cards assigned to Biliran.

    Where the lives of the Biliranons are at stake and the integrity of the automated system is in doubt, the only way to resolve this is the manual reconciliation and audit of the pcos machines and flash cards used in the Biliran election.

    Let us not stop our protest until the COMELEC has acknowledged that this will be done immediately and sets a firm timetable before June 30 2010. We cannot allow a simple filing of an electoral complaint as that avenue is the most abused way that election cheaters have been relying on. Cheaters are banking on the extremely slow motion of justice and cost involved to rectify the error. Most electoral complaints took 3 years to be resolved and most often, just prior to the succeeding elections.

    Let us fight for our rights. Let us continue with the protest until COMELEC resolves the issue on or before June 30.

  4. GRATZ to Glenda!
    Cheers Espinas.. Everything you have done was rewarded by Victory…

    Kung gusto niyo ng media support kamo kay Glenda mag lagay ng Canister sa pwet niya..

    PS Aquarius can I quote a word please?
    “SLAVERY” wow are we in Old Egypt??
    Do you even know the meaning of the word??
    Diba un ung inooverwork mo ung isang tao??
    “forced labour in which people are considered to be the property of others” -wikipedia
    may nakikita ka bang nang whini-whip na tao ng Espina habang nagdadala ng isang sakong semento?!?!
    Your blogs are words without content…

  5. Aquarius

    Your potrayal to the winnings of Espina casts a very poor picture of the inteliligent choice of the more than 39k Biliranons who voted for Roger Espina last election. This is an insult to the capacity of these people to choose for what they believe as the right leaders. You have to respect their choices.

    Now, if Glen has his wits over his head, he should have known that violent rally outside the Capitol building is NOT an answer to his problem. He should have known that a MANUAL COUNT as of this time when there is already proclaimation is VERY IMPOSSIBLE unless he will lodge a recount petition in the RTC or to the regular courts which will take him at least a minimu of 1 year to have a full blown re count and until then he should sit down and see what happens.

    IF Glen is intelligent enough he should accept that he lost by meager votes and losing that way is not at all impossible.

    Continuing these rallies is just too absurd because it doesn’t accomplish anything rather it just put the people in grave danger of losing theire tempers and hurting each other in the process.

    Let us all see what these siblings can do for Biliran. If they can’t perform a very satisfactory job, then let us replace them in the next election. We as people have the power to do that by casting an honest vote.

  6. UNSAY 39K? BASIG 29K RA!


  7. Congressman Glenn did not perform very satisfactorily.

    The people of Biliran gave their judgment. They chose another.

    Ato sa papahuwayon si Glenn kay basin gikapoy na siya ug serbisyo ug pagpinangaway sulod sa tulo ka tuig. Ato siyang papahuwayon kay dili na paarang sa silong sa country inn ang kadaghanon sa Fortuners. Ato siyang papahuwayon kay basin sa mosunod nga tulo ka tuig kung siya gihapon ang congressman, mangabot na sab ang uban pang mga igsoon niining maong mga Fortuners. Sige pa raba ug panganak ang planta sa Totyota.

  8. Ang maganda seguro flint ang lahat nga mga Espina ang magpapahinga at silay binigyan na ng mga Biliranon ng 15 ka mga taon ng pagkakataon na yumaman sa pawis nga mga Biliranon.
    Hindi na mabilang ang mga luxury vehicles na minamaneho mula sa mga mga anak hangang sa mga apo, sa dami nga mga bahay at condiminium, mga resorts sa ibat-bahaging bahagi sa Pilipinas, sa daming mga lupa na nabili at negosyong naipundar sa pambamagitan nga pera ng bayan at sa mga utang kung saan ang mga Biliranon ay nakabaon hanggan buhay.

    Mga Biliranon, isang pagkakamali ang pagkahalal ng mga Espina at itoy magbibigay sa kanila ngayon ng 18 ka mga taon upang tuluyang ibaon ang Biliranon sa kawalan at nakakapinsalang mga utang. Ngayon ipinagkatiwala ninyo sa isang maluhong sugarol ang kaban ng bayan. Nilaspag na noon ni Gerryboy ang kaban ng Naval, ngayon ang kaban naman ng probinsiya ng Biliran kagaya ng ginawa ng kanyang at amaq at mga kapatid na isa ring sakin sa pera at kapangyarihan na.

    Kailangang bantayan ang kilos ng mga ito at segurohing makakarating sa nakararami. Ika nga, kailangan na ngayon ang vigilant and active opposition upang mabantayan ang kaban ng bayan at ang yamang kalikasan ng Biliran.

  9. YES they are no on the HELM through daya ug walay kaawod nga manipulasyon sa election…

    Hightech manipulation was applied why these guys got where they are not supposed to be..

    If the votes will be manually counted they will be losers…

    They have manages to revert the result through manipulative acts conniving with the personalities that were paid to do the tricks..



  10. cegi kaman la ug pataka my freind ug sulti uy…. botante pud intawon me uy dire sa provinciya ug si espina amo gibutuhan ayaw sad mo palabi inyo gibati uy papildi pod mo duna lagi election para maka chose ta sa ato gusto computereized na hinuon may daya na.. are you older than me o tagabukid kalang kay diman ka kasabot? are you eleterate?. kung naay modaug ingnun daya kung c chong pato ning daug lipay kaayo mo…. unya si espina man ingna nala c chong nga naay pamay sunod election what is 3 years dali rana kaayo paabot lang gud mo..

  11. ikaw dating gawi magpapahinga ang espina kung natalo cila hindi na yan manggulo di tulad ninyo kahit talo na nanggugulo parin pakisabi nga sa mga ka berks mo para wala nang gulo sabihin mo cila na ang magpahinga dahil ang mga espina marami pang gagawin yan sa ating probinsiya para mas talong umunlad ito…. ciguro bulag kalang sa mga projecto sa mga espina o di klang talaga taga rito… better luck next time…

  12. I would like to Congratulate the winners for the 2010 Election especially to Congressman Roger Espina!!! We’re always here to support you…


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