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Facebook has become an outlet of one’s emotions or feelings and is a popular network where one publishes his own experiences.

In Jun Del Rosario’s current FB status he stated that before the May 10, 2010 elections, two politicians phoned him to join and consider paying 3M to an operator in exchange to a sure win for Vice-Governor.

He said that he outrightly declined their offer to cheat.

The recent elections showed that JDR earned only 7,078 votes. Montejo won the Vice-gov seat with a total number of 27,337 votes. Other opponents like Curso and Gonzales had 27,337 votes and 6,610 votes respectively.

Does this mean that there was really an anomaly during the 2010 elections, and that those who were questioned only won because of digital fraud?

I can’t help but wonder and ask how much more did they pay for a sure Congressional and Gobernatorial seats?

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  1. to Marlon Mecaral re your FB request
    to all Biliranons

    I cannot name them for now Pre. Remember both politicians involved are in big powers now. My security and of my family is a big concern. Please give me some time to re-assess the whole situation.

    I remained quite before because as a losing candidate I dont want to be accused of sour graping but I feel I have the obligation to share my personal experience regarding the issue of possible digital fraud in the very recently concluded elections.

    Let me however emphasize that I believed the victory of my worthy opponent Vice-Governor elect Montejo was achieved in an honest way- not sure with other positions like of the two politicians who offered me to cheat which I forthrightly rejected. I am not sure also if they succeeded in their plans.

    In addition to your question to divulge personalities involved, I am carefully studying also legal repercussions of my action. I am certain I will be harassed with many libel cases thereafter. As you you know I will be a private citizen by July 1, 2010 and I dont have the financial capacity to hire a battery of lawyers to defend me should that expected scenario arises.

    I am praying for more guidance and strength from above to arrive the best decision. I will keep you posted.

    God bless as all Biliranons.

  2. bugok……………lumang style na yan.deskarte mo pang-ulol lang.bigyan kita ng sampong daliri pagnagtagpo tayo.tandaan mo.

  3. hoy cyber nanghadlok ka ni JDR? ang tagalog mo pa, alamz nah.. wa nalang jud d i ryt magpagawas c jdr sa yang gbati?..hari harion kaman

  4. Laparohon diay ni Rudy si JDR kung magkita sila ug otro. Da!, bantay ka na lang JDR. Cyber diay ang alyas aning atong bajihan ug parahithit nga cyber-terorista sa Kawayan.

  5. cyber 4

    Hala pag nakita ka naming palaboy laboy sa Naval, bibigyan ka rin namin ng labing dalawang daliri pati labindalawang sipa. Sabihin mo lang tol kung saan at matikman mo ang bangis ng mga Biliranon.Segurohin mo lang mula ngayon huwag kang maglalalakad nga mag-isa, magsama ka nga sangkatirbang mga body guard na pawang mgay kriminal record at pati sila bibigyan din namin nga sangkatirbang mga daliri at sipa. Kung mananakot ka tol huwag dito sa Naval o sa Biliran, teritoryo namin to.


  7. Congratulations to Jun! It takes a whole lot of courage to come out in the open and make the first few steps in telling the truth. Cannot blame him if it is only now that he has decided to divulge what he had known before. Different people react differently to a similar situation. There are so many reasons to consider, fear, tactic, whatever.

    Although, what he divulged is not really surprising, any tactic dirty or not would be resorted to just to win by unscrupulous individuals.

    But Jun should bare the names so that speculations as to the identities of these persons will be stopped. The people deserve to know the truth. Those who cried in despair deserve to know the truth. If Jun does that, I will salute his bravado.

  8. If they had made that offer to Jun. The next question would be, How far would these persons go just to win? Answer: Very, very, very far!

  9. Screwing up election protests

    Ninez Cacho-Olivares

    Daily Tribune


    Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal, in a report, was quoted as saying that election protests that have been lodged, as well as those planned for filing, may all come to naught, since more than 82,0000 precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) leased from its poll partner, Smartmatic-TIM will be pulled out by December this year.

    According to Macalintal, based on Comelec procedures, contested ballots in any protest case must be fed into the PCOS machines again, to verify the authenticity of the ballot.

    Trust the Comelec to screw things up — even in post poll operations.

    What’s the logic behind this procedure of contested ballots needing to be fed to the PCOS machines again, to verify the authenticity of the ballots especially when the machines are themselves placed in serious question, given the fact that the machines failed to read the votes, just claiming that these are “null votes” since the voters could have overvoted, or did not shade the ovals right, or that the voters abstained from voting for any candidate.

    Then too, from the congressional hearings, it was found that the compact flash cards could be reprogrammed and even votes could be made to vanish for one candidate while adding these up to the other candidate, apart from many other miracles the cheats at Smartmatic and the Comelec cooked up, weeks before the actual voting day.

    So what’s wrong with going back to the ballot and counting each and everyone of them? One can easily check whether the ballot is genuine or not. Isn’t there supposed to be a UV marking that can at least be checked out by the hand-held UV lamps that were never used, or more probably, never delivered, even if payment was already made and commissions given?

    One never knows with the graft-ridden Comelec and its syndicate.

    So what is wrong with examining each and every ballot?

    Well, again Comelec and Smartmatic made sure election protests do not provide the poll protestants any form of defense, or even more strongly, any proof of the electronic cheating, since the two feet long ballots had all the candidates, local and national, included.

    This means that a mayor, or congressman, or senator, who feels he has been cheated, will all need these ballots for their own protests, and since that would be the case, not even Mar Roxas, if he chooses to lodge an electoral protest, can possibly get the ballots for his protest examined, since a losing mayor or congressmen would also have to have the same ballots for their protests.

    And there’s the rub: The Comelec has jurisdiction over the local bets’ protests, while the House of Representatives has the House Electoral Tribunal; the Senate, the Senate Electoral Tribunal and the Supreme Court, the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

    See just how Comelec and Smartmatic really screwed up the automated elections to the point of ensuring that even those who cheated will remain seated in their elective seats?

    The thing is, this procedure was never ever made public — just as many other hidden provisions in that deal between Comelec and Smartmatic were never made public — including the many discovered contradictory statements, lies and admissions of Smartmatic and Comelec officials, as gleaned from the congressional hearings.

    Come to think of it: Smartmatic and Comelec claimed that 76,000 CF cards were ordered from abroad, delivered in just two days, distributed and programmed nationwide. Question One: Were there really 76,000 CF cards ordered, especially when these cards could be reprogrammed and even scan ballots many times? Question Two: If they were reprogrammed, how is it that some of the electronic ERs that were supposedly done on pre-testing were still transmitted by the BEIs and other cheats? And why was there a foul-up in transmissions?

    For that matter, it should be asked: Why did Comelec insist on leasing 82,000 machines when what was claimed that needed were only 76,000? And where were those extra 6,000 that certainly could have been used to manipulate the vote as well as transmit the fake count?

    And even with this big screw-up of Comelec and Smartmatic, there is still that plan to have the same machines for the country’s automated polls for all time?

    Manual polls are better trusted than the Smartmatic machines and better trusted than the Comelec and its tech partner together.

  10. Hhmmmmm…. hehehe katawa lang ko da! Kung post JDR denhi against sa ato inclination…. girahon dayon ug “pitlangon pa aron magawas tina-i”. Pero medyo murag pabor nato ang kang JDR “mensahe” hehehe cuddle to the best pod ta. hahahahaha

    Ang pangotana… bow!: Dili kaha misakay lang sa tempo karon ug nagsugnod lang ug dugang kining “bomba” ni Jun? In how many instances did this man made statements then which we deliberately contested for being untrue? Are we going to “get in” of this tralala again of JDR?

    Careful, careful!!!!

  11. Pagbuto sa bolkan sa Biliran, pakadaot sa atong Obispo ug mga Pari ug uban pa. Karon, unsa na pod nga klase nga gimik ni JDR?

  12. ayuha la JDR ha, basin another ploy to get pogi points napud nis imong amahan..ayuha la, ghimusan na raba kau ang mga biliranon sa mga espina.. human2x ani danason napud nimos Cong, human ka jud, maapil nya kas pinanitay,

  13. mr/ ms concerned: you are one very gullible person. nituo pud ka dayon kang jun? unsa man pud kridibilidad ni jun. kung pro espina gani ang comment ani niya, bakakon siya, anti espina gani comment niya, maayong tawo siya. hahay kaninyo. ayaw kamo pailad dayon sa mga tawong wala’y kridibilidad ug dungog.

  14. Calls mount for P7.2-B PCOS deal audit

    By Pat C. Santos

    Daily Tribune


    Even with a high profile public relations offensive by Smartmatic officials to counteract the growing allegations of electoral fraud, and hiring the 2008 Miss Universe, a Venezuelan, as Miss Transparency for Smartmatic, and despite the Commission on Elections (Comelec) claim of the country having held the first successful nationwide automated elections, computer experts took the strong view that there are still lots of questions that need to be resolved, among which is the issue of having a financial audit as far as the P7.2 billion cost of precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines leased by Smartmatic-TIM to the Comelec.

    Also at issue are the reported P4-billion additional budget which was given by Comelec to Smartmatic, the absence of UV lamps which were not utilized, the multimillion-peso secrecy folders, indelible ink, ballot and pre- shading and other forms of fraud such as vote shaving and vote buying during the election.

    These issues were yesterday aired during the forum “Hocus-PCOS and Noynoy (Aquino’s) first 100 days” held at the De La Salle University where Prof. Sherwin Ola, a computer professor, and others shared their views on the recent automated election, with the consensus established that there is a need to have the P7-billion contract of Smartmatic undergo a post audit.

    Ola said “in the parlance of IT community, there are lots of issues that should be addressed as the report of massive disenfranchisement happened as reported by the Comelec to have reached the figure of 20 percent of the voting population, estimated at 51 million, or a disenfranchisement of over 10 million voters on election day.

    Another resource speaker, Dr. Giovanni Tapang, UP Physics professor and Kontra Daya head, said the automated election system last May 10 was a hodgepodge and had hoc

    solutions on election day itself and simply did not work as planned.

    Tapang, through his powerpoint presentation, said that the people can prepare for vulnerabilities but that the Comelec chose to ignore these and the poll body even opened the avenue for more vulnerabilities of the system to come in.

    On Ola’s part he stressed that now is the time to have a lifestyle check conducted on Comelec officials who he said have the track record for being corrupt due to the fact that the automation was pushed and the cost of leasing the PCOS machines at P7.2 billion is too high.

    “Who made money on this? Who benefited from this?,” he pointed out.

    “ Comelec should show the data and check if the accuracy of the machines conforms with the ballot as paper trail in order to determine if the people’s money is worth the rental price of the PCOS machines,” added Ola.

    The group noted that Comelec officials were not prepared to conduct the nationwide automated polls and that the recently conducted May elections only served as an “on-the-job (OJT) training for the Comelec officials who were mostly lawyers and not IT knowledgable.

    Ola suggested that the Comelec should strengthen its IT capabilities by installing at least two commissioners who have computer expertise with unquestionable integrity.

    At the same forum where the topic on the first 100 days in office of the newly elected President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, Renato Reyes Jr., Bayan Secretary General tackled the issue on how Aquino can fulfill the promise in his TV advertisement “the straight road,” where people will lay their expectation for change.

    There was also the topic of the reversal of Arroyo policies; key appointments of government post (appointees); Closure of important issues such as corruption, human right abuses, election fraud allegedly committed by Arroyo, and; review of midnight appointees and deals which some believe were done to cover the tracks on anomalies such as the shredding of records.

    Earlier,poll watchdog, the Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG) called on the Comelec to make public several documents related to it plan to conduct an independent study of the recently concluded automated elections.

    CenPEG called fpr a full disclosure of the documents related to the implementation of the first-ever nationwide automated polls before an unprejudiced assessment can be made.

    Among the documents CenPeg wants released to the public are: the source could walk through program; the source code of the PCOS program; file formats of all data files used or produced by the PCOS program; public keys used by all the PCOS computers; public keys used by all the servers; user manual of the PCOS program; and the Smartmatic-Comelec contract with the complete annexes

    CenPEG also called for the release of documents detailing he finance and budget plan of the AES-Smartmatic; copy of the Smartmatic Voters’ Education contract; report on the PCOS transmission on May 10 and thereafter; report on the training of Board of Election Inspectors and technicians; inventory of compact flash cards used in the final testing and sealing; and the reconfigured CF cards for May 10.

    To date, however, despite all these calls for transparency and making the documents public, neither the Comelec nor Smartmatic has heeded the calls of the poll watchdogs, despite the many allegations of electronic fraud and irregularities in the system.

    “Various stakeholders (need) to help find answers to many questions that affect the credibility of the elections, especially with regard to some unusual incidences occurring with the PCOS machines of the Smartmatic-propelled automated system,” CenPEG said in a statement.

    Meanwhile, investigators from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has formally asked Quezon City Rep. Annie Susano to attend a case conference on Monday on the source of the compact flash (CF) cards the lawmaker presented before a legislative inquiry on alleged irregularities in the May 10 elections.

    Acting Justice Secretary Alberto Agra said Susano has been invited to attend the conference on Monday at 2 p.m at the Comelec main office in Intramuros, Manila. Smartmatic and Comelec officials have already submitted their respective sworn statements to the NBI, Agra said.

    “The purpose is to determine if there are lacking or missing CF cards. If there were are missing CF cards, then we have to know if it these were (the missing ones from) Quezon City,” he said.

    The NBI has traced the source of CF cards but would not comment further.

    After getting the result of the inventory, the next step is to determine if there is a violation of elections laws and file charges against personalities who committed offenses, if there is any. “But I don’t want to preempt the result of the probe. Let’s wait before taking the next step,” he said.

    Agra said they are still waiting for the response of the United States Embassy for assistance to invoke Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) to determine who uploaded the “Hello Nico” conversation.

    Agra said the NBI had already traced the website where the conversation was uploaded. “The website was already traced but once it opened, we were diverted to other site apparently Germany (site). It was apparently a US-based website so we are asking help of the US through MLAT,” Agra said.

    He said they have already written a letter to the US Embassy about the request.

    Agra said a copy of the compact disc (CD) containing the alleged wiretapped phone conversation between Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Ronaldo Puno and Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer has already been turned over to NBI Director Nestor Mantaring.

    Both Puno and Ferrer denied that they were the persons in the phone conversation. The wiretapped phone conversation circulated in the internet.

    The NBI –Special Task Force (STF) under Head Agent Arnel Dalumpines was tasked by NBI Director Mantaring to handle the probe into the CF cards controversy.

    In a related development, it was learned that the Comelec has again deferred the release of a report regarding the P690-million ballot secrecy folder contract because of lack of documents.

    Results of the probe into the deal–previously considered “extravagant”, may be released on June 22, Comelec law department head Ferdinand Rafanan said.

    The investigation report’s release had been earlier delayed due to similar reasons.

    The panel tasked to investigate the controversy was formed early April but no resolution has been issued yet, more than two months after the probe.

    Rafanan told reporters in a text message on Friday that the Comelec Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), Executive Director Jose Tolentino, and ballot folder supplier One Time Carbon (OTC) Paper Supply have yet to submit some documents despite his “repeated demands.”

    Hw refused to elaborate any further. He also said that it would be better to ask Comelec chairman Jose Melo about the matter after he will have submitted the report to the Comelec en banc on Tuesday. With Benjamin B. Pulta and PNA

  15. sayud ang mga tawo nga dunay anomaliya sa eleksyon,labina sa atong probensya,mao nay gisaligan pag himo ug limbong kay dia ug may protesta mu dagan pa ug pipila ka tuig…pero wla ninyo huna2-a ang dakong ganti mo abut sa tawo mahilig mang lamang.dako inyo katawa karun,makapa himolos jud mo ug maayo karun… ang GABA dili mag saba.






  17. Poll automation critics press case

    By Kristine L. Alave
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 20:44:00 06/19/2010

    Filed Under: Computing & Information Technology, Inquirer Politics, Politics, Elections, Eleksyon 2010

    MANILA, Philippines—Critics of the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic TIM Corp. came together on Saturday to make their case for further investigation of the May 10 automated national elections.

    Around 400 members of the information technology community, election watchdogs, losing candidates and their lawyers who were dissatisfied with the elections formed an umbrella group called Truth Might e-2010 to ask the question, “Where did our votes go?” at the Manila Polo Club.

    The conference was attended by losing presidential candidates Senator Jamby Madrigal and environmentalist Nicanor Perlas as well as lawyers Homobono Adaza and Arnold Bayobay.

    Defeated Tagaytay vice-mayoral candidate Ronald Tan, who testified about alleged fraud in his area at the at a House committee hearing, urged President-elect Benigno Aquino III to start his anti-corruption drive with an investigation of the May 10 elections, which he said was riddled with fraud.

    The Comelec and Smartmatic, he said, should be put to task for bungling the implementation of the automated elections, casting doubts on the accuracy of the polls.

    “We must uncover the truth. We must prosecute these individuals now. I’m challenging the new President, if he wants to get rid of corruption, start here. Start in this elections,” he said.

    Fraud in the elections started with the voters’ list, Tan said. He noted that the voters’ list in his area has missing names of legitimate voters.

    The Tagaytay politician also raised doubts on the security of the voting machines used in the May 10 polls. He reiterated his previous statement that the precinct count optical scan machines have wrong time stamps, which could be an indication of fraud.

    Tan also disclosed that he was approached by “one Smartmatic employee and one Comelec employee” who offered him their services to rig the elections in his favor before the elections.

    Tan said he and his running mate “banished” the employees from their headquarters and were not able to get a video of them. He declined to identify those who approached them.

    The defeated candidate said other government officials were also approached by these people claiming to have the means to manipulate the elections.

    The Truth Might e-2010 conference also introduced Jonathan Manalang, a former operations manager of Smartmatic TIM’s National Support Center (NSC), who said the company was not transparent in its election operations.

    As a manager inside the technical support
    center, he said, there were certain aspects of the automation project that he questioned.

    The NSC is a call center that Smartmatic-TIM set up in the Antel Global building in Ortigas to monitor all election activities and respond to technical requirements in the field before, during and after May 10. The company hired LRA Pacific to manage the call center.

    Manalang noted that there were some excess PCOS machines delivered to some areas. When he asked Smartmatic TIM officials about it, he was only told: “Don’t worry about it, we know what we are doing.”

    Manalang also noted that the company has a “super-server” inside the call center. “There is a super-server that was denied by Smartmatic located in the LRA,” he said.

    The server, he said, was used for other purposes aside from maintaining the Election Day Management Program (EDMP), the platform that call center agents use to address problems from the field.

    When he asked Smartmatic TIM officials about the super-server, Manalang said he was not given a straight answer.

    Manalang said that the gaps and the concerns he witnessed in the call center were not proof that the May 10 elections were riddled with cheating.

    His statement, he said, only showed that Smartmatic TIM was not as “transparent” as it claimed.

    “There were certain things that I saw that could have put doubts on how Smartmatic came out, that they were not transparent,” he said.

    “There was a lot of hidden stuff that they did not reveal,” he said.

    When asked about reports that he was fired by the company after the elections, Manalang said he was not dismissed by LRA Pacific.

  18. PCOS’ backdoor console for fraud entry discovered

    By Danessa O. Rivera and Charlie V. Manalo


    In a sign of bad faith, Smartmatic, the technical provider and partner of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), failed to disclose that its precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines had console ports or “secret backdoors” which anyone could open without the need for passwords or usernames to gain complete control over the units’ operating system and obviously could be used for manipulating votes.

    This backdoor port gives anyone the opportunity to either modify, erase, save or overwrite files and programs in the PCOS machines, an IT expert yesterday disclosed during a media forum at the Sulo Hotel.

    At the same time, in another forum held at the Manila Polo Club in Makati yesterday, LRA Pacific operations director Jonathan Manalang disclosed that there were several concerns that were seemed highly questionable. Manalang said some concerns were on the proper inventory of the PCOS machines.

    As he and his team called technicians in different precincts to confirm if they had received the right number of PCOS machines, they were informed that some received less than the designated number of PCOS machine while some received more.

    They reported this matter to Smartmatic officials but all the tech provider officials said was “they will handle it.”

    Manalang added that certain PCOS machines only allowed a certain number of votes, an issue that became a concern, when some precinct polling places received the wrong PCOS machines.

    LRA Pacific was the outsourcing company hired by Smartmatic to handle the technical support during the elections.

    Manalang served as a witness during the hearings regarding election fraud at the House of Representatives on June 30 but this was cut short a few days before the last day of hearing by Rep. Teodoro Locsin Jr. who headed the congressional committee.

    Contrary to assertions of Smartmatic that its PCOS machines are tamper-proof, an IT expert, Roberto Verzola, yesterday bared that the

    voting machines used in the May 10 polls contained a backdoor entry which can enable anyone to access their data, overwrite them or use them for any purpose one may deem beneficial to his intention.

    At the weekly Kapihan sa Sulo, Obet Verzola, the IT expert, said investigators conducting a forensic examination on the 60 PCOS machines found in the possession of a Smartmatic technican in Antipolo City, had discovered a backdoor or portal at the back of the machines, which is called a console.

    Verzola said that this console can be used by anyone simply by accessing it through a cable and once access has been gained, the “intruder” can easily access the data, overwrite them or use the data for whatever purposes desired.

    Through the consul, Verzola added that the hacker can easily erase all data including the audit trail which Smartmatic claims is a fool-proof mechanism to detect if the machines had been hacked.

    Smartmatic’s chief in the Philippines, Cesar Flores, during a congressional hearing admitted in the face of evidence, after denying it earlier, that the audit log entries can be altered, that compact flash (CF) cards can be reprogrammed as desired, and that votes can be rescanned, erased or added to another candidate.

    Although not concluding the machines might have indeed been hacked and programs over-ridden and overwritten, the IT expert said the console only substantiate claims that the PCOS machines are not tamper-proof as Smartmatic claims them to be and the probability of the results having been compromised is relatively high.

    Making matters worse, Verzola said, is that Smartmatic, did not disclose the existence of the console.

    “We don’t know what other secrets these PCOS machines have,” said Verzola. “If there still things we don’t know about the PCOS machines, Smartmatic should now come forward and bare them all.”

    At the moment, Flores is selling Comelec and the public the idea of the poll body buying the PCOS machines—all 82,600 of them—for P2 billion, claiming that these machines can be used for the next 10 years, and many more automated elections to come. It is doubted whether Smartmatic would disclose anything negative.

    Comelec apparently is also keen on the idea of purchasing these easy to tamper machines, despite all the discoveries of a fraudulent automated election.

    But with the discovery, the IT expert reiterated his call for the Comelec to expedite its audit on the 76,000 PCOS on where they have been brought after the May 10 elections, inventory the CF cards, and release the results of the random manual it has conducted.

    Verzola stressed the three issues should be resolved immediately as they could be used to determine whether the election results as based on the election results transmitted by the PCOS machines are credible or if they had been hacked.

    “But up to now, the Comelec has yet to release results of its audit,” said Verzola.

    The IT expert also reiterated his call to upload the images of the ballots captured by the PCOS machines in the Comelec so that people can also help in determining whether fraud was committed in the country’s first automated polls.

    “Uploading these JPEG images of the ballots cast in the May 10 polls could also be used to audit the votes. And it could be easily done as these images are contained in the CF cards,” Verzola stated.

    Verzola also noted that PCOS operating system “permanently records an application log only which is saved to an audit log file in the removable CF card. The operating system log is saved not to the CF card but to volatile memory also called a RAM disk whose contents are lost everytime the PCOS machine is turned off. Thus, intrusions through this secret backdoor leave no record for forensic examination. In addition, intruders can also overwrite a recent audit log file with an old copy, allowing them to hide their tracks from the application log as well.”

    “You can erase any trace of intrusion with this backdoor access,” Verzola said.

    To access the PCOS operating system, he said, anyone can merely connect the console port to any computer using a special cable.

    Verzola asked why Smartmatic, government’s poll automation contractor, did not inform Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) about the console ports.

    “ASTI said those are only output ports for getting data from the machine,” he said.

    Meanwhile, a privately-funded group yesterday said that there was massive fraud in the first electronic elections held May 10 as the Comelec and Congress violated the laws in the electoral process and in the canvassing votes which call into question the very legality and constitutionality of the entire elections and the proclamation process that followed.

    The Movement for Integrity in Governance and Honesty and Truth in the May 2010 Elections (MIGHTe2010) said in its first public forum that the Comelec ignored and set aside many vital requirements of the Automated Election System Law (Republic Act 9369) while the Congress violated constitutional provisions governing the canvassing of votes for president and vice president.

    Sen. Jamby Madrigal said the proclamation of the elected officials was illegal on grounds that there was no Congress joint session held as election returns were counted.

    This was seconded by Lawyer Homobono Adaza, saying that the canvassing of votes must be done through a joint session by the Upper and Lower House with all members present that should be done publicly.

    In the forum, several witnesses presented how the fraud in the elections occurred. Philippine Computer Society Director Edmundo “Toti” Casiño said the election returns were not signed by election inspectors, which was a mandate as stated in the Batas Pambansa (BP) 881, questioning the legality of the votes.

    He also said that some of the election returns had results with different dates other than May 10 which could have been “premature scanning of ballots.”

    Another witness, Pastor Ronald Tan, a vice mayor candidate in the city of Tagaytay, said election fraud did not start in the transmission of election returns but it started in the voters’ list, saying that the “Comelec must be put to task and be held accountable.”

    He also said three days before the elections, he was offered 10 Compact Flash (CF) cards in exchange for the amount of P5 million by a Smartmatic Information Technology (IT) personnel and a Comelec employee to get a sure win in the elections.

    MIGHTe2010 is a non-partisan gathering of civil society organizations, political groups, business entrepreneurs, and concerned citizens which include the Philippine Computer Society, Bangon Pilipinas, Ang Kapatiran Party, Anti-Trapo Movement of the Philippines, Brigada Berde, Bantay Garci 2010, Mahal Ko Bayan Ko, Center for Alternative Development Initiatives, Buklod National Political Party,Quezon City Political Coaltion for Truth, Para Sa Bansa Movement, Buklod Political Party, Atripeda and many more.

    MIGHT e2010 has three goals namely to unravel the truth surrounding the May 2010 elections; to restore honesty and truth in our electoral processes; and to advance moral integrity and true service in the governance of our country.

  19. cgi takiang,dagudagu-a ang tawo dakog nabuhat kaayuhan sa atong makita nimo dapoga kay matod pa nimo ordinaryong tawo nala si cong.gleen,,,hilas kaman manulti.madugangan napod ang 15/30 ron preparasyon sa sunod election.ampo lang mo nga dili mag saksis ang protesta ni gleen,,,kay mauwawan jud ka sa imo gipanulti nga dili makaun ug iro batok kang gleen.

  20. hoy mga $#$#$# mo,,swerte si charlie chong ug si glen chong,sa paglingkod sa mga espina sa july 1-up to a year ug dili maposasan ang mga #$$#,usa na diha na nagdumot and CIDG sa iyang gebuhat,,hala kamu,bantay lang

  21. hoy ang kanang mga nagparally-rally ng municipyo ug capitolyo maau pa ninyo ang mang geluso kamu kay naa pa moy mahimo…panguli nala mu sa inyo tagbalay bantaye ang inyo pamilya dili kanang mag piraw piraw kamo ug vigil dinha kay makalolooy la inyo pamilya…

  22. asus luma na na tukar ni…mo too sad m ani ni jun na bayin on ma ni…basta tawo gani na laki nya mag paka baye wa na klaro…bsin na bali jdr…3 milyon para mag sabwag ka ani nga estorbot(estoryang botbot)dri sa net…paki klaro ha…hahaha katawa la ko gamay..kamu sad mga isog na blogger kalma la…pamutangan tamo ug tari nya isulod tamo sa royda tunghan bitaw m….ug labok hahaha

  23. kamo bha mura m dli taga naval jud…kinsa man daghan 15/30 dba si chong..grabe pa gani..kay mga tawo sa bay2 wala nay batasan dli na pasaway ug pulis mura ug ila na ang naval..mao na inyo gusto na mahitabo sa naval na wala nay modu an mga tawo..maayo ra na na pilde oi kay hilas na kayo sila mura ba ug tawo na hunger ug power..mag convoy 6 ka fortuner kusog kayo padagan bsan eskina ug intersection dli halos m break…check point dli m hunung ma suko pa kun iparoll down an bintana..mao na ang tawo na inyo gui idolo..wa man klaro proj…aw klaro gad nuon ang uban na proj…mga sakyanan ug condo hehehe..kun taga naval m kaila m ani na mga tawo oi…wala gani ni kaatiman ana ila mga tindira sa ila tindahan..mao na may malasakit sa isig katawo..otot…negosyuha pa mga tawo…e post ni ha!!!!!

  24. aw mangita ka…aw ayaw nala kay usa raba ka sguro hheeh..bitaw maghilum na ta kay wala tay assenso…basta ang importante naay na kita na assenso sa biliran..dli anang negusyuhon ta korek bha….ayw nata aning mga intsik kay lisod dli m dawat sa kapildihan…hala sge kita kits nala unsa resulta…bsin pag abot sa panhun mga stroke m…heheh ayw la pud….kay nag aso2 na na inyo ka pungut nya puro la m yaw2..adto m supreme court….o d gani malaknyang…panghilak m ngadto d gani ligid2 m kitaon nato m salir b na inyo style hahah bumbahan bitaw m sa bumbero haskang sakita maka igo ang sirit sa tubig…wa paka ka tilaw sa bumba sa bumbero nuh…wala pa man gud ka ka apil ug mga ngilngig na rally…puro kala dak2..hay nako puro pasiatab la….

  25. ows? ako 15/3O? hahaha..u r really funny waykurat!


    cge na tagae nakos imong tagaan tapud ka.

  26. nanalaw man ug kalit c waykurat sa imo hagit :-P? Buwaon man gud ni nga tawo, maau maghimo himo. So wa gyud siyay ikapangan, sa mga Espina hinuon kaila kaau cya sa mga 15/30 kay iya jud na mga kauban hehehehe.


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