Tacloban City (July 17) – The governors in Eastern Visayas have grouped together as the Eastern Visayas Governors League so that together they will have bigger voice in dealing with issues pertaining the Region.

Reports reaching the Philippine Information Agency stated that Northern Samar Governor Paul Daza has been chosen as the president of the EV Governors League, in a meeting held in Manila in the second week of July.

Present during their meeting held in Manila in the evening of July 8 were Biliran Governor Gerry Boy Espina; Eastern Samar Governor Conrado Nicart, Southern Leyte Governor Damian Mercado, Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla and Governor Daza.

It was observed that except for Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla who is in his last term and Southern Leyte Governor Damian Mercado who is in his second term, the four other governors in Eastern Visayas are all in their first term.

The first issue that the Eastern Visayas governors tackled is the chairmanship in the Eastern Visayas Regional Development Council.

All the five governors decided to support and endorse Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla to become the next chairman of the Regional Development Council in the Region.

The decision to throw their support to Governor Petilla was reached by the governors was reached considering that Governor Petilla is his being the most senior governor of the region and “he is the most familiar among governors on regional issues.”

Governor Petilla earlier revealed that he was being encouraged by mayors and Regional Directors to become the next RDC chairman. Aside from the provincial governors, the RDC voting members are the city mayors, presidents of league of mayors, regional directors of major government agencies and Private Sector Representatives.

Another issue that the EV League of Governors is currently addressing is the power problem that is being felt by the region. (PIA 8)


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  1. Psst,
    Gerry Boy Espina!
    Onsay emong gi bati nga dili mn diay ka mahal sa mga tawo dere sa Almeria…
    Daog raba kuno ka dere?.
    Tiaw na, nga pag abot jud ni Congressman Chong sa plaza,,
    gi biyaan si Gerry Boy nga nag yawyaw walay namati sa iya.. didto kang congressman Chong ka dagan ang mga tawo, ning hangop sa iya og gi isa sa igbaw si Congressman Chong og gidayongan daw bayani sa nasod..

    suya jud si Governor Limbongan – Gerry Boy Espina.. Baho na gad kamo sa katawhan sa tibuok Probincya sa Biliran..

    ayaw palabi ug bali sa imong estorya! tingali ug nabuta ka sa dihang ang mga tawo nagtapok pag-abot ni governor Gerry Boy! may pamatasan ang taga Almeria .ikaw ra gyod intawon ang nakahatag sa maot nga ngalang sa ALMERIA. AYAW,PALABI UG DAUT SA MGA ESPINA.

  3. Ma’o nay akong na obserbahan sa dihang – diha ang usa sa Espina og diha pud si Congressman Chong. Nag abot jud clang duha.

    Ning sibat gani dayon enyong gobernador nga limbongan Gerry Boy Espina, humag yawyaw sa intablado..
    Mo react lagi dayon basta mapalakan ilang gi ila nga master sa politika..

    ba’la nga bata mn jud nang inyong Gerry Boy..


    Hilom na Jun dili mi bota kay diri mi sa Almeria kadtong adlawa. Pataka kalang ug yawit di anang imong baba nga naga bungadli nala nagalaylay nalang na imo wa it maayo tahi on tsismuso ka maayong pagkaliwat sa imong inahan virgit nga hingaway ug daghan ug kaaway sa mga silingan. Himantayon kang dako maayo kung dili mo wakwak ug ungo kaliwat huna hunaa JUN ILAO apo ka ni COLITO VICTORIOSO nga mantas wak wak ug ungo sa almeria sanglit kamoy gibinlan sa imong apohan, UNSA NAKASABOT KA?

  5. Woohh… Angela?
    Nag pataka ba ko og sulti?

    og emo ba diay akong pakauwawan tongud ato nga kamatooran?
    Wa rba ko kaila nemo..
    Onsaon nman ani?
    Ahhh.. Sayon rah, naa na sa akong pahak bah..

    Syaro naman sb, wala oroy ka malooy sa emong isigka SUPPORTER.,
    kalooy nila nga walay sala..

  6. Maayo ning nag ngalang angela, kay otokan ni nga alang alang,
    mo to’o mn jud diay cya og wakwak..
    wakwak is a Myth.
    And according to a dictionary,.
    Myth is a commonly-held but FALSE BELIEF , a common MISCONCEPTION ; a FICTITIOUS
    or IMAGINARY person or
    thing; a popular conception
    about a real person or
    event which EXAGGERATES
    or idealizes reality. A person or thing held in
    excessive or quasi-
    religious awe or admiration
    based on popular

    See? ma ilhan jud ang mga TAGA BUKID sa?

    Ana jud na,
    basta taga bukid, mo too sa mga buwa..

  7. c rose lyn ang wak wak kay mahilig mo lakaw gabii mo uli ka adlawon osahay ma botagan klaro kau ng na gi kapoy iya hitsura mora na mogno og imo sad do olon bahong tawo..bwua..ha..ha..

  8. We appeal to all Government Officials and Lawmakers please do something..

    Why do we allow our women to be abused abroad?
    DIRECT FROM THE OFWS By Atty Josephus Jimenez (The Freeman) Updated July 24, 2010 12:00 AM

    The new social cancer. Unrecorded in the history of today’s human sufferings, to paraphrase Rizal, in Noli, are the countless cases of rape, murder, sexual molestations, sexual harassments, acts of lasciviousness, physical and verbal abuses, detentions, unjust deprivation of food and medicine to hungry and sick DHs, and other forms of cruelties inflicted upon our domestic helpers in the hands of masters, employers, agency owners, brokers and other middlemen in the business of human trading euphemistically referred to as recruitment and deployment of maids.
    Deployment without adequate safety nets. The question is: Why do we allow our women to be deployed to countries with rampant cases of abuses and without sufficient safety nets for our women workers? Why have we not insisted on covering them with Bilateral Labor Agreements as condition to, and prior to, their deployment?
    Is government justified to just say that it is the right of every citizen to travel and seek employment abroad? Is the worker armed with sufficient information about the country of destination in order to make an informed choice and an intelligent decision? Is government not mandated to afford full protection to labor, local or overseas? Does that mandate not include protecting them from their own naiveté and ignorance, shielding them from their own recklessness and lack of foresight?
    Should not government exercise extraordinary diligence to avoid cases similar to those of Flor Contemplacion, Delia Maga, Sarah Balabagan and Jakatia Pawa, to name but a few?
    Why do men allow their wives to work abroad? It is the duty of the husband, as head of the family, to work and earn a living, to provide enough for the family. If he is incapable, then he should not venture into marriage in the first place. He should be ashamed to even receive money remitted by his wife from her salary as domestic helper.
    There should be a law punishing irresponsible husbands who suffer their wives to go abroad and become housemaids. It is even more aggravating for husbands to use this money in drinking sessions, drug addiction, in gambling or womanizing. Men who do these should be castrated and jailed. They should feel guilty for squandering money which their wives worked so hard to earn.
    How much suffering must wives undergo to fund the vices of irresponsible husbands? Oh, judgment, to paraphrase Mark Anthony, men have lost their reason, and I must pause for a reply. And I do challenge them to reply. Yes, anyone with reason, please do, or forever keep your peace.

  9. Why do men allow their wives to work abroad? It is the duty of the husband, as head of the family, to work and earn a living, to provide enough for the family. If he is incapable, then he should not venture into marriage in the first place. He should be ashamed to even receive money remitted by his wife from her salary as domestic helper.

  10. owattah 8

    hahahahaha katawa lang ko..hihihihihih

    karon pa ko kahibawo nga ang tinuud wakwak nga kusog mamalbal si roselyn diay…kabuntagan man kaha.. wa diay kaligo ky baho man kahang tawo…basin tawo ang gibalbal..


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