Manila Bulletin
July 25, 2010, 4:38pm

CANDAHUG, Palo, Leyte — Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio L. Singson will start reshuffling all regional directors and other officials nationwide starting next month, said Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Eastern Visayas Regional Director Angelito T. Twaño.

Twaño has said his good-byes to officials and employees of the DPWH regional office here as he will be transferred to DPWH Central Visayas in Cebu City next week.

He said he is now preparing for his transfer to Cebu City next week and he will have a simple turn-over with the incoming and new DPWH regional director set to replace him.

He said his transfer has something to do with the appointment of Sec. Singson as the new DPWH secretary under the administration of President Benigno Simeon C.Aquino III.

Twaño has yet to reveal who his replacement will be. He said the reshuffle will affect all regional directors, assistant regional directors, district engineers and other officials of the department.

He expressed his thanks to all the partners of the DPWH in Eastern Visayas for their cooperation with the regional agency during his 25 months term as regional director.

A good number of infrastructure and development projects were introduced and completed during his stewardship. This included the completion of the Calbiga-Catbalogan road, Catbalogan-Calbayog road and the Calbayog-Malaga-Allen road in Samar; and the Agas-Agas bridge, the Abuyog-Silago road, and the Biliran circumferential road in Biliran island among many other bridges and school buildings in the region.

Earlier, former DPWH Secretary Victor A. Domingo said it was he who made a memorandum last April that DPWH regional directors and district engineers be given a tour of duty of five years in each assignment, which he pointed out was enough time for them to perform their functions adequately before being transferred to other areas. For Domingo, such transfer is necessary so that said officials of the agency in the region would not develop long-term and attachments to local political leaders.

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  3. Hala ay kaila man ko ani niya, DE Losing Ho-Regis na diay ni siya? Aw hehe ok ra na uy kay ingon man sila weather-weather man daw. Hhmmm na hala sipa diay kaayo ang pagarpar niining bayhana diha! Ang lisod ani kung mobali ang hangin no? Tulo man daw ni sila diha mga lisang kaayo! Naay Fredo wala jud agi dugay nang trabaho diha DPWH pulos lang sipsip namingaw kadiyot unya karon mikalit na pod ug lipaghong ang abilidad hehe. Unya naa pod usa si Conching, mga ultimo daw sa una diha sigi lang initan niya. Uy naunsa na man ni sila nga wala man ni mga abilidad sa tinuod nga trabaho unya mao man mga yawit kaayo! hahaha na hala padayon mo sa inyong gibati uy kay ONE THING FOR SURE mobalik ra pod na sa inyo…KARMA! Aw dili man ni sila motuo ani, pero anha na ni motuo kung naa na paminawon sakit sa kalawasan. Hoy Gising! panamini ninyo ang mga supat nga mga retired employees diha DPWH, malipayon ba ug malinawon sila karon human sila mapakita sa ilang dunot nga abilidad sa una?
    And the winner is…. DE LOSING!!!!! (Dunot Enday Losing)

  4. Aw kamo cguro ang nangakarma kay kamo man bitaw mga pagarpar unya karon bsan nagtarong ra ang uban tawo dha dpwh inyo dayon himohimoan ug istorya. Db ingon ka weather weather lang so walay suk anay hehehe.

  5. Kung dire sa dpwh biliran magsugod pag reshuffle, unahon ko dire ang among MOTHER TERESA OF ” CALUMPANG ” kay sobra naman ciya ka TAAS : Member pod ni ciya sa MOTHER BUTLER; wa kalooy sa mga Laborers. BANTAY INDAY HO….HO…… Mobalik ngani Si CONG. GLENN CHONG, Ikaw jud ang unahon pag labok sa TAWI-TAWI kay sobra kana…… HO…..HO……. INDAY LOSING. ma pigit ka jud pag prenoblema………….. HO…..HO……. Ilang tulog nalang……




    DPWH chief unveils strategy to fight corruption
    By Caroline J. Howard, ANC
    Posted at 07/28/2010 4:27 AM | Updated as of 07/28/2010 4:35 AM

    MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has asked the Commission on Audit (COA) to investigate alleged anomalies involving the excessive bonuses and benefits of board members of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS).

    DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson says they are studying whether there is some legal basis for the allegation.

    “I’ve asked the Corporate Legal Council to prepare all the resolutions in terms of when these resolutions were made, what was the basis and so on… As the board of trustees, they have primary right to protect the funds and see to it its managed well. Obviously, with these retirees getting 40%, they have first use of those funds.”

    Speaking on ANC’S “The Rundown” on Tuesday night, Singson says, the poor identification and prioritization of infrastructure projects may be to blame for some of the alleged anomalies in the DPWH.

    “In terms of corruption or leakage, it could be in the bidding, but to me the bigger leakage is in the project identification. The identification and prioritization is very bad,” Singson says.

    Anomalous midnight contract

    Singson cited one anomalous transaction involving a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)-funded infrastructure rehabilitation project which happened just 2 weeks before the end of the Arroyo administration. The transaction, pegged at P3.5 billion, involved the rehabilitation of 86 infrastructure projects from regions one to five after the onslaught of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

    He, however, added it was dubiously entered into and formalized before it was officially approved by the government.

    “Nineteen negotiated contracts were entered into June 18. These were concluded, negotiated, it identified who were the contractors, and signed-off. Yet the SARO [Special Allotment Release Order], the allotment release by the Department of Budget and Management was only issued June 25. So the contracts were signed even before the letter of authority was released.”

    Singson reveals that while DPWH personnel had told him the transaction would have to be done through a negotiated contract instead of through bidding, JICA had never imposed the terms.

    “They were saying these were part of the conditionalities, this would have to be emergency. I asked JICA. They said they were asked if they could negotiate this contract. It was not an imposition by the lender,” Singson says.

    Collusion of DPWH-LGU officials

    Singson reveals some P9 billion remained of the Road User’s Tax, but an estimated P5.6 billion of it had been spent over the course of 9 years.

    He also voiced reservation over what he believes may have been the irregular use of pork barrel funds for infrastructure.

    Singson adds the degree of authority given to DPWH regional directors and district engineers to choose which projects to accept may have also contributed to the prevalence of anomalous transactions in the agency.

    DPWH reshuffle

    While Singson believes there are still good men in the agency, he realizes the need to purge the agency of corrupt practices.

    In efforts to make the agency transparent, he says, he would have to reshuffle or relieve about a third of DPWH personnel.

    “I’ve made a proposal not all will be reshuffled, some should no longer be appointed. Part of the circular included certain guidelines.”

    Singson says they will have to determine why 70 out of 175 district engineering offices were chosen for priority infrastructure projects.

    “Although 246 projects were identified estimated at P425 million, when submitted, only 28 projects of the total number of projects were approved or 11%. The board funded 70% of the projects. Instead of P425 million, it amounted to P480 million.”

    Meantime, he also appealed to local government units to help government put its limited resources to good use by sticking to a list of infrastructure priorities.

    “It can’t be business as usual. We have to be fully transparent and accountable to the people. Every project will have to be prudent and efficient and have a definite social outcome. We will offer a menu of projects. These are our priorities. In the case of the DPWH, that our national roads are put in international standards in terms of quality and safety.”

    Feedback mechanism

    As the DPWH strives to institute reforms in the agency, Singson hopes to engage the public through a feedback mechanism.

    “I’m putting together a call center. I will need to have some time to put in software, infrastructure and people to respond to all these complaints that could come our way, as well as the backroom operations to make sure we respond.”

    Singson says, he has received two offers for the call center on pro-bono basis, but adds, with or without the support or private companies, the public monitoring and feedback mechanism will have to be an integral part of the agency.

  8. Attention GOVERNOR ESPINA: Ang imong D.O. dida sa Capilto unsa man ang trabaho niya… pagmonitor ba didi sa tanang Employees sa DPWH, pls…. lang…..unsa man ang trabaho niya didi sa DPWH…………………. wa kay pulos nga GOVERNADOR dile ka maka suhito sa imong D.O.
    Hoy…… CHEDI…….. GAWAS DIDA HA DPWH kay wa pa man Hiring pag ka Records …….

  9. P480-M road user’s tax abuse ‘just tip of iceberg’

    By Jerry E. Esplanada
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 02:08:00 07/28/2010

    Filed Under: State Budget & Taxes, Graft & Corruption, Government offices & agencies, Infrastructure

    MANILA, Philippines—The head of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has vowed to dig deeper into the apparent misuse of at least P480 million in road user’s tax, “the biggest pork barrel” in government.

    Worse, “it seems it’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson Tuesday told the Inquirer.

    President Benigno Aquino III the other day revealed, among other things, in his first State of the Nation Address that proceeds from the road user’s tax went to “useless [road] projects” nationwide.

    Singson said Mr. Aquino was referring only to irregularities that took place last year. “You can imagine [the alleged anomalies] date back to 2001,” he said.

    Priority projects ignored

    Enacted in June 2000, the road user’s tax law, Republic Act No. 8794, states that the tax is intended for the “adequate maintenance of roads nationwide.” Motorists pay the tax yearly when they renew the registration of their vehicles.

    Singson said the DPWH came up last year with a total of 246 projects worth P400.25 million that it submitted to the Road Board, which oversees the road user’s tax.

    The board includes the heads of the DPWH, Department of Transportation and Communication, Department of Budget and Management, and Department of Finance, among others.

    However, “the board came up with 70 projects which replaced the 246 original projects. Worse, the budget allocation for the 70 projects was bigger, totaling P480 million.”

    Singson said no justifications were given for the changes.

    A DPWH document furnished the Philippine Daily Inquirer listed other “unexplained changes” in the DPWH project lineup, including the following:

    • Ilocos: 11 projects worth P21.18 million were replaced by 7 projects. However, the project cost increased to P50 million.

    • Central Luzon: 20 projects costing P43.54 million were replaced by 7 projects worth P59.5 million.

    • Bicol: 16 projects costing P28 million were replaced by 4 projects worth P40 million.

    • Western Visayas: 16 projects costing P28.2 million were replaced by 4 projects worth P34.5 million.

    • Central Visayas: 16 projects costing P24.7 million were replaced by 4 projects worth P28.5 million.

    • Eastern Visayas: 15 projects costing P24.8 million were replaced by 5 projects worth P45 million.

    • Central Mindanao: 16 projects costing P20.7 million were replaced by 4 projects worth P27 million.

    Unexplained reduction

    Unexplained reduction in the number of projects and their costs were observed in the following regions:

    • Metro Manila: 27 projects originally worth P31.5 million were replaced by 5 projects costing P30 million.

    • Cordillera Administrative Region: Nine projects worth P17.5 million were replaced by a single project costing P5 million.

    • Cagayan Valley: 11 projects worth P21.1 million were replaced by 3 projects worth only P5.5 million.

    • Western Mindanao: 16 projects worth P18.07 million were replaced by 4 projects costing only P7 million.

    • Southern Mindanao: 13 projects worth P37.7 million were replaced by a single project costing P5 million.

    • Northeastern Mindanao: 11 projects worth P16.1 million were replaced by 3 projects costing P9 million.

    • Compostela Valley: 16 projects worth P24 million were replaced by 4 projects costing P15 million.

    No changes were made for Occidental Mindoro, Oriental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan’s 10 projects worth P16.5 million.

    Singson said his office “will have to look at the bigger ticket items just to get an indication of what really happened.”

    Roads in S. Luzon, E. Visayas

    Clearly, there were irregularities in the selection of the public works projects in question, he said. “Either wrong choice of projects or the costs were padded,” he pointed out.

    “Obviously, that’s irregular,” Singson said.

    He cited road projects supposedly for implementation in Southern Tagalog.

    “The department submitted 23 projects worth P30.7 million. They were replaced by 14 projects and yet the project cost ballooned to P119 million with no justifications given,” Singson said.

    Another example he cited were road projects in Eastern Visayas.

    “Originally, the agency listed 15 projects costing P24.8 million. They were replaced by five projects worth P45 million,” Singson said.

    Singson said the “projects were not selected objectively,” citing documents obtained by his office.

    Asked about the culpability of former Road Board officials, Singson said: “I don’t want to prejudge. I will check all documentation, how the funds were spent.”

    Plunder charges

    Last year, the Senate economic affairs committee recommended the filing of plunder charges against former Road Board executives.

    The panel, chaired by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, earlier investigated the body for the alleged misuse of more than P40 billion in road user’s tax.

    Santiago claimed that Road Board officials had not accounted for how the proceeds of the tax were spent since 2001.


    Senate probes Road Board for misuse of road user’s tax

    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 02:21:00 07/28/2010

    Filed Under: Road Transport, Infrastructure, State Budget & Taxes, Graft & Corruption

    MANILA, Philippines—In November 2009, the Senate endorsed a resolution filed by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago asking the Ombudsman to charge with plunder Rodolfo “Dodi” Puno, then Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane and other members of the Road Board for misusing the road user’s tax.

    Santiago said the officials turned the funds into a pork barrel bigger than what the President or Congress was receiving.

    Puno, brother of then Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno, was executive director of the Road Board from January 2005 to April 30, 2008. Ebdane was public works secretary from 2007 to October 2009 and served as chair of the Road Board during the same period.

    All vehicle types

    The seven-member road board was created in 2000 to ensure the efficient management of the road user’s tax, and is composed of the public works secretary (who serves as the ex-officio head) and the finance, budget and transportation secretaries. The remaining three members come from transport and motorist organizations.

    The motor vehicle user’s charge, more commonly known as the road user’s tax, is applicable to owners of all types of vehicles, whether for hire or for private or government use.

    The tax is collected annually and is used for road maintenance and transport infrastructure.

    Santiago said that from 2001 to 2009, proceeds from the tax amounted to P60.5 billion. A 2008 Commission on Audit (COA) report on how the road user’s tax was spent, the basis of the Senate resolution, said the Road Board violated “existing budget, auditing and accounting rules and regulations.”


    Among the alleged violations the COA found were overstatement of receivables amounting to P160 million, unreliable yearend balances of inventory accounts (P31.6 million), unreliable property, plant and equipment balances (P453 million), invalid charges (P76 million), irregular issuance of gasoline to private vehicles (P0.48 million) and noncompliance with prescribed controls on fuel consumption.

    The COA report also said there was an “unreconciled” road tax collection of P1.2 billion reported by the Land Transportation Office and the Bureau of Internal Revenue from 2001 to 2008. (The tax collection reached P53 billion according to the LTO, while the BIR said it was about P51 billion.)

    In an interview before the resolution was filed, Puno denied that he was on top of the decision-making in the Road Board, and that he was a mere “paper shuffler.”

    Maintenance, traffic lights

    On June 27, 2000, then President Joseph Estrada signed Republic Act No. 8794 which imposed a motor vehicle user’s charge higher than the fees imposed by Executive Order No. 43 of 1986. The money collected shall be deposited to four trust accounts in the national treasury.

    Eighty percent will go to the special road support fund (for road maintenance and improvement of road drainage), 5 percent to the special local road fund, 7.5 percent to the special vehicle pollution control fund and the remainder, to the special road safety fund (for the installation of traffic lights and other road safety devices). Eliza Victoria, Inquirer Research

    Sources:, Inquirer Archives

  11. asus!!! halos tanan district nga bag o ug congresman, giilisan na ang d.e., dinhi na la sa biliran ang wa pa kay ganahan man si cong. espina kang sarabusing kay maayo kuno mangita kwarta.nagpasipsip man pud sarabusing dayon nga kuno kadtong tanan nahimo ni chong iya to paningkamot,gamay ra kang chong mao bilib pud si espina.reklamo bitaw mga die hard ni espina ngano wa ilisi si sarabusing. siya pud sige relay kang espina mga sekreto ni chong dinha dpwh. 100million kuno nakuha nga sop ni chong, wa pa labot sa ganansya sa mga proyekto nga iya gipangunayan.amo na gitawag nga weather weder lang. hahay kamo.pulitika at pera lang yan. parehas lahat chong at lang magka iba.ask sarabusing.

  12. Antidynastiyapod:

    AGREE! Basta taga DPWH senior employees and officials halos na tanan CORRUPT…(apil man gani ultimo lang nianang opisinaha ma engineer o dili engr. hehe ambot apil ba pod DE Losing) ab kors naay eksemsyon to da rols pero maihap na lang tawon ni mga striving to be good. Mao nga ako suhestyon, ang solbad niini dili reshuffling kon dili wagtangon na kanang opisinaha… ab kors na pod, dili gyud sila moayon niini.

    Tongpats sa Congressman:
    …si Chong sa una i know naa gyod tipak pero tingali acceptable level lang.
    …mga Espina: SR., JR. ug karon DR., AY SUS! SOBRA KA LAPAS abot sa emperno! I swear! Pero unsay deprensya sa sobra ug acceptable level nga korupsyon, anaa ba gud? Pareha lang kana!

    Unya moingon ta… choose LESSER EVIL lang ta. Ambot lang…

    Aw musta naman tuod diha si DE Losing? hehehe ayaw kapungot kay ang heart….

  13. mao bitaw kay si Inday Losing man ang Kontrabida dire sa DPWH, wa na si D.E. Sarabusing, iya na gi by pass og ang Asst. D.E. iya pod i by pass sobra na gus siya oy pati pud Casuals og J.Os, siya nalang ang ma feed up kang Cong. Espina kon kinsa ang iyang ayunan……..ayaw INDAY LOSING…….. MOTHER TERESA OF CALUMPANG OG MOTHER BUTLER. WE HUMBLE YOUR KIND HEART TO SPARE US……….. PLS HELP US……… Kon BUT AN…. KA……… AYAW PAG KADEMONYO KAY MAOT NA…… MAYBE YOU’LL NOT BE ACCEPTED IN THE HELL………….. I’ll pray your eternal REPOSE ………SOMEDAy………… ILANG TULOG KA NA LANG……………. INDAY……………WE ‘LL PRAY YOUR DEATH TO THE SOONEST TIME………………

  14. Jason unsa man diay ang gibuhat ni Inday Lucing Ho Regis? Klaroha ang imong istorya kay mora man ka ug nagpasumbingay. Kong naay siyay daotan nga binuhatan, ayaw kahadlok ug sulti kay total dili man tinood Jason imong ngalan. Angga lang man kini. Wa may naka ila sa imo so pwedi nimo isulti diri kong unsa na iyang binuhatan nga dili maayo. Dili lang man pod na siya siguro nag inosara. Naa pay daghan diha sa DE nga dili maayo. Ibulgar nalang diri para naman dili na kini nila buhaton ug usab. Ikaduha pa, mobati na sila ug kauwaw kong daghan ng nakahibalo. Maayo nang ma correct ang maling binuhatan. New administration na karon. Time na for the truth to come out. Speak the truth ug ayaw pag pataka ug pasumangil. When you speak the truth dili ka matay og ug dili ka maunsa. Ayaw kahadlok pag istorya. Maayo na lang masumpo na sila.

  15. Ambot bitaw ana kang DE Losing na ganahan man siya na damu pamilya makulban ug kaldero anang iya pagkasobra “KA BUOTAN” kuno.Mao ba diay ni ang usa ka hinimbahon ug pagka MOTHER TERESA?… Wala lang ka kabalo DE Losing na mubalik ra gihapon na sa imuha imu mga binuhatan. Naa baya kay mga baho sad na tinaguan. Naa sad ALFREDO SALLOMAN mura na ug c kinsa na karon dha sa DPWH. Apilan pa anang tiguwang na CONCHING na nanghambog na “over qualified” kuno iya anak CHEDI sa pagka senior bookeeper.. hahaha.. makatawa lang ko.. kaluoy lang tawon sa Administrative Officer sa DPWH kay g by pass na man ni DE Losing ug CONCHING… Ayaw mo ana oi kay dili baya mo kasigurado ug magpirmi mo ana… Nagtuyok pa ang bola..

  16. naunswwaa mo diha dpwh biliran? sa paglingkod chong kinsa nanghawd? o di va ang mga chonga! imagine! mam rehes mam conching ug sir fredo nag an2s sa 3 ka tuig nga harasment chonga kiha did2 kiha diri grabe jud as n! hilom lang tawn sila! kinsa man pud nanghawd aber??? ang milyonarya ug daghan pang milyonarya nga tikig na mga liog ila mga kasugat mora pud ug corect!
    aw weather-weather lang jud! pero mora la na jud paglaum nyo amo bayot uy! bsan pa lagi brgy capt daganan huhuhu!
    bye bye mama sarabusing welcome 2 maguindanao!

  17. bitaw tinuod jud ka takiang ning kulob man gani ang kaldero sa igsoon ni de losing ug diha patoy usa ka engineer nga ang asawa maestra kay giinitan pud sa bag o nga murag nakuratan pagka congresswomanm kani laging first timer sa iyang puder unya mura pud ug tag iya sa dpwh daw kay cige la ug nganha sa opisina dpwh intawon lapud ang mga empleyado magkalisang ug handa para sa iyaha plus mga batos pa mga lima ka sakyanan hehehehehe weather wather lang na uy… ayaw mo palabi sa inyong gipangbati kay ang nag sigi ug blogs dinhi taga opisina rana kamo raman pud cigi ug away away diha nyo ofis uy paghilom namo diha….. kadtong mga chong diha sa dpwh pildi na inyong congresswoman ayaw namo ug cigi ug utip kay tingali hinuon ug initan mo diha tingalig naay napoy musumat didto ila espina hulat nalang ta ug tulo napod ka tuig dali ra bitaw ang tuig mahuman. peace………. be with you dpwh personnel….


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