By: Flor Jackson

Naval, Biliran (October 25) – “Election in Biliran is peaceful and peace and order in the province is normal,” thus said Police Senior Superintendent Wilson C. Caubat, Philippine National Police (PNP) Provincial Director of Biliran province in a mobile phone interview with PIA today.

PSSupt. Caubat informed that as of reporting time, his office has not received any report of election-related violence.

He added that the province of Biliran has no barangays nor municipalities that were included in the PNP watch list in connection with the 2010 barangay and SK elections.

“PNP-Biliran and the eight PNP municipal offices are closely monitoring the peace and order situation in the province,” he said.

He informed that check points were set up in strategic areas of the entire province to ensure that no untoward incidents will happen as the barangay and SK elections are going on.

He also informed that the checkpoints set-up by PNP-Biliran at the approach of the Biliran bridge will remain in place even after the elections are over.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Rolando Plecerda of PNP- Naval informed that peace and order in the municipality is normal.

Likewise, his office has not received any reports of violence related to the conduct of the elections today. Although, he said, last night tension occurred in Barangay San Pablo in Naval town after the residents saw men from the Philippine Army in their barangay.

However, he said, the situation immediately went back to normal after explaining to the residents in the area that men from the Philippine Army just passed by the barangay as part of their round check to maintain peace and order.

On the other hand, Atty. Richard Alvin Japson in an interview with PIA said that so far, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in the province has not encountered any major problems with respect to the holding of the barangay and SK elections since the polls opened at 7:00 o’clock this morning.

“There were minor problems, though, but solutions were immediately implemented to maintain the smooth conduct of the elections,” he said.

Unless extended, Atty. Japson said, all precincts in the province of Biliran will close at exactly 3:00 o’clock this afternoon and canvassing of ballots immediately starts. (PIA-Biliran)

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