First Posted 22:32:00 10/30/2010

The Winners. From left:
Mr. CSN Sports – Mr. Reiner Joseph Kho
Mr. CSN Charity – Mr. Van William De Vera
Mr. CSN Wisdom – Mr. Vance Andreus C. Roa

Miss CSN Wisdom – Miss Giselle Angeli Belciña
Miss CSN Sports – Miss Jean Agnes Diu
Miss CSN Charity – Miss Camille Brown

Photo by Nick Arthur Parilla

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  1. nganong hinayon man pagtubag ni Camille Brown sa question and answer portion? ang kataas ra ang puhunan nimo day pero sa pinasohan nimo alaw jud ka. wa say klaro imo answer. wanakosey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. how dare you!!!…ka angayan rah ni Camille noh! mas gwapa pa nimu ug FYI dili lalim mu answer sa stage!..ikaw beh!..mas gwapa pa sya nimu ug buotan pa gyud!!!!!!!!….

  3. the two of you are losers….

    all of them are winners, and winners are winners, know how to accept defeat….

    winners of mr. & ms csn, congrats!!!!

    (ang cute pala ni Vance Andreus C. Roa)

  4. to post # 1
    I disagree with you, it’s not only her height that secured her to the third spot dude. it was her beauty that out shined the other candidates(well except for the 2 girls).
    In local level competition, the wit of the contestant is very important, because we(filipinos) tend to be more critical with the diction and grammar. But, in the international arena, you will be an early favorite/top pick based on your charm, vital stats, how you project, your catwalk, and your spontaneity. If you noticed, q&a always comes last with different question for each candidate. With Camille, was that her name? she got the height, the looks and the charisma, a lil polishing with her walk(matod nimo), and with training she can be.. someday.. the one we’ll be seeing on national TV representing “us”. *I’m a pageant addict* I haven’t seen this one though, there was no live streaming besides it’s a small town competition anyway, I couldn’t care less. But that girl caught my attention with her photos(bisan wa ko kaila niya). coz she stood out big time^_^

    (Pageant experts ari mo diri let’s analyze)


    ngano man lagi nga hinayon man niya ug tubag,
    mao ra na pangutana ni TGA NAVAL. Accept
    man cya nga angayan na cya, gwapa ug bright
    pa jud.


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