By: Flor Jackson

Naval, Biliran (January 22) – The continuous rains experienced by the entire country these past weeks, did not spare the province of Biliran from damage to road infrastructures.

In an interview with Engr. Virginia Sarabusing, District Engineer of the the Biliran District Engineering Office (BDEO) yesterday, she informed that although the rains experienced by the entire province was moderate and yet they have caused damage to some road infrastructures in the province.

She mentioned in particular, the road slip in Barangay Pulang Yuta in the municipality of Caibiran, along the cross country road from Naval to Caibiran.

She said, because of the situation one lane of the road in said barangay is being utilized as of now and only light vehicles and motorcycles are allowed to pass through.

“Repairs to this road infrastructure have already been started”, she said.
Engr. Sarabusing declared that the estimated damage to infrastructures in Biliran resulting from the continuous rains was estimated at P12 million to include minor damages.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jaime Casas, Provincial Agriculturist of the Biliran Provincial Agricultural Services Office (OPAS) informed PIA-Biliran that after the survey of the damage to agriculture in the municipality of Caibiran, the Municipal Agriculturist in said area reported that some 26 hectares of ricefields with newly transplanted seedlings were washed out by the continuous rains experienced by the province these past weeks since January 1 this year.

He added that a total of 13 hectares of ricefields in the municipality of Kawayan were damaged due to flooding.

Likewise, in the municipality of Biliran some 15 hectares of ricefields still in their seeding stage were damaged.
As of now, the municipal agriculturists in these three municipalities in Biliran whose ricefields were damaged are still continuing to determine the amount of damage.

Mr. Casas said, damages to vegetables, fruit trees and other agricultural crops in other municipalities of the province were very negligible. (PIA-Biliran)


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