By Allan Joseph Serilla Borrinaga
First Posted 12:17:00 01/31/2011

Rediscovering Banderahan! A wondrous gift of nature that needs to be nurtured, developed, promoted and preserved.

River cruising is a potential tourism attraction and activity when Banderahan will soon be developed. Thus, generates income and engenders more job for the locals.

Part 1

Video by Jed Morillo


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  1. I agree with the concept if and only if the municipal and provincial leaders must adopt a medium-term development plan and strategy for eco-tourism aspect then this dream would be realized. 2nd, coordination with NEDA and the Dept of Tourism’s regional tourism master plan would suffice. 3rd, coordination with the Regional Peace and Order Council on the public safety and disaster-mitigating/ risk-reduction group would be of big help.
    4th, Mayors’ League and the Federation of Barangay Chairmen must come up with a comprehensive and long-term eco-tourism framework and action plan for the area.5th, the people’s participation is the vital and critical factor to be considered. Without the help/ cooperation of the mainstream of society, then this dream of developing Banderahan would never be possible. Say, the participation of the civil society or people’s organization, and the Church would create a big impact, actually they are the ones to actively move and eventually, they would be the ones to benefit. People’s organizations would be a big factor then. Say, the Church could guide the eco-tourism plan to adopt a policy of having a cleanliving for the local and foreign tourists in the area, the Church would surely oppose if the plan is to promote drugs, and immorality in the area. Worse, the existing mangroves would be cut and be used for other purposes other than the fish. sanctuary.
    Indeed, it is suggested that Banderahan be developed but should not be detrimental to the ecological balance and moral dimension of the people residing nearby.

  2. Nindut ni nga initiative ang tourism usa ni sa paagi nga mo lambo ang lungsod sa Naval…Pro ako hangyo sa inyo mga konsehal sa naval pag himo una mo ug ordinansa nga mgpa tarong anang merkado sa lungsod,terminal sa bus,tricycle,habal2x kay mao nay ga reflec ug unsa klase lungsod ang naval…ug gubot nang mga lugara dha usa ray buot ipasabot ana gubot sad ang naval. Pag matngon sad mo ug kauwaw ky pati gani ang traffic flow dha arang ka gubot pati laray. Unaha ninyo pahipos nang mga addict sa laka para hapsay…ok???

  3. Tourism in Naval is a good idea, with a big but. . .People need to be educated on cleanliness, on manners, on politeness and most of all must be knowledgeable about Biliran Island. Local government should implement that no littering in any way or form. River banks has to be running, it has to be free of mulch, debris, bottles, and many other garbage that people just throw over our rivers and causing to pollute them. Naval and Biliran island has a potential to be a beautiful tourist spot if given a chance.. . Been there!


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