By Lanie Pitao-Tupaz

NAVAL, Biliran – The stranded bottlenosed dolphin in the municipality of Almeria yesterday was found dead in the shores of Brgy. Jamorawon, municipality of Almeria, Biliran, this morning.

The dead dolphin was already buried when Aileen Jornales, Aquacultural Technician II of the provincial government of Biliran came to the location.

Jornales instructed the barangay tanods to unearth the corpse for examination.

Jornales then dissected the abdomen part of the mammal for necropsy with Dr. Suzette Apura, provincial veterinarian and at the same time chairman of the Philippine Marine Mammals Stranding Network (PMMSN) – Biliran Chapter.

Photo by Kenskie

Aside from the bruises and thin cuts on its skin, its left lung was found to be darkening. Dr. Apura declared drowning as the cause of death of the dolphin.

The dolphin which was found at around 6:00 o’clock in the morning yesterday in the shallow waters between Capiñahan and Dalutan Islands was brought back to the deeps for three times by bantay dagat members and local fishermen of the municipality of Almeria. However, it kept coming back to shore.

Photo by Kenskie

Since the dolphin was found to be able to float and swim and of normal breathing except for the thin cuts on its skin, it was released again but monitored by the bantay dagat. Had it came back to the shores yesterday afternoon, it would have been brought to VRC Resort in Brgy. Talahid in the municipality of Almeria for a three-day rehabilitation and to undergo medication.

The dolphin did not return to the shores of Almeria town proper but was stranded in the adjacent barangay of Jamorawon where local fishermen brought it to the deeps.

At around 7:00 o’clock this morning, the dolphin was found trapped in the rocks probably during ebb tide which caused its death.

Photo by Kenskie

The dead body of the dolphin was turned over to Mr. Sofronio Dacillo, Provincial Environmental Management Specialist II of the province of Biliran, where it was buried within the capitol compound.

In January 20, this year, a bottlenosed dolphin of more than 2 meters long was reported trapped in a local fisherman’s net and was already dead when noticed. The local fisherman of Almeria caught the dolphin near the waters of Sambawan Island in Maripipi in Biliran province. (PIA Biliran)


  1. Kadto cya nagpa daplin kay gi kapoy na to cya og langoy., tan’awa? Enyong gipa balik og palangoy sa lawom, diba na Lomos?
    Maayo mn to og isda kay dili maka ginhawa og walay tobig..,
    mamal entawon nang dolphin oi..
    Pwede ra na cya sa mabaw..

  2. kita mga mammals sa yuta wag ng magtapon ng basura sa dagat. looy inin mga mammals sa dagat maamong han diri pagpahimutang ini nga makadaut na basura. ngan akon mga bugto na manaragat ayaw nyo paglabti ini na mga pawikan ug dolphins, damo na an nabuligan ini na masalbar ha kadagatan.


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