By Lanie Pitao-Tupaz

NAVAL, Biliran – In this time of high cost of liquefied petroleum gas and electricity, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Biliran Provincial office gives tips on how to save LPG and electricity in cooking foods.

DTI encourages every household to use a casserole or any cooking device that is enough for the size of the burner. If the device is smaller than the burner, the extra heat or energy is but wasted.

It is also necessary to cover the cooking device to speed up cooking foods and quicker boiling of water.

One also needs to check the kind of fire that comes out of the burner whether its red or blue. The blue color indicates efficient use of LPG.

In baking cakes, bread, and pastries, it is necessary to preheat the oven to speed up baking and for a better result of baked foods.

Other energy saving tips include thawing foods from the freezer 30 minutes before cooking and preparing the necessary ingredients to avoid delay thus saving gas and electricity in cooking.

If possible, use efficient cooking equipment such as a steamer to be able to cook several foods in one cooking and a pressure cooker to speed up cooking particularly meat.

Once the food comes to a boil, fire needs to be reduced. A fully opened burner does not speed up cooking.

Lastly, avoid frequent opening of the cooking device or the oven to avoid releasing the heat that facilitates cooking, according to DTI-Biliran. # (PIA Biliran)


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